Tap Fish Walkthrough

Tap Fish – Game Introduction

Tap Fish for the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod Touch by BayView Labs is a fish game that will guarantee you hours of aquarium magic. Own multiple tanks and decorate them any way you choose. Purchase fish eggs and raise them to adulthood or breed them with other species to unlock trophies and fun mini games. Sell your fish and re-invest the profits to purchase more exotic fish and aquarium decor. Gamezebo’s Tap Fish strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips, tricks, and hints on how to win.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Tap Fish

  • You can download Tap Fish at the App Store by clicking on the “Get It Now” link at the top of this page.
  • Tap Fish is a free application and has several different versions which are also free and played in the same manner.
  • Tap Fish has 80 levels, 80 tanks that each hold a maximum of 50 fish, and 25 breeding labs you can unlock and purchase.
  • When you begin the game you are given 50 Coins and 2 Fish Bucks and will be asked to enter a user-name.
  • If you have a Facebook account, you can log in from the game and post your game milestones to your Profile page and live feed. You can also upload screen shots of your and your neighbors’ aquariums to your Facebook profile.
  • Tap Fish frequently has special promotions related to holidays and will give away free fish to celebrate. Be sure to check frequently for these special items. Sometimes you will be asked to play a mini fishing game to earn these items.
  • Tip – Be sure to check the “How to obtain free Fish Bucks” area below before you “Like” the Tap Fish Facebook page as you can earn free Fish Bucks if you follow the links provided in that area to do so. If you have a Twitter account you can also earn free Fish Bucks by following the Tap Fish Twitter page provided in this area.

Game Elements

Tap Fish

Aquarium Screen

  • A. “I” Information – Tap on the italicized “i” in the upper left hand corner of the game screen to expand a menu that helps you keep track of your tanks and inventory to move between them.
  • B. Currency Indicators – Here you will see how much of the two types of currency you have on hand to spend.
  • C. Tank Indicator – Here you will see which tank you are currently working in.
  • D. Level/XP Indicator – Here you will see your current level in the star and how many XP you have until you reach the next level.
  • E. Earn Additional Fish Bucks – Tap here to download free and paid apps for free Fish Bucks and to take advantage of promotional offers.
  • F. Hide Arrows – Tap here to cause all of the items along the top of the screen to hide from view.
  • G. Game Settings – Tap here to bring up the settings menu. Here you can mute the sound and take a screen shot which can be saved to your device or placed on your Facebook profile page if you have logged in from the game.
  • H. Store/Actions Pointer – You will use this button for the majority of your game play. Tap here to bring up the Store and menu for all other actions such as purchasing fish eggs, breeding labs and more.

Game Menu

Tap Fish

  • Here you will see the menu you access by tapping on item “H” listed above. (Green pointer button at the bottom right corner of game screen.)
  • Nearly every action needed for the game is found in this menu and is self explanatory.
  • Note that the “Sell” button refers to selling bulk species of fish and that to sell one fish you simply tap on that fish.
  • Tap on the “Coins” or “Fish Bucks” buttons if you wish to purchase more of either with actual currency.
  • Tap on “Trophy” to see what you need to do to earn a Trophy.
  • Be sure to read about all the different categories below in this guide.

Tap Fish Currency/How to earn free Currency

Tap Fish

Tap Fish

  • There are 2 types of currency in Tap Fish.
  • Coins – You are given 50 coins to start the game. This is the game’s basic currency.
  • Fish Bucks – This is the game’s higher end currency used not only to buy specialized exotic fish that earn you more money when sold but can also be used to speed up breeding and maturation processes.
  • How to obtain free Fish Bucks or Coins- Tap on the icon at the upper right to see the special offers to earn free Fish Bucks. The first option is to simply visit their Facebook page and click on “Like” to earn free Fish Bucks and if you have a Twitter account you can earn free Fish Bucks by following their Twitter page.

Tap Fish

  • You also have the option to download free or paid apps and usually when you load the game you will be given many different offers to earn free Fish Bucks for downloading free or paid apps such as the one in the image above.
  • When you download free or paid apps to earn Fish Bucks you must install and run the application at least once before you will be credited with your funds. If you already have the app installed on your device you are not eligible for the reward. If you earn the reward you will see a message that notifies you and thanks you for your support.
  • It can take up to 2 to 4 hours for the free Fish Bucks to credit to your account once you run the new applications. If this does not happen contact the developers for help.
  • If you do not want to purchase anything in the application you can go into your device and shut this feature off.
  • Be sure to save your Fish Bucks for purchasing exotic fish that you can breed as these are your best return for your investment.

Cleaning your Tank

Tap Fish

  • When you start the game you will be taken on a tutorial with the first action being to clean the tank.
  • You will see green algae around the tank.
  • Tap on the green arrow at the bottom right of the screen and then tap on “Clean”
  • When you are taken back to your tank use your fingertip to swipe the algae away.
  • Once the tank is clean you will be notified and will earn varying amounts of coins and XP each time you do this based on how many fish are in the tank and what level you have reached. (Minimum 10 coins and 2 XP)
  • After about 30 minutes your tank will start to get dirty again be sure to use these opportunities for extra coins.
  • You will have to clean each of your tanks individually and will earn rewards for cleaning each one.

