Tea4Friends Walkthrough

Tea4Friends – Game Introduction

Tea4Friends is a Facebook game developed by Metro Games, that lets you start your own restaurant where you can serve tea, beautiful cakes, and exotic desserts to your customers. Prepare the food, hire your staff, and customize their looks. Expand the building, add appliances and personal and decorative touches to your restaurant that are sure to please your customers. Increase your popularity rating and even more customers will flock to your store. Visit your friends also playing the game and help clean up their restaurants for large bonuses and they will return the favor. Gamezebo’s Tea4Friends quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, tricks, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • Tea4Friends is played on Facebook and you will need to have a current account to play. If you need to register for a free account click here – http://www.facebook.com
  • Once you have a Facebook account you are ready to play and can click on the “Free – Play Now” button at the top of this page.
  • You will be asked to allow the game to access information such as your email address and to give permission to have the game post announcements to your Facebook profile when you prompt it to do so.
  • You will next be asked to choose from a male or female avatar. You will be the cook in the game and can customize your avatar’s hair color, clothing, and more.
  • You will need friends in order to have the best game experience. Be sure to visit the developer’s website and look for others searching for neighbors. You will be able to send daily gifts to each other to use in your restaurants and can clean each others restaurants once daily for a cash bonus.
  • Along the top right of the screen you will find all game controls to put game to full screen, toggle sound effects and music on and off, and more.


Game Currencies

  • There are two types of game currencies used in Tea 4 Friends.
  • Metro coins – This is the basic game currency used to purchase items in the catalog (recipe book) and to purchase decor items such as plants, wallpaper, carpet and pictures, as well as items such as tables and chairs.
  • Facebook credits – This is the secondary game currency which must be purchased using real money from a major credit card, PayPal account, or via a mobile phone bill. There are a few other methods available as well.
  • How to purchase additional currency – Click on the “+” symbol next to each currency indicator to purchase more.
  • Note – Some items such as additional stoves and high end decor items can only be purchased with Facebook credits at this time.
  • The game will start you out with 4,000 coins and no Facebook credits.


Magic Powder

  • Magic powder is used to speed up the production of a food that is cooking. You can purchase it in many different combinations but can only purchase it using Facebook credits.
  • This will also be valuable if a food spoils as magic powder will revive any spoiled food and it can be used immediately.
  • Click on the magic powder button at the bottom right of the screen to purchase it. It ranges from a five pack for one Facebook credit to a 200 pack for six Facebook credits.


Opening Your Store For Business

  • In order to open your store for business you will need to click on the sign on the outside of the store located to the right side of the stove.
  • You can close the store when you are away from the game or leave it open if you have a large amount of food prepared and come back to it later where your profits will be waiting for you.
  • Tip – Another great strategy is to close your restaurant and cook foods until you have all of your serving counters filled up with a different one. (You may want to purchase extra serving counters.) Once this is complete, open your restaurant and you will have customers for a long time and will earn a very high popularity rating.



  • Along the left side of the screen you will notice several icons.
  • Click on these to read the various tasks you must complete in the game.
  • These may include something such as make a certain number of cakes or add a certain number of decor items to the restaurant.
  • As you complete these quests you are awarded cash and experience points (XP) which help you to level up much faster in the game.
  • As soon as one task is complete you will be notified with a reward message and another task will appear in its place.
  • You may at times only have a couple of quests or may have as many as five at a time to work on.


Hiring Employees

  • You are the cook in your restaurant and you are given one waitress to get you started.
  • You are then offered the ability to hire one of your Facebook friends to work as your employee.
  • Click on the employee tab at the bottom left of game screen and then click on the second image to hire staff.
  • A huge list of your Facebook friends will appear. Pick one and they will be your waiter or waitress.
  • Note – This could be a friend that is not playing Tea4Friends but if they are playing they will be notified.
  • You will be able to purchase the ability to hire even more employees as you progress in the game using coins but it is very expensive. The bigger your staff the faster your customers are served, which makes them happy, thus increasing your popularity.


Customizing Characters

  • You can click on your avatar or those of your employees and purchase all kinds of different outfits for them to wear while working in your restaurant.
  • You can even change the look of you or your staff by changing the color of hair, hair style, and more.
  • Items can be purchased with either Facebook credits or Metro coins.
  • Once you lock in changes the avatar will appear in the game immediately dressed in new outfit and exhibiting any changes made. These can be reversed later for a cost if you would like to do so.


