The Great Tree Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

Check out our tips & tricks for The Great Tree, with in-depth explanations of attributes, power-ups and creatures along with special strategies for beating the game on Hard mode.GENERAL TIPS The Great Tree has 2 play modes, Easy and Hard. Easy mode is relaxing and not that hard to beat. If you're looking for a challenge, I suggest you try playing this game in hard mode. Even though these tips were written for hard mode, it will also help with the easy one. In order to get to the hard mod…

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Check out our tips & tricks for The Great Tree, with in-depth explanations of attributes, power-ups and creatures along with special strategies for beating the game on Hard mode.


  • The Great Tree has 2 play modes, Easy and Hard. Easy mode is relaxing and not that hard to beat. If you’re looking for a challenge, I suggest you try playing this game in hard mode. Even though these tips were written for hard mode, it will also help with the easy one.
  • In order to get to the hard mode screen, you need to play the first level in the easy mode. Once you complete the first easy level, you can then select the hard mode on the top right corner of the main screen.
  • The main difference between hard and easy mode is that in hard mode, there is less pollen to collect on the screen at one time. Also, your pollen counter goes backwards faster and you lose pollen quickly if you don’t make frequent deposits to the Transient Star.
  • Your goal in the game is to collect pollen on your ponytail by flying over them. You will earn twice as many points when your ponytail is full at the time of deposit. Once your ponytail is full you will be unable to collect more pollen until you deposit your current supply.
  • In hard mode it is a little harder to have a full ponytail every time. As the levels get higher you will need to make less deposits with a full ponytail and concentrate on making more frequent deposits instead.
  • When you have a full ponytail you can left-click your mouse in order to detonate your “Ancient Fire” power. It will knock out an opponent that is within range at the time of detonation. It will destroy flying opponents but not the creatures like the frogs, centipedes etc.
  • The size of the Ancient Fire power is determined by the number of stars you’ve designated on your ‘strength’ attribute. After using the Ancient Fire power, you must deposit your pollen and rebuild your ponytail to receive another Ancient Fire power-up. You can adjust your attributes from the main menu.
  • When your score multiplier goes up (10 seems to be the maximum), make as many deposits as you can since it will increase your score by whatever number of times the multiplier is showing.
  • Each time you make a full ponytail deposit (without using the Ancient Fire) and you kill an enemy, your multiplier will increase by one. However, the multiplier will slowly decrease over time until you make your next deposit or kill some more enemies. If you get a hit by an insect, your multiplier will automatically drop to zero. It really decreases a lot faster in hard mode.
  • The game has several power-ups that can help you score more points and finish a level faster. The only way to obtain these power-ups is to free a “Swee” and kill some flying enemies.
  • The Swee is the insect that has a green sphere around it. In order to free it, you must grab the green swirl that is under the large green bug. If possible, try to free all the Swees in a level, this will help greatly with your score.
  • When you grab the green swirl, make sure you don’t touch the top of the bug, just go under it to take the swirl. If you touch the bug it will affect your health, if your health is affected too many times, you will lose the level and will have to start over.
  • There are a wide variety of creatures that do not fly around but can kill you upon contact or can affect your health. They are usually strategically placed so they can have easy access to you. It is important to know the radius in which they can attack you so you can maneuver around them.
  • The creatures range anywhere from a creepy guy that hangs from a string and has 4 arms to a chameleon that will zap you with its tongue. I describe every creature in detail in the section below marked “Creatures”
  • It is important to memorize the patterns in which the insects fly in. This will go a long way in helping you avoid them. The insects always fly heading in one direction only. They never go backwards, they only move in the direction they’re facing until they reach the other end of the screen.
  • Some insects will follow a steady stream while others are like heat seeking missiles. The green bug that carries the swirl always flies slow and steady and never deviates from its path.
  • The large red insect (my least favorite, if I saw it in real life I would scream), can change its pattern at any given time. It can be flying slowly and all of a sudden it swoops down on you, giving you a surprise attack. When you see this insect, you can fly quickly over or under it in the opposite direction to avoid its attack. The key is to pass it quickly before it attacks you.
  • The flies are usually in groups of 3 or more, they are always evenly spaced, so it’s easy to be able to calculate the right time to fly in between them. They can be hard to see sometimes since they are so small and blend in with the background quite well.
  • Most of the time when your fairy is injured she will either say “shoot” or “ouch” other times she will not say anything. You can also tell if she’s been injured if you see a red glowing light around her. You can also look at the health meter and see how many more hits she can receive.
  • Every time you get hit by an insect all your pollen will fall off your ponytail. The pollen usually stays in a relatively close clump near the area in which you were hit. Try to pick up that pollen quickly before it has a chance to scatter around the scene.
  • If you’re in a level that you just can’t seem to beat, change your attributes in order to address your weakest points (for example, if there are too many bugs and you keep getting zapped). Take away star points from one place and place them on the health points instead. You can change your attributes from the ‘profile’ part of the main menu.
  • In conjunction with changing your attributes it is also beneficial to change your wings. Changing your wings can seem insignificant but it can be one of the best tools to use if you’re unable to beat a level.
  • In some levels there are a lot bugs flying every which way, it can be hard to avoid them. Change your wings to either the Dragon wings, Soulfire wings or to the Wings of Luck, all of those will aid you in your quest.
  • Other wings, such as the Wings of the Undead, will help you last longer in the game. It refills your health counter to HALF once it gets down to 1 wedge. A list of all the wings and their powers are listed below.
  • Watch for enemy groups and use your Ancient Fire power at just the right moment for maximum damage. When there are a lot of insects on the screen at one time, that is your best time to score big. The more bugs you can hit at one time, the higher your score multiplier will be.

