The Great Chocolate Chase: A Chocolatier Twist Tips Walkthrough

Check out our tips and tricks for The Great Chocolate Chase: A Chocolatier Twist. GAME OVERVIEW The Great Chocolate Chase: A Chocolatier Twist has 2 modes: Story Mode and Endless Sweets. In Story Mode you will travel through 6 unique locations with 10 levels each for a total of 60 levels. In the Endless Sweets Mode your goal is to serve as many customers as you can without having too many people get angry. If the "Anger" meter hits the red spot, the game will be over. As you mak…

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a:1:i:0;a:2:s:13:”section_title”;s:51:”The Great Chocolate Chase: A Chocolatier Twist Tips”;s:12:”section_body”;s:17022:”Check out our tips and tricks for The Great Chocolate Chase: A Chocolatier Twist.


  • The Great Chocolate Chase: A Chocolatier Twist has 2 modes: Story Mode and Endless Sweets. In Story Mode you will travel through 6 unique locations with 10 levels each for a total of 60 levels.
  • In the Endless Sweets Mode your goal is to serve as many customers as you can without having too many people get angry. If the "Anger" meter hits the red spot, the game will be over. As you make more money certain upgrades will be automatically added to your shop as they become available.


  • Evangeline can carry two things in her hands at once. If she’s pouring chocolate into a cup and she’s standing in front of that station she can actually pour a third cup of chocolate, even though both her hands are full.
  • Even when Angelina’s hands are full, she can still hand out menus and collect money.
  • The money that you earn each day will carry over to the next day. The only time that money does not carry over is when you start a new location, in which case you will start with zero dollars.
  • The same goes for the upgrades, your upgrades will go with you from one level to the next but not from one location to another.
  • Some customers will get angry and leave; if they received a partial order they will pay you for what they received. When you lose a customer, no money is deducted from your total but that was a potential sale that you could have had. Lose too many people and it could cause you to fail a level.
  • It can be hard to click on the people at times when you want to take an order. When you want to click on a customer, make sure that the counter in front of them is lit before you click. This will ensure that you don’t lose time because you thought an order was in queue to be delivered.
  • Take an extra second to make sure that you have the right topping on a chocolate before you press it because you will waste time if you don’t.
  • Check your toppings carefully some of them are white and they are against white chocolate they can be hard to see.
  • You can replay a level at any time. When you replay for a higher score all the upgrades you purchased for that country will be available.
  • When you start a level over, you cannot change your mind on the upgrades you bought but you can buy additional ones if you have enough money.
  • If you don’t have anywhere to place a cup of chocolate, you can place it on the display stand or you can place it on the holding plate on the side of one of the stations.
  • If you make some chocolate bars that you can’t use and the conveyor belt is not available, you can do other things with it. You can throw it in the trash bin or you can place it on the display case in case somebody asks for it.
  • There are several awards that you can earn throughout the game. During each level you will see the awards that you won in the top right corner. You can also look in the main menu to see the rest of your awards. All you have to do is click on the box of chocolates and scroll over the ones that are in the box in order to get a description of what you did to earn them.


