Teeny Titans Tips, Cheats and Strategies


So you’ve got to grips with some of the ideas behind the excellent Teeny Titans, and now you want to graduate to the metaphorical Justice League, throwing deadly figure based violence in the face of anyone who stands in your way? Well we’re here to help you.

Teeny Titans might be simple to pick up, but it’s pretty deep once you start to scratch away the surface layer of gorgeous cartoon graphics and quips. But if you follow these Teeny Titans tips, cheats and strategies, then you’ll be racing to the top of the ranking in no time short — and you’ll be able to brag to all of your friends in the Titans Tower about your figure throwing prowess.



  • Learn to use cleanse – You should always try and have at least once character in your roster that can cast cleanse. This clears all status ailments from your team and should help you out of tricky situations.
  • Watch your opponent’s bar – You can see what they’re likely to use, and see if they’re charging up an attack that you can stop with a swipe of your own.
  • Know when to take risks – Sometimes it’s worth taking a risk so you can do more damage in the long run. Other times it’s better just to chip away with smaller attacks.
  • Learn about your foes – The figures you’ll fight are all collectible themselves. Pay attention to what they can do and figure out how to counter it, then when you’ve collected them, figure out how to counter the counters.



  • Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade – When you’re in a shop with some spare cash, spend it on doubles. These are the best way to upgrade your characters quickly.
  • Use Moo Chips that complement – Think about the role of your characters before you add Moo Chips to them. What’s the best boost for them, and would the chip be better served on someone else?
  • Keep your roster fluid – Swap out different members for smaller fights so you can get to grip with new characters. Try and keep your figures levelled up and figure out which ones work best together.
  • Think in threes – Remember that in tournaments you can use all six of your roster. A couple of healers will help you out, but don’t go in to a fight weakened by a lack of heavy hitters.

The World


  • Pick some fights – There are always fights to be had on the map. Look for them on the way to story quests and use them to up your XP and gain some more cash.
  • Look for coins – Coins are displayed on your map, and it’s well worth jogging over and picking them up when they appear.
  • Grab side quests – Quite often you’ll finish these just by playing. They’re always worth picking up though, because they’ll give you coins and XP.
  • Look for shiny things – Blinking objects in the world will often reveal coins or other goodies. Tap on them to pick them up.
  • Always head for the sales – You’ll often get in-game alerts about sales at the various shops. These can save you a lot of money, and sometimes you’ll even bag freebies.
  • Pay attention to the day / night cycle – Some things are only open in the day and vice versa, so figure out when you need to go somewhere and have a nap if it’ll help.

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