The Alchemist Code Guide – Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Gumi’s The Alchemist Code is a rather compelling strategy RPG. With a strong storyline forming its foundations, it’s a cut above the rest of the Free to Play RPGs out there, giving you some much needed impetus to be stronger and better as you progress. That’s not to say that The Alchemist Code doesn’t have a fair few freemium components thrown in too. Gamezebo’s The Alchemist Code guide will help you get to grips with the more freemium style moments of this exciting experience.

Alchemist Code Guide

Let’s move onto the guide…

Building Your Team

  • At its heart, The Alchemist Code is all about collecting new characters. You can collect them nearly as readily as you can find new equipment.
  • You need to summon them through using gems. Gems are dished out reasonably often in game or you can choose to buy them for a price.
  • You want a decent mixture within your team. A combination of ranged and melee units is far more effective than all of one type.

Leveling Up

  • Levelling up is conducted via a variety of different currencies. Gold (or Zeni, as it’s known here) is used to level up your skills, while shards are used for Limit Breaks, and so forth.
  • Ultimately, you don’t have to worry too much about the names. The Alchemist Code is pretty good at highlighting what you can upgrade and when, but you need to keep on top of it.
  • You have a general party level that dictates how far your characters can level up. If your party level is 12, you can’t upgrade your characters further than level 12 until you boost your party level.
  • When you’ve levelled up, dive into your Units screen and work on boosting everyone’s experience. This is all done via a selection of items that you’ll frequently gain through simply playing the game or completing missions.


  • Missions are a form of achievement in The Alchemist Code. You’ll often unlock them for things like completing a daily quest, progressing within the story, or just upgrading an unit to a decent level.
  • Check in frequently to be rewarded with such bonuses.


  • Combat is a core part of The Alchemist Code with a lot of your time being spent moving your team around a grid based map in order to wipe out your enemy.
  • Each unit has a different movement range meaning some characters can’t move as far as another. You need to be able to adapt reasonably quickly.
  • Attack range is a key part too, dictating where you can strike out. Typically, it’s the four squares around your character – front, back, and both sides. Ranged and magic using characters can have a wider area of attack.

  • Understandably, hitting an enemy from behind inflicts the most damage with side attacks causing slightly less, and front attacks causing even lesser damage. Aim to be behind your enemy whenever possible.
  • You can choose to stick The Alchemist Code on auto, meaning it’ll automatically fight for you. This might seem like a good idea but the game has a few difficulty spikes that its auto fighting just can’t contend with very well.
  • At the end of your turn, you’re able to decide which way to look and where your back is pointed. That’s so you’re able to prepare for an attack from your enemy. Keep your back covered wherever possible.

The Little Things

  • Check in to the gift section often. That’s where all your freebies are and they do expire. You can hit ‘claim all’ to quickly gain everything going.
  • Also, log in each day for a login bonus. These add up rapidly and are pretty generous.

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