The First Descendant Deadbride Guide – How To Defeat!

Not the dome again… Struggling with Deadbride? Here’s some tips on how to take her down and win the boss fight!

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Want the deadbride double dead? Our The First Descendant Deadbride Guide runs you through how we find it best to deal with her and secure victory.

Welcome to The First Descendant, a third-person shooter that meets co-op RPG. Choose your fighter, grab some friends, and clear missions in the name of loot. Similar to the hit game Diablo, The First Descendant is reward-orientated, encouraging players to strive for loot primarily during each playthrough. Gather loot and grow in power as you traverse through the storyline, with a variety of characters to play as and a dynamic combat system you can find yourself enamoured within this elite game!

You can find out more about The First Descendant on the Official Site. Check out the game on Steam too! We also have a The First Descendant tier list, The First Descendant Bunny Build, or The First Descendant Ajax Build guide, and a How to Play With Friends in The First Descendant guide.

The First Descendant Deadbride Guide

Oh no, not the dome again…

Who Is Deadbride?

Deadbride is one of the tough bosses you’ll face off against in The First Descendant. She is massive, much like the other bosses. But hey, there’s more surface area to shoot at.

She has a white sci-fi mech-like appearance with, of course, a skeleton face. Draping behind her are two long blue fabric strips, assumed to be her veil.

How To Defeat Her

The main issue to encounter when facing Deadbride is her dome attack during the second phase of her fight. This intent is to try and keep you away from her to negate damage inflicted on herself. Which works well since she’s tough to take down!

We recommend using a Descendant with good speed such as Bunny, who can quickly exit the vicinity of the Deadbrides dome. The dome will inflict damage constantly whilst within its radar, on top of Deadbride and her summons chipping away at you.

It’s also helpful if you head into this boss fight with a team as you can rotate who is targeted whilst others tackle Deadbride’s health. Hopefully, your teammates know to flee the Dome attack too!

Get a decent ranged weapon equipped too as this will help you shoot her from afar, keeping a good distance from any close-range attacks like the dome. This, as well as high agility and speed, should hopefully be enough to take her down.

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