Tap Galaxy Walkthrough

Tap Galaxy is an addictive space simulation game developed by Fat Tofu Games for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch where you can create an amazing vacation style space station with all types of fun attractions and decor to bring in the tourists. Gamezebo’s Tap Galaxy strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide with tips, tricks, and hints on how to win.

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Tap Galaxy – Game Introduction

Tap Galaxy is an addictive space simulation game developed by Fat Tofu Games for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch where you can create an amazing vacation style space station with all types of fun attractions and decor to bring in the tourists. As you earn money from your planet’s attractions you can reinvest that money to upgrade them so they will earn even more money for you. Keep your Planet clean and give your space tourists a little tickle to make them happy and they will spend like crazy at your Planetary Resorts and Shops and after awhile you will have an amazing Space Colony! Gamezebo’s Tap Galaxy strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide with tips, tricks, and hints on how to win.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Tap Galaxy

Tap Galaxy
  • Click on the link above to download Tap Galaxy to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. There is no charge for the application.
  • A. Game Settings – Tap on the wrench icon at the upper left corner of the screen to toggle the music on and off and you also have the option to completely reset your game back to the beginning as well as report any problems to the developer from this screen.
  • B. Game Currency – You will start this game with 4500 Space Rocks and 15 Space Gems which are the games two types of currency. The Space Gems will purchase higher end items that can help you level up and earn money faster in the game. Both types of currency can be purchased with a major credit card or you can earn free Space Rocks and/or Gems by purchasing and/or downloading various applications.
  • You begin with a very small planet which increases in size a tiny bit each time you level up. Once you hit level 5 you will unlock the opportunity to purchase a second planet to decorate. You will also unlock new Planets at levels 10,16, and 35.
  • Tap on the Planet twice very fast to zoom in and out of the scene and use your fingertip to drag the scene around.
  • C. Level/XP Indicator – Here you will see what level you are on and how many XP you have earned as well as how many XP you need to reach the next level.
  • D. Visitor Indicator/Additional Planets – Tap here to visit any additional planets you have purchased or to purchase an additional planet if available. You can always look here to see how many Tourists are visiting your planet at a given time.
  • E. Tourists – You begin with Tourists that are Earth Boys and Girls. Each time they visit an attraction they leave 1 Space Rock. Keep your Tourists happy at all times. You can tap on them to see their mood and tickle them to make them happy and earn additional XP. (See Below)
  • F. Space Shop – Tap here to purchase attractions, decor, and/or special items for your Planet.
  • G. Daily Special – Tap here to purchase the special item that will only be for sale 24 hours.
  • H. Aliens – Tap here to purchase additional Aliens to visit your Planets. A menu will open where you can choose the type of Aliens you wish to visit your Planets.
  • Push Notifications – If you would like the game to send you push notifications when items are ready for collection you will need to go into your device’s settings then tap on “Notifications” and look for the game’s name. Tap on “Tap Galaxy” and you will have the option to turn push notifications on or off.
  • Once you have several Planets you will not be able to move attractions and decorations from one Planet to another.
  • Each day the game gives you a special deal on a new Space Gem item that will only be offered for 24 hours. Be sure to check it out by tapping on the button with the stars on it daily.
  • New items will be added to the game each week so be sure to check daily for the special of the day and each week for new items in the Shop.

Adding Attractions/Upgrading and Collecting from your Attractions

Tap Galaxy

Tap Galaxy
Tap Galaxy
  • To add an attraction to your Planet tap on the shopping cart icon at the bottom left of the game screen.
  • You will see a store menu divided into 3 categories which are “Attractions”, “Decorations”, and “Specials.” Just tap on a tab to visit that category.
  • Tap on the item you wish to purchase and you will be taken back to the Planet. Tap on the area you wish to place the attraction and if it shows a red area around the item it can not be placed. If you see a green highlighted area click again and you will see a tiny menu that has a green check, red “X”, and yellow circular arrows. Tap on the green check mark button to lock in the purchase, the red button to cancel the transaction, or the yellow arrows to rotate the item or attraction.
  • As soon as the attraction is placed you will see construction workers building it. You can tap on them to see how long it will take to complete the building. Once it is completed it will begin earning money for you. Each time a tourist walks into a completed attraction you will earn 1 Space Rock.

