Tekken Card Tournament Walkthrough

Tekken Card Tournament is a free-to-play card game where you fight offline and online opponents and collect cards. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

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Game Introduction – Tekken Card Tournament

Tekken Card Tournament is a free-to-play card game where you fight offline and online opponents and collect cards. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • To download the game, click the “Play Now” button at the top of this page.
  • Once downloaded, click the “play” button
  • That’s it! You’re ready to start the game!

How to Play

Tekken Card Tournament

  • Selecting Your Character: After you have created your account, you’ll select your first character.  There isn’t a right or wrong answer here, and when you select your character, down at the bottom of the screen information will scroll by that will detail the type of character that they player is (powerful attacks, counter-attacks and so on).  You’ll get a starter pack for the character that you select to get you on the path to start fighting.  The pack will correspond to the character that you select, so the cards will mold to their style of fighting.

Tekken Card Tournament

  • Daily Bonus: Tekken Card Tournament will reward you if you play every day.  For each day that you log on to the game, you’ll get increasing rewards of gold, cards and other goodies.  If you enjoy the game, this is a great and easy way to build up your stash of cards.

Tekken Card Tournament

  • Game Modes:  There are three different game modes that you can choose from in Tekken Card Tournament. Arcade will allow you to play against the computer and it has three difficulties.  When you first start playing, the only difficulty that will be available to you is easy, so you are able to learn the game and collect some cards before you enter higher level difficulty computer fights, or even go online to do a quick match or enter a tournament with other players.
  • Stamina: Much like other free-to-play games, Tekken Card Tournament has limits on how much you can play in a given sitting.  At the top of the screen, you can see that you have five stamina points to work with.  Each fight that you enter in will cost you one point of stamina.  After your stamina has been used up, you will have to wait for it to recharge over time to continue fighting and earning experience, coins, credits and cards.

Tekken Card Tournament

  • Gold: The first type of currency in the game is “gold”.  You’ll earn gold from daily rewards, winning fights, and earning rewards for various accomplishments in the game.  The gold can be used to purchase card packs that can add to your fighter’s decks and you’ll gain more powerful attacks.
  • Credits:  The other currency in the game is credits, which will allow you to get better card packs or purchasing better individual cards.   You’ll earn credits by completing various accomplishments in the game and daily rewards.

Tekken Card Tournament

  • Level: After every fight, you’ll earn experience that will go to your level.  After you earn your level, you’ll earn some credits and a special bonus item.  In the case of the screenshot above, I earned some extra stamina, but you can also earn cards to add to your deck.

Tekken Card Tournament

  • Game Theory:  If you’ve ever taken an economics class and heard about game theory, that is the essence of what Tekken Card Tournament is all about.  Of course, having more powerful cards will help you tremendously in taking down your opponent, but what this game really comes down to is guessing correctly what you’re opponent is going to do on each turn.  The cards will be drawn automatically for you and are based on all the cards that you own.  You will never run out of cards and it is all random chance on what is pulled, so you’ll never really know what’s coming until it is pulled.  Everything is in the here and now—what cards you and your opponent has at your disposal at any given point of time. Let’s break down the game.
  • Focus: The blue focus button is how you gain cards in the game. Each time you select focus you gain one card from your deck.  The first move that each player will make is always focus so they have a card to play.  From there, that’s where the real game begins.
  • Strike: The strike mechanic puts your cards into motion.  In the above screenshot, the opponent’s card is listed on top and the player’s card is listed at the bottom.  The number corresponds to the amount of damage that the card will inflict on your opponent.   The amount of health points that your character has will always be on the left hand side, while your opponent’s will be on the right.  For example, if we were both to strike in this instance, I would inflict 8 points of damage to my opponent, while he would damage me for 20.
  • Block: Blocking is one of the most important and game changing elements of the game.  If you block, you protect yourself from the first two cards that your opponent has, while keeping your cards.  If my opponent were to choose to strike in his turn and I chose to block, his attack would cause no damage to me and his card will be discarded, leaving him with a potentially tough decision to make next turn.  Does he select focus and get a card, risking that I attack and he takes the 8 damage, or does he hope that I attack with it and select block, setting back to the beginning of the game where neither one of us have cards?  Each turn after the first one is comprised of these mini-decisions that both players must make—there are a number of different branching decision paths that each player must make and influences how they will respond.
  • Special Attacks: As you can see in the above screenshot, another thread to the game is the special attack system.  Certain cards will have special abilities tied to them.  In this instance, if my opponent has less than 30 health points, the card that he controls gets a +15 damage modifier to his card.  That means that if I don’t block the card and he has less than 30 health points, he can get back into the fight extremely quickly with a 35 point strike.  There are other special attack cards that will add bonuses to the player or inflict damage on their opponent if certain conditions are met—such as if both players select focus, or if the opponent selects to block or strike, and so on.  The special attacks add a special wrinkle to the game by helping influence the decisions one or both of the opponents will make.  If an opponent has a card that gives him a bonus for when both players select focus during their turn, that might lead him to choose to focus and earn the bonus.  However, the real cool thing about the game theory is that he knows that you know he has that bonus, and can shift strategies accordingly to try and use that knowledge against you.  It comes down to a guessing game sometimes and attempting to not be too predictable with your moves.


You have completed Gamezebo’s quick start guide for Tekken Card Tournament! Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forums comments and much more here at Gamezebo!