The Order of Souls: Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

The Order of Souls is a free-to-play RPG with that offers real control over the battles. As such, there are actual tactics to be deployed! Here are some ways to get the upper hand on the enemy.

Buy the Rogue

Order Of Souls Guide Rogue

Look — I know the rogue is $4.99, saying “spend money” is not much of a tip in a free-to-play game, and you might not be willing to shell out that money right away: but the rogue is just that much of a death dealer. It starts with their base attacks: there are two attacks, which do physical and energy damage each, that give three mana. Not “take up three mana,” but give it. This means that instead of having to wait to charge up the mana for their powerful abilities, they can instead deal damage and get mana simultaneously. Then they get attacks that can burn enemies, increase their damage or evasion, and they all attack at high amounts. The rogue is worth every penny. It can be a real game-changer.

Choose Your Starting Character Wisely

Order Of Souls Guide Starting Character

Should you make the rogue the main character that you start off with? Probably not. If you buy them separately, then you can have two characters who start off with very powerful souls. This is much better bang for your buck. The paladin isn’t a bad choice, but a powerful mage or healer can be good picks too. Remember that as you play more, the souls will grant subclasses which you can use to customize further. But choosing your powerful base class is a smart idea. You might want to start playing, experiment with the three classes, and then start over with your starting class of choice …and then you buy the rogue.

Find a Useful Lineup

Order Of Souls Guide Taunt Strike

My preferred lineup to start off with? I go with a warrior (with paladin subclass) as my starting character and use their Taunt Strike so that I can ensure that they (with their high defense statistics) take all damage, instead of other, weaker characters. Second, I have a rogue as my main attacking character for reasons outlined earlier: they can do so much damage to individual characters, it’s like the developers are trying to reward people who spend money on the game. If you don’t have a rogue, the mage has some powerful spells. Just keep them from getting hurt by using taunt attacks with another character. Finally, I like to have a priest outfitted with healing spells, especially the single and group heals, so that I can keep the paladin alive. If the rogue and priest take no damage, I’ve done my job. And if my priest never has to attack, wasting precious mana, even better.

Go After the Biggest Threat

Order Of Souls Guide Attack Powerful

Remember, while each side has an army of characters, only one can attack at a time. This means that your strategy should be to go after the biggest threat. Look for the most powerful enemy, and take them out first. This often means the one with the most health. Get rid of them, and then you can have the tail end of the battle be against less-powerful foes. If I’m in PVP against healers, I go after them first. If the enemy can’t heal, that makes battles a lot shorter.

The AI loves to rest to get more mana for a character, so you can exploit this. If you can kill one of two enemies, go after the one with more mana – especially if they just rested.  You can force the AI to rest with another character, making it another turn where they couldn’t attack you.

Get on that Grind

Order Of Souls Guide Grind

Every story level is worth completing at each difficulty level, in part because the drop in each level is guaranteed for the first playthrough, but also because of the valuable experience points. It’s worth going through multiple times at each difficulty just to collect more souls and items to sell for currency. And remember: souls can be fused with existing ones to upgrade their stats. Even a low-level soul is worth something.

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