The Godfather Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Hitcents’s The Godfather Game is a fairly lightweight free-to-play strategy game. It’ll instantly remind you of hits such as Game of War, and might seem very familiar to some. For others though, there’s a lot going on and a helping hand is always welcome.

Gamezebo’s The Godfather Game Tips, Cheats and Strategies will get you up to scratch, helping you figure out all the basics behind the game. In seemingly no time at all, you’ll know exactly what to do to keep your soldiers in order.

The Basics

The Godfather Game Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • As soon as you start playing, you’re going to be introduced to a lot of building types. All of them can be upgraded but some are more important than others.
  • Your mansion is key to everything. Many other building types can only be improved once your mansion is upgraded in the first place. Keep upgrading it as often as possible so you have the best choice of options for the rest of your growing empire.
  • Sometimes, upon upgrading your mansion, you gain free upgrades elsewhere. Take advantage of them for obvious reasons. Freebies are always good to have!
  • The library is also worth upgrading. It allows you to research certain perks which benefit you in the long run. You can use these to do things such as train faster or make your soldiers work more efficiently in combat. An untrained soldier is of no use at all so stick with it.
  • The Mills terrace dictates how many soldiers or capos you can send into battle. Obviously, more is better so don’t forget about the place.

  • Lights Out Boxing Co is a quirky named establishment that helps you train assassins. Keep it readily upgraded and reap the benefits of a better force.
  • Sullivan Firearms is the home of your massacre units. They’re as aggressive as they sound so more is good. This might not be a high priority early on but it’s worth keeping an eye on in the long run.
  • Bombers are acquired through Nobel Chemical. They’re not essential early on but you still don’t want to fall too far behind with your upgrades.
  • Shanties mean you can train more troops. You know the drill – more is good!
  • The night club provides you with free props that lead onto unlocking Capos – the better kind of troop for your battles. Obviously, you want to do this.
  • Don’t forget the shops either. They help you gain more profits which can then be turned into better things all round.

Don’t forget the story

  • It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the wealth of missions and forget that there’s a structure behind The Godfather Game. That structure comes from its story missions. Vito will give you a head’s up about some of them. If you forget though, you can go to the mansion and select storybook to continue. They’re scripted battles and you can only complete so many at a time before you have to wait for energy to restore, but they’re worth doing.

Fight it out

The Godfather Game Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Combat is turn-based but also fairly hands-off.
  • On the ‘prepare for battle’ screen, hit auto-select and The Godfather Game does the rest for you. It’ll pick out the best units and weaponry for you.
  • Then, choose to fast forward through the fights by tapping on the triangular icon that shows up on the left during fights. It’s a little soulless but it’s the most effective way of moving onto the next thing.


  • After reaching Mansion level 6, you can participate in PvP combat. Things get more interesting here.
  • You’re able to send your units to raid opposing forces, gaining resources along the way.
  • Pick on lower-level players for easy money.

The importance of Capos

The Godfather Game Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Capos are like regular units but better.
  • Go to the night club to recruit them. You’re given a series of eligible options along with any recruitment requirements. Usually, some will be free so take advantage of that.
  • Each Capo comes with their own set of attributes, talents, and skills. You can further enhance them by tapping on the enhance button but don’t expect to do this too soon.

Don’t forget

  • Log on every day for VIP benefits and general freebies.
  • Every 20 minutes, you also gain free items by tapping on the box next to Vito. It all adds up and quite fast too.
  • There are daily tasks to aim for as well, proving quite simple to accomplish.
  • The night club also offers a free drink every hour.

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