The Room Three Walkthrough – Chapter Two

Chapter 2 – The Lighthouse (cont.) In the previous chapter we were transported from riding a train to Grey Holm, the family estate of our mysterious kidnapper, The Craftsman. We moved forward and now find ourselves in a room dominated …

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Chapter 2 – The Lighthouse (cont.)

In the previous chapter we were transported from riding a train to Grey Holm, the family estate of our mysterious kidnapper, The Craftsman. We moved forward and now find ourselves in a room dominated by a large table showing what appears to be a model map of the grounds of Grey Holm.

The Room Three Map Room

The Map Room

  • Zoom in on the golden box on the left side of the map table and slide it right with one finger, using another finger to lift the latch.
The Room Three Map Table Drawer
  • Pick up the WOODEN COG in the drawer you’ve unlocked.
  • Place the cog on the shaft in the center of the table and spin it counter-clockwise to open the table.
The Room Three Map Table Crank
  • Zoom out from the table and zoom in on the plate that reads “PYRE” on the floor on the left side of it. Slide it to the left to reveal a SPHERE SUSPENDED IN A CRADLE.
The Room Three Magnet Sphere
  • Zoom in on the SPHERE SUSPENDED IN A CRADLE in your inventory and turn the sphere upside down. Spin it counter-clockwise to reveal a MAGNET.
  • Zoom over by the window and read the scroll.
  • Rotate the camera to point towards the hutch and zoom into the puzzle there.

The PYRE Puzzle

The Room Three Pyre Puzzle
  • There are four letters at the bottom of the puzzle and a board containing the alphabet at the top of it, controlled by a series of ten switches on the left side.
  • You’re given the clue: “The name of this tower will reveal the way.” From the scroll we read by the window (and the floorplate), we know the name of the tower is “PYRE,” which we must make the four letters at the bottom read.
  • For the first letter, “P,” hit the fifth switch in the first column and the fourth switch in the second column.
  • For the second letter, “Y,” hit the the fifth switch in the first column and the first switch in the second column.
  • For the third letter, “R,” hit the third switch in the first column and the first switch in the second column.
  • For the fourth letter, “E,” hit the first switch in the first column and the third switch in the second column.
  • Once you’ve solved the puzzle, you’ll open a drawer containing A CARVED WOODEN ARCH.

The Rattlesnake Puzzle

  • Return to the map table and zoom in on the smaller building with the waterwheel on it. Spin the wheel until the red fragments appear and view them with your EYEPIECE.
The Room Three Watermill Door
  • Double tap on them and you’ll be transported to another room. In the center is a RATTLESNAKE. Pull on its rattle and spin the exposed sections to line up the solid diamonds.
  • Press the button that appears on the snake’s head and take the MAGNET.
The Room Three Rattlesnake head
  • Zoom out twice to leave the room and return to the map room.
  • Look around the table and place the WOODEN ARCH in the location shown in the picture above.
  • Twist it, then put on your EYEPIECE and double tap in the middle of the arch to see the next puzzle.
The Room Three Arch Inserted

Wooden Arch Puzzle

  • Zooming in on each pillar, press both buttons and you’ll see a shape.
The Room Three Arch Pattern
  • Trace the shapes from each pillar on the hexagon in the middle. A glowing script will surround the hexagon if you entered the pattern correctly.
  • When you’ve solved the puzzle a new building will rise from the center of the circle.
  • Zoom in on the building and look at the side that has four triangular shaped pieces and a button in the middle.