Tap Galaxy

Tap Galaxy
Tap Galaxy
  • Each attraction can be upgraded a total of 3 times and the first time you build an attraction it will earn you 500 Space Rocks, the second time 1000 Space Rocks, and the final time 1,500 Space Rocks. Tapping on the building will bring up a menu letting you know what you can do for that attraction in terms of upgrading and time.
  • Once you have collected 75% of the total amount of Space Rocks your attraction can hold you can collect all of the Space Rocks at once by tapping on the structure. You will see a sign on a treasure chest above the building that says “Collect” which you will tap on to collect the rocks and the attraction will immediately begin collecting rocks again.
  • TIP – You can tap on an attraction at any time to see how many Space Rocks have accumulated. If you go into the game often it is best to collect any time you can as this will earn you more Space Rocks overall. You will be allowed to collect 375 rocks on a 500 rock attraction if you see it in time. Once the building has 500 Space Rocks (or whatever the maximum is) no more rocks can be collected until you tap on it to start the process again. It is best to check every few hours to clean and make tourists happy and to check if any attractions can be collected.
  • The more upgraded attractions you have the more tourists you will have visit your Planet and the more Space Rocks they will spend there.
  • When a building has earned its maximum amount of Space Rocks you will see a sign over it which says “Collect” (See image above) it will stop collecting until you tap on it to empty it which starts the process all over so be sure to check back every 6 to 8 hours which is the average amount of time it takes for an attraction to earn its maximum amount of money.
  • As you level up more attractions will unlock and the ones you spend Space Gems on will earn you the most money overall.
  • NOTE – Decorations do not earn money for you only attractions do.
  • To move any attraction or sell it simply tap on it and a menu will appear with those options.

How to make your Tourists Happy

Tap Galaxy

Tap Galaxy
Tap Galaxy
  • Tourists arrive at intervals on a Rocket ship and the more attractions you have the more tourists will visit your Planet.
  • If your Planet is dirty your Tourists will be unhappy and less likely to visit attractions.
  • To make a tourist happy tap on it and then a menu will appear showing their level of happiness. If a Tourist is very unhappy a sad face will appear above his or her head. Once you see the menu tap on “Tickle” This will immediately make your tourist happy and they will go to one of your attractions to spend money or take a snapshot of it.
  • Each time you Tickle a Tourist you will notice there are 3 levels of happiness from the menu.
  • If the tourist is very unhappy (with the happiness meter showing orange or very low) tickle them you will earn 5 XP. If the indicator is showing yellow and you tickle them you will earn 3 XP.
  • If the Tourist is very happy and the indicator shows green and you tickle them you will only earn 1 XP.
  • TIP – It is best to wait until you see the sad face over a tourist before you tickle them so you will earn 5 XP instead of 1 or 3 and level up faster.
  • If a Tourist is very unhappy you will see a sad face over their head. These tourists will not shop at your attractions until you make them happy so take care of your tourists as soon as possible.
  • Tourists are constantly hovering, walking around and resting on the outskirts of your Planet. They are messy and constantly dropping Space Garbage that you will need to clean up.

Cleaning your Planet for XP
and Currency

Tap Galaxy

  • The more Tourists you have the more of a mess they will make on the Planet.
  • Tourists will drop Space Garbage on your Island.
  • To clean tap on each piece of garbage and it will earn you 1 XP and 1 Space Rock.
  • XP (Experience points) help you to level up and cleaning your Planet often will help you to level up much faster than waiting on attractions to earn money and XP for you.
  • TIP – Each time you open the game your Planets will be messy again. If you keep the game open it is messy every few minutes. Use this to your advantage when you reach the higher levels to gain XPs and extra income. NOTE – Set aside some time to let your Planet become very messy so the tourists will become very unhappy and you can Tickle them for 5 XP each and then collect 1 XP and Space Rock for each item you tap clean. If you can stay in the game and do this a few times you will level up much faster. Just remember Tourists will not visit your attractions while they are unhappy so do this for a few short periods when you have time.

Bringing in Aliens or Additional Tourists to your Stations

Tap Galaxy

  • When you begin the game you will have Earth Boys and Earth Girls as your only visitors.
  • If you would like different Aliens to visit your Planet you can purchase them by tapping on the Alien button at the bottom center of the screen.
  • Using either Space Rocks or Gems you can purchase different Aliens to visit your Planets. Choose among the Egghead, Furball, Slitherus Rex, Space Explorer or Galactic Traveler. Many more Aliens are sure to be added in future upgrades.
  • Tap on each Alien/Tourist to see what amounts of XP you can earn if they are unhappy


Tap Galaxy

  • You have completed the basic game play guide for Tap Galaxy by Fat Tofu for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Be sure to check back often for game updates, Staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo!