The Room Three Walkthrough – Chapter One

The Room Three is the latest entry in Fireproof Games’ critically acclaimed 3D puzzler. This time around there’ll be even more puzzles, rooms, and secrets to find, as you face off against the first named antagonist in the series, The …

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The Room Three is the latest entry in Fireproof Games’ critically acclaimed 3D puzzler. This time around there’ll be even more puzzles, rooms, and secrets to find, as you face off against the first named antagonist in the series, The Craftsman. The road won’t be easy, but we’ve put together a complete The Room Three Walkthrough to help you conquer any obstacles in your way.

General Tips

  • The Room Three doesn’t work on timers and you won’t be facing down any hostile forces directly, so take your time and explore each room thoroughly.
  • If you don’t see an obvious way to continue, try looking at the items in your inventory by tapping on them. They’re just as interactive as the rest of the game, so twist, turn, and rotate them to see if there’s something about them that doesn’t meet the eye.
  • Use the EYEGLASS in every room, even if it doesn’t seem necessary. Many secrets in The Room Three can’t be seen with the naked eye.
  • If all else fails, the question mark icon at the top of the screen will give you a hint.

Title Screen

The Room Three Title Screen
  • Tap “New Game”

Chapter One: The Lighthouse

The Train (tutorial)

The Room Three Journal
  • Follow the prompts at the top of the screen
  • Double tap the JOURNAL and swipe left on the cover to open it.
  • Once you’re done reading, pinch to zoom out.
  • You will enter a tunnel and a WOODEN BOX will appear on the table.
The Room Three Wooden Box
  • Double-tap to focus on the  WOODEN BOX and collect the KEY from the top of it.
  • Zoom out by pinching, and double tap on the SUITCASE.
  • Slide the latches to open the SUITCASE.
The Room Three Suitcase Latches
  • Swipe up to open it and double tap at the top of the open lid.
  • Swipe right on the latch to reveal a hidden compartment in the suitcase.
The Room Three Suitcase Latch
  • Double tap on the EYEPIECE to zoom in and tap once again on it to pick it up.
The Room Three Suitcase Compartment
  • Tap on the EYEPIECE icon on the right of the screen to look through it and see the hidden drawings.
The Room Three Secret Drawings
    • Tap on the EYEPIECE icon again to take it off.
    • Pinch to zoom out away from the SUITCASE and double tap on the WOODEN BOX to focus on it.
    • Tap the EYEPIECE icon to see the hidden puzzle in the box.
The Room Three Wooden Box Puzzle


  • Slide the pieces to fit together and form a square.
  • Drag the KEY from your inventory on the left onto the KEYHOLE and rotate the KEY counter-clockwise to open the WOODEN BOX.
The Room Three Wooden Box Key
    • Pick up the PYRAMID to be transported to somewhere far away….
The Room Three Wooden Box Pyramid

Grey Holm

The Room Three Grey Holm Door
  • Double tap on the small viewing window in the door right in front of you. Pull the latch on the window to the left to open it.
  • After the small scene, zoom out and look to your right to see a pedestal. Double-tap on the pedestal, then double tap on the SCROLL to zoom-in and read it.
The Room Three Pedestal
  • Zoom back out and put on your EYEPIECE. Rotate around the pedestal and you’ll see there are three clues written above rotating compartments.

The Pedestal Riddle Puzzle

  • For the clue: “The power of flight the well of knowledge,” the answer is the feather and inkpot.
The Room Three The Power of Flight
  • For the clue: “My face is silent without my hands.” the answer is the pocket watch.
The Room Three Clock is Silent
  • For the clue: “The poor have me the rich need me,” the answer is the empty compartment (or nothing).
The Room Three Nothing
  • Once you solve the puzzle, tap on the letter to read it, and pick up the ORNATE BOX.
The Room Three Ornate Box
  • Tap on the box in your inventory and rotate the mechanism on the front to open it. Inside you’ll find a LENS. It will automatically be added to your EYEPIECE.
  • Put it on and double tap the keyhole on the door you were facing when you arrived to view the locking mechanism.

The Pin and Tumbler Puzzle

The Room Three Pin and Tumbler Puzzle 1
  • Moving the first or second tumblers only moves the first and second pins, the same goes for the third and fourth tumblers.
  • Move the tumblers until the breaks in the pins are even with the top of the lock. They’ll glow white when they’re in the correct place.
The Room Three Pin and Tumblers
  • The door opens and you enter another room.

The Emblem Room

  • Double tap on the pedestal in front of you and pick up another scroll.
  • Once you’ve read it, move to the center on the pedestal and place the PYRAMID from your inventory into the triangular hole.
The Room Three Pyramid Inserted One
  • An EMBLEM will appear, take it and zoom out.
The Room Three Emblem Appears
  • To the right of your entry point is a picture, zoom in and place your newly found EMBLEM into the empty space.

The Emblem Puzzle

  • The objective of this puzzle is to make the third shield a combination of the two above it.
  • See the picture below for the solution.
The Room Three Emblem Wall Solution
  • Solving this puzzle opens another room.

The Study

The Room Three Fusebox Pre
  • View the large machine on the left.

The Fusebox Puzzle

  • You have to light up all the fuses (except the fourth one) by sliding the connector to line up in the correct order.
  • The connectors must touch a positive and a negative to work properly.
The Room Three Fusebox Solved

The Oscilloscope Puzzle

  • Throw the switch and you’ll see the lighthouse power on in the distance.
  • Flip all four switches on the front of the box and press the revealed button.
The Room Three Study Box Revealed
  • Read the scroll on the desk.
  • Match the light green line to the black line by turning the dials on the oscilloscope on the desk.
  • A beam of light will shoot out of the box in the middle of the room to reveal a new room.

End of Chapter One

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