Compass Rose Puzzle

  • Use your EYEPIECE and you’ll see that the pieces have markings on them.
The Room Three Compass Before Solve
  • Press the middle button to rotate them. If you slide them toward the middle, they combine to form the letters “N, E, S, W,” making a compass rose.
The Room Three Compass Solved
  • Take the WOODEN MODEL PIECE, then rotate around the structure until you find a drawer.
  • Open the drawer and take the MODEL CLOCK FACE
The Room Three Symbols 1
  • Note that above the right hand side of the drawer there are two symbols. Remember/copy these down.
  • Rotate around the structure to the side where you got the WOODEN MODEL.
  • On the upper right pillar you’ll see another pair of symbols. Remember/copy those down as well.
The Room Three Star Pattern One

The Magnet/Stars Puzzle

  • Rotate until you’re at the side with the star chart.
  • You must line up the upper and left slide with the symbols you found on the column and above the drawer.
  • Once you’ve lined up one set of symbols, zoom in on the looking glass and note the arrangement of the constellation it’s highlighting.
The Room Three Starfield Pattern Closeup
  • Line the sliders up with the other set of symbols and note them as well.
The Room Three Starfield Closeup 2
  • Rotate to the side with the circular stained glass with two plus signs at the bottom.
  • Look in your inventory at the MAGNETS. The back of them is shaped in a plus sign, and they fit into those sockets.
  • Once the MAGNETS are placed, put on your EYEPIECE and you’ll see four rows with a slider in the middle.
  • Moving the MAGNETS moves these sliders.
  • Move the MAGNETS to match one of the patterns that you found on the star chart. This will unlock the first of two locks.
The Room Three magnet starfield 1
  • Move the MAGNETS to match the second pattern, and the door will be unlocked.
The Room Three Magnet Puzzle 2
  • Open the door and you’ll get the CYLINDRICAL MODEL PIECE.
  • Zoom out and return to the map room.
  • Look on the surface of the map and find the empty square with two pegs sticking out of it. There is a model dock structure adjacent to it.
The Room Three Boathouse hole
  • Put the WOODEN MODEL in this square.
  • The WOODEN MODEL will turn into a house and a metal stand will appear near it. You can ignore the stand for now as we can’t use it right this moment.
  • Zoom in on the smaller of the two towers on the castle in the middle of the map.
  • Place the MODEL CLOCK FACE in the small hole and open the latch.
The Room Three Clock Tower Hatch
  • Put your EYEPIECE on and double tap the floating fragments to enter a puzzle room.

The Owl Puzzle

  • Zoom in on the owl’s beak and slide it to make its head pop up.
  • Twist the head and a slider will be revealed.
  • Move the slider to the right and the owl’s wing will open.
  • Take the MODEL BOAT from the compartment under the owl’s wing.
The Room Three Owl Compartment
  • Zoom out of the room and find the circular hole on the map table.
The Room Three Cylindrical Model One
  • Place the CYLINDRICAL MODEL PIECE in this hole, and the map table will rise to another room.

The Diver’s Room

  • Zoom in on the diving helmet on a stand in the back of the room.
  • Rotate to the right side of the stand and open the drawer. Read the menacing note from The Craftsman and take the ANTLER.
The Room Three Mask Drawer
  • Rotate to the front of the helmet and look on the right side near the bottom. You’ll see a latch with a square and an X on it.
  • Align the square and X on the latch with the ones on the metal trim beside it.
  • A compartment will open containing a METAL RIVET, and there will be three symbols on the lid.
  • Rotate to the left side of the helmet and look near the top-right part of the circular window for the scratch marks and hole.
  • Place the RIVET in the hole and slide it to the right, and the circular window will open.
The Room Three Rivet Needed
  • Take the METAL ACORN and flip the switch.
  • This opens up a panel with a compartment that contains a WOODEN MODEL PIECE. Take it.
  • Look on the map table for the hole that matches this WOODEN MODEL PIECE and place it there. Rotate the round metal ring at the top to match with the metal piece beside it.
The Room Three Dome Open
  • This will unlock an opening. Place your EYEPIECE on and zoom in on the fragments to enter another puzzle room.

