The Hidden Object Show Tips Walkthrough

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Check out our tips and tricks for The Hidden Object Show. Learn how to master those fiendish mini-games and brush up on your hidden object skills.


  • When you play the bonus rounds, the scenes in which you look for items are the same as the scene you’ve already played. It might be easier to spot an item that you may have found accidentally while looking for something else. That item will be fresh in your mind so always study a scene as carefully as you can because you’ll be back there again.
  • The main screen is full of colored circles, each circle represents a different thing. The circle that’s flashing represents the level you are currently on. The green circles represent modes that are unlocked, pink means that a new scene will be revealed.
  • When you are looking at the list of items to find, a good strategy is to read the whole list quickly so that you have a basic idea of what you’re looking for. Then go back on the list and memorize 2 or 3 items at a time and start looking for those. Your brain will not get overloaded with information when you do it that way. While you’re looking for those 3 items, the items from the whole list will be in the back of your mind, and you may find some of them while looking for other things. Once you find a few items look at the list again and memorize a few more, and so on.
  • Look for items hidden behind other items and in corners. You may only see a partial view of an item, like the top of a violin or the handle of a cup. Train your mind to look for partial items instead of whole ones. You may see just a stick – that could be part of a handle of a broom, a walking cane or a handle for some kind of tool.
  • This game has a lot of items that are very thin in nature, like swords, pencils and canes etc. Those items can easily blend into the picture. Make a habit of looking for these types of items along the edges of a wall, window, desk or on the side of a picture frame.
  • You can click around the scene pretty generously without getting penalized but you have to do it slowly in order not to get penalized. If you click too many items in a row, 30 seconds will be deducted off your total time.
  • You will know when time is being deducted because the meter on top will turn red and you’ll see the numbers falling as it takes away your time.
  • Items often appear as an outline on the wall, almost like a drawing that has not been filled in. Always look on the walls, the floors and the ceiling for hidden items.
  • You have to be very precise when you are clicking in the game or the item will not register. If you see an item that you know is correct and the game is not registering it, click on a different spot and it will work.
  • Each time you play there will be 110 rounds to go through before you reach the big money. All the new scenes and all the mini games will be revealed at this time, and you will get $1,000,000.
  • You can keep playing a second time around and you will play looking for new objects. The second time around, the mini-games will be unlocked from the final stage so you will not have to unlock them again.
  • The second time you play you will also play 110 rounds before you get to the final prize, which will be $2 million instead of $1 million.
  • Once you’re done with the second go around you can still continue playing but this time it will be for $5 million! It will also be 110 rounds and all the mini games will be available.


  • Skip chips will be used during the bonus rounds. You can place a chip on a game that you do not wish to play and the wheel will skip over it.
  • You will only be able to have a maximum of three Skip Chips per round.
  • There are two ways in which you can earn a Skip Chip. One is that you have to look for yellow stars in the hidden object scenes. The other is to land on the yellow area of the green arrow when you spin the wheel.
  • Keep in mind that the stars in the scene for the Skip Chips are always going to be a pale yellow. If you see stars of a different color you will not be able to pick them up for Skip Chips.


  • If you get stuck in the game you can use hints along the way to help you locate items. Each round will start you off with 3 hints on the board.
  • You can look for extra hints in a scene by finding question marks that are hidden within that scene. You can only have a maximum of 5 stars in a round which means that you will only find 2 additional question marks within most scenes.
  • If you start a round an you have all 5 of your hints left and you see a question mark in the scene, do not click on it at that moment. Use a hint and then pick up the question mark.
  • Hints are not limited to the regular hidden object rounds in the game. You can also find and use question marks in the bonus rounds as well.
  • When you use the hint button you don’t have to wait until the item disappears from your list before you ask for another hint. Just click on the hint and start looking for your next item.
  • Hints can be used in the majority of the mini games. A lot of times it depends on whether you had some hints left from the last round. In other games they will start you off with three. Just look within each scene to see if they’re available.
  • Hang on to your hints and use at them at the last minute for those really hard to find items. Some items are definitely hard to find and without a hint you probably would never find them.


  • There are 10 mini games that you can play in The Hidden Object Show. The games you play will be determined by where the wheel lands.
  • I found that even if I placed the skip chips on some of the games I did not want to play that I was still landing on some of the same games. So you really have no control over what you get except for the ones you put a chip on.
  • Place skip chips on the games that you find the hardest or the ones that are least enjoyable to you.
  • Even though you may fail some bonus rounds, you will still be able to continue playing the game. This varies from game to game.
  • You may want to use all your hints at the end of a round even though some may carry over. At least you know that you will start most rounds with 3 hints in your inventory, even if you had none left at the end of the last round.
  • The only exception to this rule is when you land on some mini games. If you were out of hints at the end of the round you will not have them at that time. I found that to be true in mostly the mini game with the Picture Pieces.


  • Pretty straightforward game, all you have to do is find ten of the same type of items.
  • They may ask you to find 10 brushes but all the brushes could be different types, shapes and sizes. It could be a paintbrush, hair brush or even a shaving brush.