Preparing Food For Customers

  • The first skill you will learn in the game tutorial is how to prepare foods for your customer.
  • Your menu consists of teas, chocolate drinks, cakes, and other sweets.
  • Each food item is found in the catalog located at the bottom left of the game screen. As you level up in the game more of these recipes will unlock for you to use.
  • Click on the stove at the far left of the restaurant which triggers this catalog to open once the stove is clean.
  • Each item has a cost for preparation, and a certain amount of prep time.
  • Choose the item you want to make. Usually at first this is “Green Tea” or a “Happy Cake” which take one and five minutes respectively to prepare.
  • You will need to click on the oven three times minimum to prepare a food. Each click represents a cooking step.
  • Once you complete this you will earn XP which is used to help you level up in the game.
  • You must now wait for the food to prepare. There is a countdown meter over the stove you can see anytime by placing your cursor over it.
  • Once the item is ready, click on it again and move it over to one of the serving counters. You are given three counters and can purchase more if you like. The more of these you own the more foods you can put on them.
  • Once the prepared food is on the serving counters the waitresses will start to serve them to the customers that walk into the restaurant.
  • You will earn money for each happy customer that leaves your shop which is shown by a happy face over his or her head when they leave the restaurant. If unhappy you will see a blue sad face over a customer’s head. (See Restaurant Popularity Rating below.)
  • Note – You are given one stove when you start the game. It is very helpful to have more than one so you can cook several items at once but the only way to get more stoves is to purchase them with Facebook credits. If you would like more stoves you will have to purchase them with real currency.


Spoiled Food

  • If you prepare a food you must make sure it does not spoil or you are out your money and time invested.
  • If an item takes one minute to prepare then you have one minute from the time it is completed to get it to the serving table or it will spoil and you will have to either throw it away and use instant production or magic powder to restore it which is very expensive.
  • If something takes five minutes to prepare you have five minutes to place it on the serving counter. If it takes eight hours to prepare you have eight hours, and so on.
  • Be sure to note how much time a recipe takes and it you can be there to make sure it doesn’t spoil.
  • If you choose not to revive the item simply click on “Throw Away” and you will lose all money and time invested and will have to start all over on that food item.


Adding Prepared Food to Counter

  • Once you add food to a counter you can add additional food of the identical type to it. Each food comes with a specific number of servings. Placing your cursor over this food will show you how many servings are left at any given time. Keep an eye on this number so you don’t run out. You can add like to like items but must have a different counter for different items.
  • The more counters you have the more diverse foods you can serve which means more money and higher population.


Cleaning Stoves and Tables

  • Cleaning your stove – After you prepare any food or drink item you will have to clean the stove. Click on it to clean it. There is no cost to do this but you can’t make another item until the stove is clean.
  • Cleaning tables – After a customer leaves their table will be dirty. A waiter or waitress will do this but you can speed up the process by clicking on the table to clean it at any time. This can be very helpful as it keeps a customer from leaving the restaurant unhappy.
  • Each time you clean a stove or a table you earn one XP. This helps you to ultimately level up faster.


Restaurant Popularity Rating

  • The popularity rating of your restaurant is shown in the upper right hand corner of the game screen.
  • As you serve customers and keep food available at all times as well as keeping tables clean so they always have a place to sit they will be happy and the number will increase.
  • If a customer requests a certain food via a thought bubble above their head and you can give that food to them they will be very happy.
  • The higher this number is the more customers that will walk into your restaurant.
  • Note – Make sure you have enough food and seats for all these customers or they will be upset and the number will go back down very fast.


Decorating Your Restaurant

  • You can add decor items to your restaurant by spending either coins or Facebook credits.
  • These items will make your restaurant more attractive and will make customers happier when they visit, thus bringing up your popularity rating and attracting more customers.
  • Click on the store and then note the categories. Click on “Decor” for things such as pictures and plants.
  • You can change wallpaper, flooring, chairs, tables, wall hangings, and more.
  • Note – the nicer your restaurant the happier your customers will be.


Adding a Library to Your Restaurant

  • You have the option of adding a library area to your restaurant.
  • If you choose to do this you will need to purchase the raw materials from the store and you will have to ask your neighbors to help you complete the task.
  • Once you purchase the raw materials place them in your restaurant.
  • Click on the area and a menu will appear showing the items your friends will need to send you in order to complete it.
  • There are 12 items total that need to be sent to you in the form of free gifts from your neighbors. Obviously the more neighbors you have the better.
  • You will need to collect the following items from your neighbors by posting messages on your profile page and live feed at Facebook:
  • Two ” Moby’s tea”
  • Two “Oliver’s pie”
  • Two “Vanity cake”
  • Six shelves
  • Once you have all of these items collected click on complete and your library will be fully functional.
  • If you place your cursor over this area it will show you what percentage of this task is complete.
  • Once the library is complete your customers will have a place to relax and you will earn a much higher popularity rating in your restaurant.
  • Note – If you do not want to wait for your friends to help you out you can purchase the entire library completed for nine Facebook credits.


Inviting Friends/Visiting Friend’s Restaurants

  • You have the option to invite friends to play the game with you.
  • Click on invite friends and a list will appear with all friends from Facebook
  • Choose the people you wish to invite and send them an invitation. If they accept they will appear on your neighbor list.
  • You can send and be sent free gifts once every 24 hours. These are decor items to be used in the game.
  • You can visit each neighbor and they can visit you once every 24 hours. Once in each other’s restaurants you can pick up trash for them and earn a nice bonus.


  • You have completed the quick start guide for Tea4Friends by Metro Games on Facebook. Be sure to check back often for game updates, Staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments, and much more here at Gamezebo.

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