The First Descendant Valby Build Guide – How to Unlock Her!

Our The First Descendant Valby Build guide contains all you need to know about her abilities, how to unlock her, and more!

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Looking for a The First Descendant Valby Build guide? Many players are on the hunt for the best build to enhance their abilities and stats. Down below, you’ll find a build for Valby, how to unlock her, and what she can do on the battlefield.

Welcome to The First Descendant, a third-person shooter that meets co-op RPG. Choose your fighter, grab some friends, and clear missions in the name of loot. Similar to the hit game Diablo, The First Descendant is reward-orientated, encouraging players to strive for loot primarily during each playthrough. Gather loot and grow in power as you traverse through the storyline, with a variety of characters to play as and a dynamic combat system you can find yourself enamoured within this elite game!

You can find out more about The First Descendant on the Official Site. Check out the game on Steam too! We also have a The First Descendant tier list, The First Descendant Bunny Build guide, and a The First Descendant Freyna Build guide.

The First Descendant Valby Build Guide

Now, let’s take a look at the best build for Valby in The First Descendant!

The First Descendant Valby Build

  • A little more time is needed in the game to work out the best build for Valby – please check back soon!

However, I can say that utilising modules, components, weapons, and a Reactor is the mainframe of a character build.

How to Unlock Valby

Now that you know how to build Valby, how do you unlock her?


  • Valby Stabilizer
  • Valby Code
  • Valby Enhanced Cells
  • Valby Spiral Catalyst.

Valby Enhanced Cells Materials:

  • 3 Anti-Gravity Fixer
  • 384 Superfluid
  • 453 Hardner
  • 150K Gold
  • Valby Enhanced Cell Blueprint

Valby Stabilizer Materials:

  • 225 Semiconstant Plasma
  • 402 Monad Shard
  • 13 Optical Catalyst
  • 150K Gold
  • Valby Stabilizer Blueprint

Valby Spiral Catalyst Materials:

  • 5 Hyper Cube
  • 453 Hardner
  • 270 Metal Accelerant
  • 150K Gold
  • Valby Spiral Catalyst Blueprint

You’ve got the materials for Valby, so it’s time to head to the Descendant research station!

  • Travel to Anais in Albion
  • Start to research Valby (it costs 300K Gold)
    • However, it costs 100K in the open beta
  • Wait 12 hours in total to complete the research

Who is Valby?

So, who exactly is Valby?

  • Role: AoE Dealer
  • Utilises the water element in combat
  • She can absorb moisture to attack her enemies with water blasts


  • Water Intake (Passive)
    • Using skills while Valby is standing on water, she will consume less Mana
  • Bubble Bullet (Passive)
    • Bounce a Bubble Bullet to summon a puddle upon impact and where Valby is standing
    • Enemies who are in the puddle will receive Damage Over Time and will be inflicted with the Laundry debuff
  • Plop Plop (Active)
    • Summon a large puddle where Valby is standing, which she can then dive into
    • Valby can pop out at a specific location
  • Laundry (Active)
    • Valby becomes Liquified
    • When Valby is Liquified, she can’t take her feet off of the ground or use any of her skills – however, she can move through enemies, and her Defense and Movement Speed will be increased
    • As Valby moves while Liquified, she creates a path of water that deals enemies with Damage Over Time and inflicts them with the Laundry debuff
  • Laundry Bomb (Active)
    • Change Valby’s weapon to the Laundry Bomb Launcher
    • Firing the Laundry Bomb Launcher creates a Laundry Bomb and pulls in enemies that have been inflicted with the Laundry debuff and can deal Damage Over Time

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