Tesla Tubes Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Tesla Tubes from Kiloo is a puzzler that challenges players to connect batteries on a circuit board, filling it with as few moves as possible. Over time, the board fills with boulders, bridges, walls, and other obstacles, making easy connections more difficult. With over 500 levels, you’ll need a few Tesla Tubes tips, cheats and strategies to charge you up and make it to the end.

Try, Try Again

Tesla Tubes Tips, Cheats and Strategies

You’ll need to complete a level in a certain number of moves to receive stars that will unlock special puzzles. However, you don’t need a perfect score on the first try and there’s no benefit in going fast since there is there no countdown timer on these regular levels. With no energy or life system you can simply refresh that board over and over until you get the moves right. Do watch out for sloppy turns on corners or dropped connections just before you reach your destination—you’ll lose a move or two even if you didn’t mean it. But don’t stress too much because you can simply refresh the board if you make a mistake.

Get A (Re)Fresh Perspective

Tesla Tubes Tips, Cheats and Strategies

When you refresh a board, you may be disoriented at first, because the puzzle will look different; but rest assured it’s the same puzzle you had been working on prior to refreshing. The board has been rotated and the colors of the batteries have been changed, but the connection paths between end points are still the same. This rotation is actually a helpful trick because seeing the board from a different angle will give you a new perspective on pathway possibilities. And if you can flex your spatial muscles and remember the work you’ve done, you’ll be able to reorient yourself quickly to the board so you can utilize the pathways you already figured out.

Work The Dead Ends

Tesla Tubes Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Scan the board for dead end connections or paths that only have one option. These are very often in the corners or near obstacles which prevent multiple approach points. Start from those points to fill as many boxes as possible and you’ll quickly move through rest of the board.

Similarly, if there’s a bridge on your board, start by finding the connections that are closest to it. Both the bridge and the tunnel beneath it can only support a connection going in one direction, unlike the regular squares which can receive from any direction. This limitation will help you eliminate possibilities.

Once you have your first connections, work your way in or out in concentric pathways. The successful connections will reveal themselves quickly as the board gets covered. The closest or shortest path between two points may be the wrong path; see how many squares you can cover with your circuit to test out possibilities.

Save Up For Super Levels

When you get far enough to open super levels, you’ll need a repository of gold stars to be successful. Quickly scan the batteries for timers and start with those connections even if you aren’t sure about the rest of the board. Once you complete a timed connection, you can investigate the rest of the board to determine your next move. If you need to disconnect a timed battery, you can, but the timer will start again, so don’t do it until you know exactly how you want to proceed. You will have a lot of cheap deaths from fast timers and you’ll lose gold refreshing puzzles to complete them in the recommended number of moves. When you do refresh a Super Level, remember the board will have changed colors and rotated. Use the countdown timers above specific batteries as orientation points to help you quickly reproduce the pathways you’ve already successfully tested.

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