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The Price is Right – Game Introduction

The Price is Right is a social game based on one of the longest running, most loved game shows in television history. Developed by Ludia, you can play your Favorite TPIR games along with friends and other TPIR enthusiasts from all over the World. Gamezebo’s The Price is Right strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints and cheats on how to win.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • To play The Price is Right you must be registered with a Facebook account in good standing.
  • You can find the link to play the game at the top of this page.
  • Once you load the screen you will need to give the game permission to access your information and it will also bookmark the game which can be found in your bookmark area at Facebook.
  • You will start out with 10 coins the first time you play the game.
  • Each day you receive a random number of free coins to play the game. 1-5 Coins
  • You must pay 2 coins to play one 5 round game. (2 Coins equals 1 show)
  • Once you run out of coins you have the option of purchasing more using a major credit card, Paypal, or several other methods. $5.00 will buy you 20 coins which is 10 games.
  • Leveling up also earns you additional coins to play so the more you win in the game the more times you can play.
  • NOTE – There is a chat box at the bottom of the game screen that allows you to chat with all people in your game room. Please note that it has been said that certain profane words (even those considered “mild”) will have you immediately kicked out of the game so be careful what you type in the chat box.
  • NOTE – You must have Adobe Flash player 10.1 to play this game. If you do not have the current version there is a prompt available for you to download it. If the game still does not work after you install it, restart your computer and it should work.

Getting into Contestant’s Row

The Price is Right

The Price is Right

  • Click on the green “Play Now” button at the bottom right corner of the screen. It will cost 2 coins to play each 5 round game.
  • To see how many coins you have look up to the top left of the screen for your total.
  • 12 people (which includes yourself) play in each show. If your Facebook friends are playing you may see them or other players you do not know may be in your game.
  • Just like the television show you are a member of the audience and the other members are your friends and other Facebook players.
  • Your first goal is to make it into one of the 4 seats called “Contestant’s Row” and you will be given 5 rounds for every 2 coins you pay to play.
  • An item will be displayed on a small video screen (Clips from the actual television show) and a full description of that item will be given voice and in text at the bottom of the screen.
  • NOTE – The moment the description and video begins you can enter your bid and you will also see a green circular time keeper moving and once it turns red and completes the circle your time is up so have our bid in as fast as possible or your bid will be entered as “0000”

The Price is Right

  • NOTE -There are 4 digit place holders and if you place your cursor to the top of the “0” you will see an up arrow and if you move the cursor to the bottom of it you will see a down arrow. Place it where you feel most comfortable moving the numbers from 9 down or 0 up.
  • The four players closest to the actual retail price of the item without going over will be called to participate in Contestant’s Row and will win cash bonuses based on who came the closest.
  • If you do not make it into contestant’s row you will remain in the audience and round 2 will begin where you will continue to try and make it into Contestant’s row and this will continue until your 5 sessions are over.

Contestant’s Row

The Price is Right

  • If you are one of the lucky 4 people that make it into Contestant’s row you will see your name tag and Facebook profile picture in one of the four seats along with the other 3 players that made it in.
  • Another item will be shown to you in video format (Clips from the television show) with a description read to you and with text at the bottom if you prefer to read it.
  • The game follows the Television show very well and you feel the pressure to put an answer in quickly in the same way. Watch for the green wheel turning and once it turns red you have just a couple of seconds to get your answer in and hit “Submit”
  • The winner is the person that comes closest to the actual retail price of the item without going over.
  • You can as in the game show enter a bid of one dollar if you think your competition has overbid.
  • If everyone overbids the round will be replayed and instructed to bid lower than the lowest overbid.
  • If you guess the exact cost of the item you will win a cash bonus.
  • If you lose the round you will stay in contestant’s row and the winner will move on to play a pricing game.
  • You do not see other players playing their pricing games you move on to the next round.
  • If you win while on Contestant’s Row you will be taken to play the very first of whichever 9 pricing games you have unlocked the first one of which will be “Safe Cracker”
  • Any money you win in a pricing game will be added to your grand total which you can see in the list at the right of the screen.
  • If you lose the pricing game you are finished until it is time to spin the wheel at the end of the game to see if you qualify for the showcase.
  • NOTE – Based on your level you could be asked to play any pricing game that you have unlocked. The more you play and level up the more pricing games you will unlock increasing your chances of getting the one you are most proficient at.

Pricing Games

The Price is Right

  • Just as in the Television version there are pricing games available to play once you successfully bid on an item while on Contestant’s row.
  • NOTE – On the Television show there are over 60 pricing games in rotation. In this game there are currently 9 but this could increase in the future.
  • As you win money in the game a cumulative total is kept as this determines your ranking in the game.
  • The more you play TPIR and the more money you win you will also level up. Leveling up unlocks certain pricing games for you to play and practice and you earn more points to play additional games with.
  • The pricing games follow this unlock order and are played just as the games on Television but with adaptations for computer play:
  • Safe Cracker – Unlocked at Start of Game.
  • Clock Game – Unlocks at Level 1
  • Bonkers – Unlocks at Level 5
  • Three Strikes – Unlocks at Level 10
  • Plinko – Unlocks at Level 15
  • Lucky Seven – Unlocks at Level 20
  • Hole in One – Unlocks at Level 25
  • Cliff Hangers – Unlocks at Level 30
  • Check Out – Unlocks at Level 35
  • Winning any of these pricing games adds to your grand total increasing your odds of winning the Showcase Showdown at the end of the game.

Spinning the Wheel

The Price is Right

  • The top 2 of the 12 players will move on to the Showcase Showdown and the other 10 players will spin the Wheel for bonus money.
  • The 10 players will be allowed to spin the wheel and you will be able to see their results on the list at the right of the screen.
  • The wheel is divided into 20 sections in increments of 5 cents to $1.00.
  • Simply Click on the wheel to spin and it will spin downward.
  • Rules – The goal is to try to get as close to one dollar as possible without going over.
  • You are allowed 2 spins and you do not have to take the second spin if you do not want to in fear you may go over.
  • TIP – If you look to the right you will see your ranking and what your other players have spun and this can help you decide if you want a second spin or not. If someone has already reached 3 high scores you might as well go for it.
  • The top 3 people to get closest to $1.00 without going over will win as follows:
  • First Place Wins – $20,000
  • Second Place Wins – $10,000
  • Third Place Wins – $ 5,000
  • If you did not make it to the showdown you will not see the actual showdown but you will see the results of it shown on the screen after a few moments.
  • Look at the very top of the list to your right to see which friends have won the most money and where your ranking is in the list of 12 players.
  • NOTE – Encourage your friends to play by sending them an invitation at the top right of the screen. The more friends that play the more money for all of you.

Showcase Showdown

The Price is Right

  • If you make it to the Showcase Showdown you will be playing against one other person as you two are the two top money earners out of the 12 players in the game.
  • You will each be shown a different showcase of prizes of which you must try to give your best estimate as to the retail value of all of it added together but you can not go over.
  • Note there is again a green wheel timer so be sure to enter your bid before this wheel has made one complete revolution.
  • The person with the highest ranking will see their showcase first and can either bid or pass it to the second highest ranking person.
  • If you are able to come within 500 dollars of the total retail value of your showcase then you will win both showcases.
  • The grand total of all money earned will be listed and you will be placed in a ranking order found on the right side of the screen.
  • NOTE – Your winnings are cumulative and the more you play the faster you will level up unlocking pricing games and earning bonus cash.


  • You have completed the basic game play guide for The Price is Right from Ludia Games at Facebook. Be sure to check back often for game updates, Staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo!

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