  • This game will start off as a regular hidden object game. You will look for items from the list, but the twist is that you must remember where they were. Not that easy to do sometimes, you must have a decent memory to pull it off.
  • As you find items from the list, pay close attention to where you got the item from since you will need to remember.
  • Once all the items have been found you will be asked to remember one by one where each item was. The good thing is that you don’t have to remember the exact placement of the item, just the general area.
  • You will see a large light blue box appear, and you must click on the area in which you thought the item was. If it’s anywhere within the blue box, the game will automatically place it back in its exact spot.
  • Some items may be on the edge of the blue box so on those items you need to really remember on which part of the blue square they fall on.
  • Since there’s only a few grids, if you’re having difficulty you could click more than one choice until you find the one you’re looking for. You will be penalized some time off your clock for doing this but it will help you move along.
  • If your memory is not that good you may want to consider writing down the locations so you can get through them easier.


  • A scene is divided into 135 same sized squares. At the bottom of the scene are 10 pieces that were taken from the main scene.
  • You must find the match on the main scene that matches the squares below. The goal is to decipher the phrase as you reveal the grids.
  • You will notice that as you match grids, small letters will appear at the bottom of the screen. Those letters will spell out a phrase. Figuring out the phrase can help you identify hard to find grids.
  • If you look at the screen you will see letters around the edge of the scene and they all have letters attached to them. The letters are placed horizontally and vertically.
  • When you match the squares, the letters that are used in the phrase are the two letters that intersect.
  • If you figure out part of a word, you can look for those letters in the grid and you will find your match.
  • In some instances the letters are repeated horizontally and vertically. A good rule of thumb is that the first colored circle belongs to the letters that are horizontal, and the second colored circle belongs to the letters that are vertical.
  • Another good way to tell is that the first colored circle is represented by the opposite color in the main grid.
  • Keep in mind that some grids may be used twice within a scene. Just because you clicked it once doesn’t mean you can’t use it again.
  • You will lose 10 seconds off your clock for every incorrect click, so be careful not to do it too much.
  • Once you get a correct answer a green check mark will flash on the scene. Then the piece at the bottom will remain with a green check mark.
  • Some of these can be hard to find so you must look for a piece within that square that can make it easier for you to identify. Like the edge of an iron, or a piece that is of a certain color.
  • If there’s a picture of a black wall, look and see if there might be a shade that’s lighter within the picture. (Maybe a small streak that is going through it, etc.)
  • The hint button will be available for this game if you didn’t use them up in the last scene.


  • Twisted Picture is basically the same game as “Picture Pieces.” The only difference is that when you look within the grids, the images will be rotated.

Sample Pictures:
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the hidden object show tips 8


  • The title says it all, you are given a riddle and from that riddle you must find the item in that scene.
  • You will get 5 riddles to decipher per round.
  • The riddles are pretty easy to figure out. I only came upon the riddles section very few times while playing. Some riddles even contained the answer in the riddle itself.

Here are some of the riddles that I found along the way, followed by the correct answer.

  • To place an order of food, it’s best to have me on hand. (Menu)
  • I keep liquids warm and am easily carried around. (Thermos)
  • I’m in every home and light up a room (Light Bulb))
  • Part of a bird watcher’s kit, you can see far away with me. (Binoculars)
  • For those with eyes to weak to see, I enhance any text under my gaze.(Magnifying Glass)
  • Though I’m pretty and green I’m also quite prickly and without water dry up. (Cactus)
  • I’m thread collected and lastly handled (Spool)
  • I’m grown underground and I’m good for the eyes, once uprooted I’m good for a nibble. (Carrot)
  • I keep things safe and cannot be opened without the right combination (Safe)
  • Though I will not make you a Superman, you will be impervious to bullets in this vest (Bullet Proof Vest)


  • In this game you must match the silhouettes at the bottom of the screen with the actual item from the scene.
  • Keep in mind that the silhouettes are always facing in the same direction as they will be in the scene. So you don’t have to worry about them facing upside down or sideways or anything like that.
  • Most of these items are not hard to find, the silhouettes are not that hard to distinguish. If you should happen to get stuck you can always use a hint.


  • This is a regular spot the difference game in which you must find what’s different between the 2 sets of pictures.
  • In most spot the differences game you usually have a cursor on both sides of the screen. That is not the case with this game. You only have one cursor and it’s up to you to figure out which side to click on.
  • If you find what you think is a difference and a click is not responding, just go to the opposite side of the scene and click on there instead.
  • Some differences can be very subtle. It could be something as small as an item being of a different shade. It could also be that the item is present in both scenes but just turned around in a different way.
  • The differences could be something as simple as an item being longer than another from scene to the other. It can also be that a stack of paper is higher in one scene than the other.
  • Just because you see the same item in both scenes it doesn’t mean that they are exactly alike. Always look at an item more than once to make sure that it’s different.


  • This is similar to the regular spot the difference game. Read the tips above and the ones below here to maximize your chance of finding the differences.
  • The twist is that the images that are side by side are mirror images of themselves, which makes it a little harder to see the differences amongst the scenes.
  • When you look at the scene you have to remember that the images are facing away from each other. So if an item is facing to the left in one picture it will be facing to the right on the other picture.
  • There is only cursor in this game as well so it makes it harder to locate the differences.


  • In Time Battle you must find a certain amount of items in a predetermined amount of time.
  • You will have 10 items to look for and a few seconds to find each item. For each item that you find you will receive additional time on the clock. It will add 15 seconds to the next item.
  • You will be able to use hints in this round and question marks will also be available to find. If you fail this round you will still be able to continue on in the game.


  • You will be given 10 items to find. Only one item at a time will be presented to you. You will have 30 seconds to find that particular item.
  • Once your 30 seconds are up and you have not found the item, you will get 1 strike. Once you get to 3 strikes the round is over, but you will still be able to continue on to the next round.


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