The Escapists Tips, Cheats and Strategies


The Escapists has been a huge hit on console and PC alike, and for very good reason. Team 17 has done a great job of ensuring there’s plenty of flexibility when it comes to how best to arrange a prison break. The sheer amount of depth means there’s a lot to take in.

Gamezebo’s The Escapists Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you get started, guiding you through the paces and giving you some key insight into how best to stage your escape.

The Basics

  • You might want to go straight into trying to escape, but that’s not a wise move. Take your time.
  • Spend the first couple of days in jail just checking the place out. Keep your head down and figure out the daily routine. Stick to it.
  • Have a look around at what’s going on. Are there any areas where guards don’t tend to hang around? That’s a good place to pursue other options.
  • Work out what times of the day you tend to be left alone. That’s a key time for plotting your escape.
  • Stealing a guard’s uniform and wearing it means you can wander around relatively unharmed. It’s not fool proof but it’s a good way of giving you a chance of exploring outside safely.


  • While you’re looking around at the routine, look out for items.
  • Items are key to your crafting abilities. You want to keep an eye out for things like duct tape, wires, files, and even cutlery.
  • Cutlery can be used to chip away at walls, the ground, or even fences.
  • Learn some basic recipes. Things like cutters can be made by combining two files with duct tape.
  • Contraband items such as screwdrivers and nunchucks can be detected, leaving you in trouble, unless you’ve crafted a pouch to secrete them in. A pouch involves foil and duct tape, and will help you immensely!
  • Create a stash area in your cell. Digging an alcove or unscrewing a vent is a good way of creating a hidey hole for your secret items.

Dealing with other prisoners

  • Other prisoners can be really useful for you. Some have items that you can buy from them, such as screwdrivers or more innocuous looking items.
  • You can also get tasks from prisoners. Some might reward you for beating up another prisoner, for instance. It’s relatively easy money, providing a guard isn’t around when you hit them.

Prison work

  • Money can also be earned through working your prison job. Laundry duty has you collecting up dirty clothes and taking them to the dryer. It’s the ideal opportunity for you to steal a guard’s uniform.
  • You can also work other jobs and gain more money and more opportunities for key tools or locations. To do so, you have to get the current employee fired. The best way to do this is to beat them up them during working hours so they miss their work schedule.


  • Think outside the box. There’s generally an idea you haven’t considered.
  • Escape from the roof? Sure! But you’re going to need a rope or grappling hook to get down. Think what you need to construct one.
  • Escaping can be tiring. Bring some food with you.
  • Don’t be cruel to all your prison mates. Some are useful, and it’s good to keep in with them.
  • If you gain enough favor amongst your fellow inmates, you might even form a gang. Others will follow you around and look out for you in a fight.
  • Don’t dig outside in the day time. That’s way too obvious. You’ll get in trouble.

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