The Office Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

Check out Gamezebo's Tips and Tricks for The Office. The main goal in this time management game is to beat your opponent by not letting them do more tasks than you. You will face an opponent in every level of the competition, you have to reach your goal before your opponent does. The best way to do this is by making sure that you are faster than your opponent, you are basically in an efficiency competition. You have to help fill paper orders by finishing tasks for the other office work…

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Check out Gamezebo’s Tips and Tricks for The Office.

  • The main goal in this time management game is to beat your opponent by not letting them do more tasks than you. You will face an opponent in every level of the competition, you have to reach your goal before your opponent does. The best way to do this is by making sure that you are faster than your opponent, you are basically in an efficiency competition.
  • You have to help fill paper orders by finishing tasks for the other office workers. You can look at the goal meter at the bottom of the screen and see your progress. Some orders take anywhere between 1- 5 tasks before they are completed. You can check the small folders at the bottom of each desk to see how many tasks are needed to complete an order.
  • The worker will ask you for a paper order, this will be symbolized by a bubble with an icon ( colored folder, copy machine etc.) above their head. You have to grab whatever they’re looking for throughout the room and hand it to them.
  • Once you have completed a task you will see a green folder with a thumb tack attached to it below each persons seat.The red folders symbolize the tasks your opponent has completed. In certain levels you will be able to “steal” some of your opponents work when you have the vending machine available.
  • To finish the process, click on the worker and bring the order over to the shipping boxes. The shipping boxes are located on the lower right hand corner of the screen, on a cart. Taking the dark green folders to the shipping boxes is worth more for every task that you’ve completed, so make sure you turn in the ones with the dark green folders as soon as you can . Don’t let your opponent get to them first.
  • If you complete tasks within 5 seconds of each other you will receive a Speed Bonus for working quickly. This is a good way to increase your score and finish faster.
  • To determine who is winning the race, look at the head icons on the “score” folder that is located at the bottom of the page.If your head is ahead of the opponent’s head then you are in the lead. If you’re not ahead you better move fast so you don’t lose that round.
  • If you see your opponent going towards the file folders, go to the copy machine instead if you don’t think you have enough time to make it to the folders. That way you will not waste time trying to figure out which color folders you have to pick up that your opponent didn’t.
  • Earn worker combos by completing multiple tasks for every paper order.
  • You have the ability to queue several tasks ahead of each other and they will be performed in the order that you clicked on them. This game has the great ability to keep several tasks in memory. Click on as many orders as you can and it will be done in order. If you decide that you want to break the chain for whatever reason, just right click on the screen and the chain will be broken, just start another one as soon as you can.
  • When possible deliver things that are closest to you first, that way you will not waste time by walking too far to get your next order.If you’re already close to the copy machine try to grab the copies and deliver them to whoever is near you.
  • At the beginning of some levels you can choose certain co-workers that will help you defeat your opponent because they have special powers. These are co-worker power-ups that will help you in a variety of ways. To remind you of their powers an icon with an explanation of their powers will appear over each co-worker before the next level begins.

    Here is a brief description of the workers and how they can help you in the game.

  • Angela Martin will cause your opponent to temporarily score less points after a prank. Basically, immediately after a prank is complete, this power-up will ensure that your rival earns less for a task than she normally would.
  • Andy Bernard – Coffee recharges faster. Choose him especially in later levels so you can get tasks done faster.
  • Creed Bratton will give you an extra speed combo when you use the printer.
  • Karen Filippelli causes one extra prank per level. You want to choose this option since the pranks keep your rivals from doing work, while the prank is going on.
  • Kelly Kapoor – Choosing Kelly at the beginning of a round will increase the speed in which you walk, thus enabling you to get a lot more work done.
  • Kevin Malone will give you an extra speed combo when using the file cabinet.
  • Meredith Palmer will make sure that the prank meter fills up faster.You definitely want her since you want the prank meter to fill up so you can get extra time to get ahead of your opponent.
  • Oscar Martinez can help you by giving you an extra speed bonus when you are putting a new order together.
  • Phyllis Vance increases Turbo Length. She can help you by making sure that when you drink your coffee your speed time is extended.
  • Ryan Howard – When you choose Ryan your meter will start full at the beginning of the level. This will give you a good lead at the beginning of a level since your opponent is not able to get any tasks done at the very beginning of the day. As soon as the level starts, go straight to Pam’s desk to activate the prank.
  • Stanley Hudson increases the combo timer to prevent you from losing your speed combo.