  • When you pour the chocolates you don’t have to pick up the first cup in order to make the next one. Simply click on the second chocolate you want to make and Evangeline will pick up the one on the holding plate automatically.
  • Since Evangeline can hold two things at once, her hands should never be empty. Look at the people in line and start preparing the next 3 cups of chocolate before Evangeline leaves that station. Even while she’s holding 2 cups in her hand, you can click on the machine and it will make another cup of chocolate while she’s still standing there.
  • Another strategy I applied was to prepare several things at once. I would pour a cup of chocolate and then I would prepare the next cup. As the next cup was preparing I would put the flavor in the cup I was holding. As that one is done, I would mold it into the desired shape and so on.
  • Try to make Evangeline do things in as few steps as possible. If she’s going to the sauce machine, have her take an order to a customer that is close by. As she places one chocolate in one machine, take an order out and place a topping on it.
  • The best way to chain in this game is to chain as many of the same things as you can without doing anything else in between. People will have a tendency to come in before you’ve picked up the money or you’ve finished serving all the customers. Don’t hand out that menu until you’ve finished serving that last customer, it will break a long chaining streak.
  • Hand out all the menus at once without breaking the chain. Do the same when you deliver chocolates, deliver everyone without, taking tips or handing out menu. When possible go through the whole cycle of menu, orders and tips as often as you can so you can make the most money.
  • The money that you make from the phone orders (Zeppelin) count towards tour chaining bonuses, not towards your order bonuses. What you need to do is give the order to the Zeppelin, after you’ve completed all the customer orders that are at the counter. Give the chocolate to the Zeppelin and then start collecting the money from the counter. The chain will start with that Zeppelin order.
  • If you have a lot of requests for the chocolate syrup and hot chocolate, serve those first since they take a while to refill.
  • You should also place the chocolate syrup and the hot chocolate on the display case as soon as they are ready since they take a while to refill. That way as you’re handing out the menus the syrup and the hot chocolate will start to fill right away.
  • There are many power-ups that you can buy. It is best to buy first the ones that give you the ability to either charge more money for chocolates or the ones that will have you earn more in tip money. Once you increase your income, you’ll be able to reach your goals faster.
  • Use your display stands as much as possible. You can make some chocolates in advance and place them on the case but you never really know what they are going to ask for. You can also use the case to place your sauces on there. That way your next batch will start to prepare itself right away.
  • Don’t spend your money on decorations until you’ve upgraded all your machines and you’ve bought all the power-ups first. Buying decorations is a waste of money since the decorations don’t add anything to your game play except scenery. Your money is better spent on things that will help you advance in the game.
  • Watch the clock and try to get in as many customers as you can before the store closes it could mean the difference between making your goal or not. Once you see the closed sign, no more customers will come in.
  • If you have a mixture of money on the counter and new customers, pick up all the money before you hand out the menus, this will give more people a chance to come in the door and you will be able to make a longer chaining bonus when you hand out the menus.
  • Place some chocolate on the conveyor belt right before you hand out some orders. This will increase your sales since happier customers pay more money.
  • The best way to make more tips is by serving customers as fast as you can. The less time they have to wait the happier they will be and your tip will be bigger since as I stated above, happier customers will leave bigger tips.
  • Prepare the orders that require more steps first because they take longer to make. When customers come in and they want double orders, take care of those first for 2 reasons. 1-They will pay you more money since they have a double order. 2-Two orders take longer to prepare, the longer you take to serve the customer the more impatient they will get. You don’t want to lose that extra money they can bring.
  • When you’re running low on time and you want to get more customers in before a level ends,you can serve the people with the simplest orders first, like a bar with no toppings, hot chocolate or just chocolate syrup. This will help you cash people out and bring some last minute customers in.
  • Make products with the same flavor fruits or toppings at the same time. Concentrating on making a particular flavor at a time can save you some time since it will be less confusing.
  • In levels in which you have one flavor or topping available you can make make some chocolates in advance. That is mostly the case in the very early stages of a new location. On day 22, I made two lemon infusions, kept one in the machine and one on the display case. I also kept one chocolate bar ready in the machine and a cup of chocolate at the station.
  • Don’t buy all your upgrades at the end of each level. You can buy what you need and save the rest of the money for the next round.
  • Buy the upgrades that allow you to get bigger tips right away because that will help you make more money and thus get to your goal faster.
  • If you see that your goal on the top left side says that you need to make a certain amount of "Sky Chocolates" it means that you have to complete a certain amount of those chocolates that the zeppelin picks up, the take out orders.
  • If you need time to catch up on customers’ orders, do not pick up the money until you’re close to catching up. Let the money sit there until you’re ready for more people to come in.
  • In order to pass level 40,you have to make complete chains in order to make the max amt. Take all the menus when the counter is full, serve everyone at the same time and collect the money all at once.
  • In level 45 take care of the lady with the blonde hair, the pilot and the Indian lady as soon as you see them come in. They don’t have a lot of patience and they will leave if you don’t take care of them right away. Place chocolate syrup and hot chocolate on the display case as soon as you open, make three of the same type of colored chocolates since you can still make a third cup of chocolate while Evangeline is standing there with 2 full cups in her hand.


  • You can earn chain bonuses by performing the same actions consecutively without any breaks in between. Actions you can chain are handing out menus, collecting money and making several chocolates in a row.
  • The longer the chain the longer the bonus, try to keep your chains going for as long as possible. When you’re handing out menus do not break your chain unless you absolutely have to do it.
  • When you’re preparing chocolates, you can still hand out menus without breaking the chain, as long as you don’t serve the chocolates to a customer, you’ll make it. If you serve even one order of chocolates your menu chain will be broken.


