The First Descendant Modules – All You Need To Know!

Our The First Descendant Modules guide has everything you need to know about these stat enhancers for your weapon and your Descendant.

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Need a bit of help understanding The First Descendant Modules? Our guide has all you need to know! Find out what Modules are and how to properly adapt them to your combat.

Welcome to The First Descendant, a third-person shooter that meets co-op RPG. Choose your fighter, grab some friends, and clear missions in the name of loot. Similar to the hit game Diablo, The First Descendant is reward-orientated, encouraging players to strive for loot primarily during each playthrough. Gather loot and grow in power as you traverse through the storyline, with a variety of characters to play as and a dynamic combat system you can find yourself enamoured within this elite game!

You can find out more about The First Descendant on the Official Site. Check out the game on Steam too. We also did The First Descendant Tier List, The First Descendant Viessa Build, or The First Descendant Devourer Guide.

The First Descendant Modules

Did you know they were previously called Runes? However, their name changed to Modules to fit the sci-fi world better!

What Is A Module

Firstly, let’s discuss what a Module is. A Module System is one of the main features of The First Descendant. Modules allow you to upgrade and enhance weapons as well as your descendants, making them tougher in combat.

Each Module will display a list of Descendants and weapons that can be used. Once set, these will enhance the stat of your Descendant/weapon.

Descendant Modules

You can set Modules for your current Descendant by pulling up the inventory, and then interacting with the Descendant Module prompt on the left-hand side. You can pre-set Modules for any Descendant you have already unlocked in addition to the one you are currently playing as.

However, you can only pre-set Modules for unused Descendants that are active. Pre-setting Modules will not be possible for locked Descendants.

Weapon Modules

Similar to the Descendant Modules, you can pre-set for weapons too. Weapons with the same name will have the same Modules applied regardless if they carry different stats such as DPS, or weapon level.

Therefore, if you pre-set Modules for each weapon you acquire, and then later unlock a weapon of higher stats with the same name, you won’t have to manually set all your Modules again. As soon as the newer weapon is equipped to your Descendant, the pre-set Modules will be applied automatically. Hassle-free!

Module Restrictions

  • You can only equip as many modules are there are available slots.
  • You can only equip modules from the same group.
  • You can only equip as many modules as your Module Capacity allows.


There is always the option to have your Modules auto-equip if you’re unsure what formula works best. On the right side of the Module Settings screen should be an “Auto Equip Modules” feature.

You will need to collect a lot of modules to get a better variety of what works for you. You can obtain more modules by completing missions for rewards, defeating bosses, and combining already-owned modules.

Finally, don’t forget to hit save or all your hard work will be reverted to the previous setting!

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