Terra Battle Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Terra Battle is a puzzle / battle / RPG game from Mistwalker. In this game, you recruit warriors from several classes and attack enemies by sliding your warriors’ pieces around a grid and creating pincer attacks. Gamezebo’s Terra Battle Tips, Cheats and Strategies will provide you with some advice that will help you bear this cold, cruel world.

Terra Battle Tips Cheats Strategies

  • You can have six allies on the battlefield at once – You begin Terra Battle with four allies, but you can (and should) have six warriors on the field at once. You can earn warriors through battles, but  when starting out, it’s not a bad idea to head to the tavern and spend some of your allotted energy (the game’s hard currency) to recruit new friends.
  • In a fight, get rid of healers first – Healers are capable of some pretty potent magic in Terra Battle. In fact, they can undo all your hard work. Luckily, they’re also physically weak. Dispose of them as quickly as possible.
  • Sandwich as many enemies as possible in a single pincer attack – Executing pincer attacks are the key to doing damage in Terra Battle. If you wedge more than one enemy between two of your warriors, all enemies will be dealt the same amount of damage. This is an excellent way to clear the battlefield in a few turns.
  • Kill multiple enemies at once for more experience – Ensnaring multiple enemies in a single pincer attack does more than deal damage to a bunch of bad guys at once. It also earns you big experience bonuses if you manage to eliminate them in one fell swoop.

Terra Battle Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Pay attention to the weapon trinity – Like many strategy / puzzle games, Terra Battle adheres to a weapon trinity. Sword-wielders have an advantage over bow-wielders, who have an advantage over spear-wielders. Spears are most effective against swords, which completes the circle. Take advantage of the trinity whenever possible, but don’t let it take complete control of your fight. It’s usually best to attack with whatever you have versus waiting for the ideal moment to strike.
  • Link as many allies as possible into an attack – The more allies you chain into an attack, the harder that attack hits. Special skill attacks, which sometimes follow a regular attack, are likewise more powerful.
  • Note how blue lines link your warriors – When you move around your allies, you’ll notice a blue line connects them at times. This indicates how many warriors will join in on an attack. Obviously, the more, the better.
  • Check level briefing screens for information before diving in – Just before you enter a battle, you’re shown a screen of enemy and player stats. Though it’s easy to dismiss this screen in your eagerness to get into the fight, take a minute to review the information. You can get a feel for the nature of the enemies’ attacks, how many waves you’re in for, and how difficult the battle is overall.

Terra Battle Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Learn how to “knock around” your allies – One of the keys to winning fights in Terra Battle is learning how to push around your warriors with other warrior tiles. If you push a warrior from the top, it’ll go up one space. If you push it from the bottom, it drops once space. If you approach from the left, the warrior moves right one space. And approaching from the right causes them to move left. If you master pushing your fighters around, you’ll be able to position several of them in a single turn. Mind the time limit, though: You have four seconds to get your warriors in place before they begin attacking.
  • Note what direction enemies attack in while placing your warriors – Hold down on an enemy’s icon to get a listing of its attacks. Researching your foes’ moves can be a big help in dodging their attacks. For example, some mages hit very hard, but are only capable of vertical attacks. Warriors flanking them from the left and right sides are safe from harm.
  • Check in every so often to see if the Metal Zone is open – The Metal Zone, which can be found on the world map, contains metal monsters that can be hunted for lots of experience. You  never really know when it’ll be open, so visit often.
  • Visit Hunting Zones for rare items – Hunting Zones likewise show up on the map and offer big rewards, such as items necessary for unlocking characters’ new jobs. The types of hunting zones and their spoils rotate day-by-day.

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