    Here is a list of the attributes and how they work. You can adjust your attributes by clicking on the “profile” section in the main menu or at the end of most levels.


  • Determines how fast you fly around, the more stars you allocate to this attribute the easier it will be for you to zoom pass enemies.
  • I found that it was better for me to place points on other things other than agility.
  • Throughout the game, I usually kept about 2 stars on agility, I felt it still gave me enough speed as to where it did not affect my game.
  • Health

  • Determines how much damage you can take.
  • This is probably one of the most important ones to keep as full as possible if you’re having a hard time avoiding a lot of bugs.
  • In some instances, I would allocate 4 or 5 stars on health in order to pass a level.
  • Strength

  • It affects your Ancient Fire power and Deposit bonus.
  • The more points you allocate to your strength attribute the larger your range will be.
  • This comes in handy when you have a lot of insects on the screen since you can kill a lot of insects at one time.
  • Magic

  • Gives you a better chance of getting a power-up when enemies are destroyed.
  • If you allocate a lot of points to this attribute you will greatly increase your chance of getting a lot of power-ups at one time, sometimes as many as 4 or 5 in one shot.

  • You are born with a set of wings, called Birth Wings, which don’t seem to have any special powers.
  • You can earn 10 extra sets of wings throughout the game, each with a special power that can help you in different ways throughout the game.
  • Each set of new wings will not be visible until you’ve reached certain levels.
  • Here are the wings in the order in which they appear in the game.
  • (1)Wings of Strength

    Add 1 star point to your existing strength. If you choose these set of wings it will allow you to use a star point in another area in which you may need more help.

    (2)Wings of Revenge

    Will allow you to still take damage but the enemy you hit will die as soon as contact is made.

    (3)Wings of Luck

    Give you a 1 in 3 chance to avoid being hit by an insect. This will come in handy in levels where there are a lot of bugs at one time.

    (4)Wings of the Wind

    Add 1 star point to your agility attribute. If you need your star points somewhere else, choose these wings and at least you’ll still be able to fly faster.

    (5)Wings of Life

    Recharge your health slowly. This is a good set of wings because it will increase your health points as you play along and it will also allow you to take more hits.

    (6)Wings of Wisdom

    Add 1 star point to your existing magic. This will allow you to earn more power-ups whenever you free a Swee or kill some bugs. You can never have too many power-ups in this game so adding magic points will help you finish the level faster and with a higher score.

    (7)Dragon Soul Wings (level 64)

  • Creates a radial spell each time you get hit by a creature (level 64)
  • These are my favorite wings. They basically work like the Ancient Fire spell except that it automatically creates a radial shield every time you get hit by a bug.
  • This is a great set of wings because it can help you earn a lot of points since you can kill multiple insects at one time, which in turn gives you additional power-ups.
  • Make sure if you hit a bug intentionally that there are several other bugs in the vicinity so you can earn a lot of points for multiple killings.
  • As you’re hitting bugs make sure to keep an eye out on your health chart, you don’t want it to get too low.
  • (8)Wings of the Undead (level 74)

    Refill HALF of your heart when you get down to 1. You basically cannot die unless you get taken by a creature that kills you upon contact, like the spider man or the Venus flytrap.

    (9)Wings of the Elders (level 84)

    One star point is added to each of your existing agility, strength and magic.

    (10)Soulfire Wings (level 94)

  • This is the last set of wings you will receive.
  • It creates a radial spell each time you deposit pollen to the Transient Star, whether it’s a full ponytail or a single piece of pollen.
  • This is my second favorite set of wings because each time you make a deposit it will give you the same effect as the Ancient Fire Power. Only difference is , it only does it close to the Transient Star.
  • This one is really great because it really helps you get rid of the spider man before he makes his way down the string.
  • If you see the string coming down for the little spider man, deposit some pollen on purpose and he will fall off his string.

