Tap on Time Strategy Guide – Get the Highest Scores With These Tips and Tricks

Tap on Time is a game about tapping at just the right time. There’s a spaceship flying around a ring and you need to poke the screen when it’s in the darker section. The more times you tap, the higher your score. It’s pretty simple, all told, but there are some challenges waiting as you push deeper into the experience.

So we thought it was a good idea to write up this guide. We’ve put a decent chunk of time into Tap on Time and discovered a whole bunch of strategies that we think are going to take your tapping skills to the next level. With these suggestions you’re always going to be on time.

Whether you’re just kicking off your tapping career or you’ve already seen that ship spin around the ring countless times, there’s going to be something here to help you out. So let’s get on with it, shall we? Here are the very best hints, tips and cheats for Tap on Time.

Be patient

It’s okay to take an extra spin and wait for the perfect time to tap. There’s no time pressure here, save for the slowly decreasing power bar at the top of the screen which will bag you some extra points. But you can’t get extra points if you’re dead, so take a moment and tap just right to keep your run going.

Play the levels

The game will start off in endless mode, but you can tap the switch near the top of the screen to change to the levels. These are short, sharp and can get you a lot of gems. Spread your time between the two modes to keep things fresh and keep your coffers filled up.

Watch out for moving panels

The moving panels can be particularly tricky, especially if they’re moving in the opposite direction that you are. Take a moment to study their patterns and then tap when you’re sure you’re going to hit them. Practice makes perfect, so don’t get disheartened if you miss one the first time.

Get the keys

On the endless mode, there are keys on some of the panels. You don’t have to hit the key to collect them, just the panel. Once you’ve got three keys you can unlock some chests – these have currency inside of them, as well as potential new skins, so it’s well worth grabbing those keys when they appear.

Increase your gems?

At the end of your runs you’ll get a chance to watch a video to multiply the gems you’ve earned. For the most part, if you’re swapping between endless and levels, there’s not that much to gain from doing this. Just keep playing and you’ll get the gems you need to get the various skins.

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