The First Descendant Pyromaniac Boss Guide – How to Beat It

Our The First Descendant Pyromaniac guide contains all you need to know when getting prepared to battle against this mighty foe!

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Struggling to beat The First Descendant Pyromaniac boss? Or are you getting prepared to face this powerful opponent? Either way, this guide is here to aid you during your journey. Read on to find out how to beat the Pyromaniac, and what to expect from the boss battle.

Welcome to The First Descendant, a third-person shooter that meets co-op RPG. Choose your fighter, grab some friends, and clear missions in the name of loot. Similar to the hit game Diablo, The First Descendant is reward-orientated, encouraging players to strive for loot primarily during each playthrough. Gather loot and grow in power as you traverse through the storyline, with a variety of characters to play as and a dynamic combat system you can find yourself enamoured within this elite game!

You can find out more about The First Descendant on the official site or you can visit the official Steam page! We also have a The First Descendant Modules guide, The First Descendant Devourer guide, and a The First Descendant Bunny Build guide.

The First Descendant Pyromaniac Boss Guide

Now, let’s crack on with the guide!

The First Descendant Pyromaniac Boss

You can find the Pyromaniac boss in an area that is filled with floating debris and structures with jagged edges – the environment plays a big part in this boss fight! He can utilise the surrounding structures during combat and unleash his powerful firey blast to knock off majority of your HP.

It’s also important to note that this boss can only be found while in multiplayer mode. This makes sense due to the high difficulty of Pyromaniac – it certainly needs multiple players to beat it with ease.

How to Beat the Pyromaniac Boss

So, how exactly do you beat him? First and foremost, you need to break his shield. Pyromaniac’s shield basically blocks all incoming damage – annoying. However, once his shield has completely broken, you’ll be able to knock his HP bar down.

Melee characters who rely on close combat are the most unsuitable for the Pyromaniac boss. It’s best to opt for characters who specialise in mid-range and long-rang attacks, such as:

  • Viessa
  • Jayber – turrets!
  • Freyna
  • Valby

You’ll notice that the Pyromaniac has blue sections on his body at times – hit these as quickly as possible as these are classed as his weak points! The KingFisher mobs will also have blue sections that you and your team should focus on. Attacking these blue sections will break Pyromaniac’s and the KingFisher’s shield bars.

During the Pyromanic boss battle, you’ll spot a Grappling Hook! This item can be used to reach the top of one of the structures so you can attack the boss from above – this will also get you out of Pyromaniac’s line of sight, giving you a chance to heal up. Additionally, the KingFisher mobs will eventually spawn, and they hit pretty hard. You’ll never see a KingFisher alone, meaning you’re going to be against multiple at once. Make sure your team splits their focus to get them all down at more or less the same time.

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