  • Killing enemies and freeing Swee are the only ways to obtain power-ups.
  • When a power-up is activated, the screen will show you which one it is.
  • Here is a list of power-ups, how they work and when it’s best to use them.
  • Aura Shield

  • The Aura shield will protect you from getting hurt by your enemies.
  • It will also help you knock down your enemies so you can earn power-ups.
  • Even though the Aura Shield protects you from flying enemies, it will not protect you from creatures like, frogs, caterpillars, Venus flytraps, ants etc.
  • Deep Freeze

  • You are invincible to bugs when they are frozen.
  • You will be able to bump into your enemies while frozen and it will not affect your health.
  • Take this time and collect as much pollen as you can without having to worry about getting hurt by insects on the screen.
  • It will freeze the spider man and you can pass in front of him but it will not help you with any of the special creatures.
  • Mystic Attraction

  • Will collect all the pollen that is on the screen onto your ponytail.
  • This is a good time to get a lot of pollen quickly, most of the pollen will automatically cling to your ponytail.
  • Whatever has not attached to your ponytail will be close by, so swoop it up quickly so you can deposit it.
  • Health Heart

  • When this power-up appears in the form of a red heart, bump it and it will increase the number of hits your health counter can receive.
  • Your health counter is located on the top left corner of the screen.
  • The fuller it is, the healthier you are and the more blows you can receive.
  • The health counter usually has about 12 or 13 wedges in it, once it gets to the red color you have to be extra careful about not being hit or you will die soon.
  • Lightning Storm

  • Will kill several enemies at one time.
  • When this power-up appears it is best to activate it at a time when there are a lot of bugs on the screen.
  • The more bugs you kill at one time, the more points you will score.
  • It will help you kill all the bugs on the screen and the spider man as well.
  • Mega Pollen

  • Is a larger than normal piece of pollen that when collected will fill up your ponytail automatically.
  • Once it’s full you can either set off your Ancient Fire Power and then make a deposit or you can just make a deposit right away.
  • Starburst

  • Will shoot fireballs and kill your enemies upon contact.
  • Not the best of power-ups since it seems to miss a lot of the enemies most of the time.

  • In addition to your flying enemies there are several creatures that you have to deal with every so often.
  • They each attack you in different ways, some will kill you instantaneously, while others will just injure you.
  • You may encounter the same creature in different levels but they will not always affect you in the same way.
  • In some levels you may also have to deal with as many as 3 of the same kind of creatures, scattered around the scene.
  • Frogs

  • On some levels the frogs can zap your strength if you’re within a straight line of where they are facing.
  • On other levels they will kill you and the level will end automatically.
  • They tend to switch positions so try to stay out of their direct path.
  • You can fly under the frog or behind them without fear of getting hurt.
  • Venus Flytrap

  • There are 2 types of these plants, one will kill you upon contact and the other one will just injure you.
  • If you get eaten you will have to start that round all over again.
  • Depending on which level you’re on there can be several plants at one time, before you begin a level make sure you know where they are.
  • In one of the species the plant will eat you once you land in its jaws. The other species will reach up and injure you.
  • Pay attention to how far they can reach and stay out of that zone.
  • Snail

  • It will emit a green smoke when you pass by its shell or close to its eyes.
  • This green smoke will injure you and zap part of your health.
  • You can fly over and around the snail, it will only emit the green smoke if you pass directly in front of its eyes.
  • Fire Spitting Ant

  • The Fire Spitting Ant sits close to the Transient Star and also shoots in the direction that it is facing.
  • It is best for you to go behind the ant to make deposits since it doesn’t shoot backwards.
  • The fire balls will not kill you upon contact, it will just decrease your health.
  • Slumbering Fungus

  • Do not pass directly in front of the its face or it will suck you in and you will lose the level.
  • It doesn’t matter whether its eyes are closed or open, it can suck you in at any time.
  • Spitting flower

  • The spitting flower will emit a red like substance that can injure you upon contact.
  • You will always have a warning before it shoots out the red stuff. The first sign will be when you see a big red glob forming, followed by a noise.
  • Once you the red glob getting bigger, get out of the way, until it finishes.
  • Even though, it shoots some of the liquid upwards, it doesn’t go very far. Stay at the top as much as possible when you see its about to erupt.
  • Spider man

  • Will kill you if you land on his person, he usually becomes deadly once he unfolds his arms.
  • You can get rid of him temporarily when you use the Aura Shield, the lightning power-up and the
  • Ancient Fire power-up.
  • You can fly over his string and around him, he will only kill you if you land directly in his grip.
  • If he is hanging too close to the Transient Star (where you deposit your pollen) try and get a full ponytail so you can use the Ancient Fire power on him. When he reappears he will hang in a different location, hopefully away from the star.
  • At times you will have 2 or 3 of them, if they are far away from the Transient Star, leave them there as much as possible.
  • Make sure you stay away from him at the first sign of his string appearing so you don’t land on him.
  • The dragon wings cannot protect you from him unless you kill a bug near him thus detonating the wings.


  • Keep away from it once the antennas are activated.
  • On earlier levels, it will only get you once you are close to the red flower that is near the top right side of the scene.
  • In later levels, it will have a broader firing range that will zap you once you get near it.
  • Chameleon

  • The chameleon has a very long reach, once its tongue is extended and you fall anywhere on the tongue, the chameleon will eat you and the level will be over.
  • It can also get to you before its tongue is extended if you are anywhere near the vicinity of its tongue’s reach.
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