  • Toby Flenderson – Temporarily slows rival down after a prank. Slowing down your rival after a prank gives you even more time to do things since your opponent will be slow for a little while longer.
  • In order to beat the last chapter in the game (number 5), mainly the last 4 or 5 rounds, you may want to choose the following 6 workers: Kelly, Ryan, Karen, Phyllis,Meredith and Andy. If you go to the coffee station often you’ll be amazed at the speed you will have in the last 4 or 5 rounds.The pranks will come up often and that will enable you extra time to get ahead of Michael and ultimately defeat him in the last round.
  • There is a mini game in between levels in which you have to perform certain tasks. Jan, the office worker will appear in the middle of your work day and will ask you to do certain things for her. You have to stop what you’re doing and attend to her needs.You will receive “Schrute Bucks” for every item you grab before she leaves.
  • Once you click on items that Jan asked for, the other items will either disappear and new items will appear or the items will be shuffled around the room. So don’t get used to items being in the same place.
  • These are tips for grabbing office supplies that Jan asks for:

  • Drink some coffee if it’s available in order to gain some speed so that you can pick up more items.
  • Some items look similar so pay attention to detail when picking things up. For,example a lot of the papers have slight variations to them, a line going across or a small design at the bottom.Check and see where there is a line, the shape of the paper and also if there are any color markings on the paper.
  • At times you may be standing on the item that you are looking for, so don’t forget to look under your feet.
  • These are tips for when Jan wants a full suggestion box.

  • Grab the workers suggestions and stuff them in the box as fast as possible.
  • Drink coffee as soon as it becomes available so you can get to the desks faster.
  • Grab the ones that have the highest numbers first so you can earn more points.
  • The numbers disappear quickly so you have to work fast to get them.
  • Grab 2 at a time, since the items disappear quickly, you may want to stand close to someone until a paper appears.
  • Use the recycle bin in the back of the room, if you pick up something that nobody wants.You will not lose any points for doing this but it will slow you down and your opponent may get a few tasks in over you while you go to the trash bin.
  • You can achieve an expert score if you earn enough bonus points by reaching your goal early in the day.Try to drink lots of coffee and get as many orders out as possible. The earlier in the day that you finish your tasks the higher the chance of you achieving an expert score.You can tell how far you have to go by how far along your head is on the ‘score folder’ that is at the bottom of the screen.
  • You can pick up any 2 tasks at a time and you will earn a combo bonus for doing so. In order to save time and be more efficient to grab 2 items from the same machine or 2 folders that have the same color. If you pick up 2 yellow folders, instead of 2 different colors it will save you time and confusion from going station to station.
  • Pay close attention to when the coffee machine is ready, drink some as soon as it’s ready so you can run circles around your opponent.As the levels progress, you can choose power-ups that will make sure that your coffee fills faster and that it will increase your speed in the game.You cannot pick up coffee when your arms are full, drop the things in your hand first and then go back and get some coffee.
  • There are times during the game that you will be able to prank your rival. Click on Pam’s desk when the prank desk is lit (you’ll see a set of chatter teeth over the desk). The pranks will distract your co-worker from getting any work done. This is a good time to get ahead of your rival since you will be able to get more tasks done without their interference.
  • You fill your prank meter up with every point that you score. There are also co-workers in some levels that will help you fill the meter faster and some that when you choose them, the meter will be full at the beginning of the level.These power-ups will be especially helpful in the last location since things will get hectic towards the end.
  • You can still perform a prank even if you are holding 2 items in your hand. Just go over to Pam’s desk before you deliver something and your prank will be activated.You can sometimes click on the desk and the prank is not activated, make sure you see the ‘star’ icon a the bottom of the desk to make sure you clicked it correctly.
  • There is a vending machine in the office that will bribe your co-workers by giving them a snack.The worker will give you credit for all tasks on the current order, even if your opponent is the one who completed them. You can only pick up one bribe at a time.
  • In order to deliver the bribe successfully, you have to get to a worker’s desk before the completed order goes away and a new one begins. If you don’t get there in time you will have to either throw away that bribe or give it to another co-worker.
  • In order to bribe them you have to have to take away a task that your rival has done. You can do that in one of 2 ways, either by watching them as they deliver something or by looking at the folders under each workers table. The green folders are all jobs that you’ve completed. The green ones are the ones that your rival has completed. In order for you to bribe somebody, they must have a red folder at the bottom of their desk.
  • In later levels your opponent gets faster and really goes after the multiple dark green folders. Choose the co-workers that will help you the most in terms of speed and pranks. You will need the pranks in order for you to get a few tasks ahead of your opponent since your rival will not be able to do any work while the pranks are being performed.
  • You can view your achievements by visiting the trophy room. Hover over the items in order to see their description and how you obtained them. You can also hover over the items that have not yet been achieved so you can see what you need to do in order to obtain them.
  • Once you’re done with the game, you can go back and replay under a different difficulty level. The 3 levels are slow, normal and hard, the game automatically starts you off in the normal level.
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