Terra Battle 2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Terra Battle 2’s gorgeous artwork and music belie the minimalist core gameplay–moving squares around on a grid. Sure, there are different party members, skills, and items to juggle that only increase in number and complexity as you play, but the real work you must do to succeed in Terra Battle 2 revolves around how you position your units. Everything else is just gravy, especially since you’ll be able to zoom through most of the story without too much trouble, just by taking the levels and power-ups given to you.

But for those just starting out, or those struggling with the early fights (or even the first boss), here are a few tips, cheats, and strategies to help you vanquish the evil plaguing the world of Terra:

Your Move

Terra Battle 2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Everything in Terra Battle 2 revolves around how you move. Once you move your characters out of their square, you have a time limit to set them down again and complete the movement, or else they’re just dropped wherever you happen to be hovering over. That time limit doesn’t start until you actually move them, though, so take as much time as you like to stare at the board and ponder where you’re going. No, I mean it. Do that.

That’s because once you’re moving, it’s very easy to mess up what you’re doing if you have no plan. The map scrolls with you and your companions come along too, and there are monsters everywhere. For the early battles, it won’t matter too much if you just grab your chunk of people and throw them into fights, but as the game progresses, you’ll want a bit more finesse. You can do fun things like ram your party into some groups of monsters to split them apart, making them easier to kill, or even unlink your party members (using the magnet in the top right) and move them individually to surround enemies for a better start to a fight.

But again, be careful. If you unlink, one movement of any character takes your turn, leaving room for monsters to come after the loner and perform a Lonely Attack on them. And if not all your party members are in the Attack box when you start, you’ll commence the fight without them. Of course, you can do the same thing against monsters if you find a group of enemies is a bit too strong to take together.

Combining the Elements

Terra Battle 2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies

So far, we’ve mainly discussed the field segments, but what of battles? Battles in Terra Battle 2, like the field, rely on positioning. You have to set up your characters in a “pincer” surrounding an enemy either horizontally, vertically, or in a corner, in order to attack. But you can also include units outside of the pincer in what is called a chain. These are units lined up with the ones in the pincer, but not with the enemy, and no obstacles or enemies can be between them and the friendly unit.

Chaining is a key part both of fighting enemies and strengthening your characters. Chains will permanently increase a Skill Boost stat for participating units, and will also occasionally give them Resonance used to level up equipment and increase its effective range. Chain at every possible opportunity to give your characters the edge both in the moment and down the line.

Finally, keep in mind the elemental affinities of your units and those of your enemies, especally in boss battles. You’ll do more damage if an element is weak against yours, and half if the elements are the same. The elemental match-ups are as follows:

  • Fire and Ice are strong against one another
  • Lightning and Darkness are strong against one another
  • Solar and Lunar are strong against one another
  • Photon and Graviton are strong against one another

In addition:

  • Solar is strong against Ice
  • Lunar is strong against Fire
  • Photon is strong against darkness
  • Graviton is strong against Lightning

Miscellaneous Tips

  • Bosses and some other monsters have special attack patterns. You may need to play it safe for a few turns and learn what those patterns are before rushing in.
  • Know your party. Some party members (especially in the early going) look a lot alike, so make sure you know who you’re moving and what they’re going to do when they land.
  • Always pick a friendly companion before starting a story question. You can run into very high-level characters who can mow down enemies you’re struggling with. Or, if you prefer a challenge, pick a low-level, or none at all.

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