  • The customer types are not discussed in the help menu of the game but you can observe their temperaments as they walk in the shop.
  • Some customers have a lot of patience while waiting in line while others come into the store with diminished patience. I found it best to serve the customers that you already know will get angry and leave if they are not served right away.
  • Most of the time, the ones that leave quickly are the ones that order at least 2 items. You really want to make sure that they don’t leave because you will make more money when they come into the shop.
  • The customers to look out for are the female pilots, the blonde lady with the hat, the lady with the Indian attire and the man with the Russian hat are the least patient. As soon as you see them come in it is wise to drop everything and take care of them first.
  • The lady with the blue outfit seems to have the most patience of all. You can leave her waiting for what seems like the longest time and she’ll be quite patient. I would often take her order last so that I could take care of the impatient people first.


  • The conveyor belt appears periodically throughout the game. When you see it appear all you have to do is place any type of chocolate on it and it will give patience to the people that are in line. The first time you will see it appear will be in level 38. Place the chocolates on the plate that is at the right hand side of the counter and the chocolate will go down the line. The person with the least amount of patience in the group will be the one to take it.
  • If you notice the chocolate going down the line you will see it disappear in front of a customer. That means that particular person took the candy and ate it to calm their nerves. You will also notice that their patience bubble will be less jagged and perhaps not as red.
  • It can be hard at times to make chocolates just to place on the conveyor belt so it is best to place chocolate on there in which you made some mistakes. Instead of throwing them away place them on the conveyor belt instead.
  • If there is no one to get the candy it will fall into the trash bin. For items that are needed for the conveyor belt you can always place your mistakes on the Display case until you’re ready to use them.


  • Display Case – Depending on the type of display case that you have, you can hold either one or two items on the case. Buy the double case as soon as it becomes available. It comes in very handy since it acts as a holding place.
  • Zeppelin – The Zeppelin is the aircraft that picks up your chocolate orders which have been phoned in. When you upgrade the Zeppelin you can if you upgrade to the faster zeppelin you will get a a speed boost.
  • Sauce Refill Speed – The bottles will fill at a much faster rate.
  • Double Sauce Station – You will be able to fill two bottles at once. Get this machine as soon as possible since the sauce machines are slow and take a while to fill.


  • There are several types of power-ups in the game. With each new location you will have to start buying all your upgrades and power-ups again.
  • Each upgrade will only last you for that specific region in which you purchased it. I will give you a brief description of the power-ups and what they can do.
  • Faster Shoes – There are several degrees of speed you can buy for Evangeline’s shoes. You will need to but this upgrade as soon as you can afford it so she can deliver orders faster.
  • Steam Booster – I like this upgrade because it makes all the machines at the varied stations work faster. Faster machines mean you can attend to customers in a shorter period of time.
  • Cosmopolitans – There are Junior Cosmopolitans and Master Cosmopolitans. Each degree of this power-up allows you to charge more for your chocolates.
  • Service Training and advanced Service Training- These trainings will increase your tips substantially since it encourages people to leave you bigger tips.
  • Steam Booster – When you buy the Steam Booster all you machines will prepare the food faster.
  • Phonograph – The phonograph is always the most expensive upgrade in any shop. All you have to do is buy it and it will play music for your customers. The music is supposed to make the customers more patient as they wait for the orders.
  • Unlike most Time Management games in which you purchase a radio to soothe a person’s patience you have to keep clicking on the radio for it to work. In this game the phonograph will play continuously on its own. Frankly, it doesn’t seem to do too much for their patience so I’m not sure if it’s worth spending all that money to upgrade it.


  • You can buy all kinds of decorations for your shop. You can purchase new counter tops, rugs, floor, wall accents etc.
  • Even though decorating your store is a nice touch it really doesn’t pay to decorate until you’ve bought upgrades to your machine and your staff.
  • ┬áThe decorations do not have any effect on customer’s patience or help your game in any way. That is why it’s a waste of money to buy them before you’ve purchased all the upgrades. Your money is better spent on items that can help you meet your goals.
  • If you have money left over after purchasing upgrades and such, then you can decorate your shop to your liking.