The Grasshopper Puzzle

  • Zoom in on the grasshopper and push down on his legs.
  • A slider will be revealed. Slide it and a switch will appear.
  • Once you flip the switch you can pull on the grasshopper’s head to reveal a compartment.
  • Take the METAL POINTER from the compartment and zoom out of the room.
The Room Three Grasshopper pointer
  • Remember the symbols that were revealed on the plate at the bottom of the diver’s mask? Take note of them now.

Pointer and Symbols Puzzle

The Room Three Mask Symbols
  • Zoom in on the open panel on the left side of the helmet and place the METAL POINTER in the center.
  • Spin the pointer and line up with each of the symbols you took note of from the plate on the front of the diver’s helmet.
  • Keep the pointer pointed at each symbol until it glows and move on to the next one.
The Room Three Mask Glow Puzzle
  • Take the COPPER TAP and use it on the triangular piece on the right side of the neck of the helmet.
  • Twist the COPPER tap and the face plate of the helmet will unlock, allowing you to spin it.
  • Line the two pieces of the faceplate up together so they make a long oval.
The Room Three Mask Unlocked
  • Doing this allows you to unscrew the piece holding the faceplate closed.
The Room Three Mask Latch
  • Open the faceplate and take the CRYSTAL PHIAL.
  • Examine the METAL ACORN in your inventory and twist the end to reveal that it is a key.
The Room Three Acorn Key
  • Zoom in on the arch on the map table, put your EYEPIECE on and return to the room with the stone encased in wood.
  • Rotate around the structure until you see a picture of a tree with a keyhole in it.
The Room Three Tree Keyhole
  • Use the METAL ACORN key and open the door.
  • Place the ANTLER in the skull and rotate each piece to match its partner.
The Room Three Skull With Antler
  • The rock at the top of the structure will move up, revealing a square slot.
  • Place the CRYSTAL PHIAL in the slot and the rock will crush it, revealing a GLOWING GEMSTONE.
The Room Three Gemstone
  • Pick it up and zoom back to the map table
  • Zoom in on the metal stand by the house with a pier attached and place the MODEL BOAT on the stand.
The Room Three Boat in Stand
  • Slide the boat up and over to the pier and a window with floating fragments will appear.
  • Equip your eyepiece and zoom inside

The Rat Puzzle

  • Pull down the slider on the rat’s back and its head will open up.
  • Spin the wheel to reveal a button on each side of the rat’s head.
  • Press both of them to unlock the two pieces of the rat’s back.
  • Pull them apart and take the KEY
The Room Three Rat Key
  • Zoom out of the room and return to the cylindrical model.
  • Use the key and the little window will open. Use your EYEPIECE to enter it.
The Room Three Lighthouse Window

The Mannequin Puzzle

  • You’ll find yourself in a room much like the one you just left, except there’s a mannequin present holding the top of a model lighthouse.
  • Turn the crank on the table to move the mannequin’s arm to its body.
    The Room Three Mannequin Start
  • Use the lens and go through the window that opened. Turn the crank again to attach another part to the mannequin, and go through another open window.
  • Use the crank one last time and the mannequin will place the top of the lighthouse on the model on the map table. You’ll be transported back to the original map room.
The Room Three Mannequin Finished
  • Zoom onto the newly placed lighthouse top and place the GLOWING GEMSTONE into the holder.
The Room Three Lighthouse Holder
  • Take the ILLUMINATED LAMP and the map table will lower into the floor. An elevator cage will lower from above.
The Room Three Lighthouse Glow
  • Enter the elevator and turn the middle until it forms a circle.

Elevator Puzzle

  • The objective is to line up the two open parts so that you can place the ILLUMINATED LAMP into the center of the device.
  • To do this, you can unlock or lock the top and bottom sections with the handles.
The Room Three Lamp in Elevator
  • Rotate the center until the hole is open and place the ILLUMINATED LAMP
  • Take the PYRAMID and the chapter will end.
The Room Three Chapter Two Pyramid

End of Chapter 2

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