Purchasing Fish Eggs/Purchasing Fish from Neighbors

Tap Fish

  • Tap on the arrow button at the bottom right of the game screen.
  • Next tap on “Fish Eggs” and you will see a menu appear with several options. The least expensive option is “Starter Fish” and you may want to begin here.
  • Tap on “Buy” after you choose your fish then when taken back to your tank tap anywhere near the top and you will see a fish egg drop.
  • In a few seconds the fish will be born.
  • You can tap on the fish to see its statistics at any time as well as naming the fish, selling it or breeding it with other species.
  • Your fish will be hungry immediately and you will see a fish food symbol above the fish in a thought bubble.

Tap Fish

  • When you visit your Neighbor you will have the option to purchase fish from their tanks.
  • Tap on a fish and if it has not been bred you can purchase it fully grown.
  • A message will appear showing you the cost of the fish and the profit made if you sell it.
  • These are usually very expensive and you must be at the correct level to own that particular fish to purchase it.
  • Tip – If you tap on a fish and it says you can purchase it for “0” Fish Bucks be sure to tap on “Buy” and this fish will be given to you free!

Feeding Fish

Tap Fish

  • Feeding your fish is done by tapping on the pointer button at the lower right corner of your tank and then tapping on “Food”
  • It does not cost you anything to feed your fish if you choose the “Food” option in the menu. You will actually earn 1 coin and 1 XP each time you feed your fish. (Note – you get a bonus only when fish are requesting food.)
  • You can also feed your neighbor’s fish when you visit their tanks for a 5 coin bonus.
  • You will see a little thought bubble above a fish with a fish food bottle in it when they are hungry. Be sure to feed them right away when you see this. If you do not feed a fish for 48 hours it will die and you will lose the fish or have to pay Fish Bucks to revive it.

Tap Fish

  • Food Bricks – In the store you can purchase “Food Bricks” which sit in the tank and your fish will eat off of it for three to thirty days depending on the size you purchase. These are very handy if you will be away from the game for a long time but they are very expensive ranging from four Fish Bucks for a three day brick, fifty thousand coins for a seven day brick, eight Fish Bucks for a fifteen day brick, and one hundred thousand coins for a thirty day brick.
  • If you want to see how hungry your fish are tap on one to see how hungry it is in the statistics menu that will appear.
  • Tip – Remember you must scroll between all of your tanks individually to feed your fish.

Giving Love to your Fish

Tap Fish

Tap Fish

  • You can earn up to 25 coins and 2 XP each time you give your fish love.
  • You can love your fish once every 3 hours.
  • Tap on the button at the lower right corner of your tank and then tap on “love” and you will instantly be rewarded with coins and XP.
  • This keeps your fish happy and should be done as often as possible.
  • You will have to do this for each tank and will earn coins and XP rewards for each tank.

Purchasing Backgrounds, Plants, and decor for your Tanks

Tap Fish

Tap Fish

  • Placing backgrounds, plants, and decor items in your tank will increase the overall happiness of your fish. If a fish reaches maximum happiness it will be sold for its regular selling price plus a bonus so the more items you can place in a tank with your fish the more profits you will make.
  • Backgrounds, Plants and decor are for sale in the market which can be accessed by tapping on the green arrow button at the bottom right of the screen and then on the “Store” button, and then on the category button and the “Buy” button to lock in purchases. Each item will increase your happiness level and this amount is listed in the buy screen along with how much you could sell the item for if you choose to. (Sells back for ? of the purchase price)
  • After you buy an item you will be taken back to the current tank. Tap where you wish to place the item and it will appear here.
  • You can move any item into inventory by tapping on the item then tapping on “inventory” (For fish this is on the statistics menu lower right corner)
  • If you wish to move a decor item tap on it and a menu will appear with the option to “Sell, Move, Flip, or place in Inventory” to move to another tank.

Purchasing Tanks and Moving Fish between Tanks/Inventory

Tap Fish

  • To handle multiple tanks you will need to tap on the “i” at the upper left corner of the game screen. As seen in image above a side panel will emerge from the left which is where all of your tanks will be shown.
  • There are 80 levels, 80 tanks that each hold a maximum of 50 fish, and 25 breeding labs available for purchase in the game.
  • Tap Fish will give you the first two tanks free of charge.
  • To claim your second tank tap on the “i” at the top left corner and tap on “Add New” at the bottom where it says the cost is “Free”
  • Now you will see the tank inventory panel and inventory area for fish and decor that is always accessible by tapping on the “i” and can be closed by tapping anywhere else in the tank.
  • Once the panel is open you will see your tanks listed and simply tap on the tank you wish to go to.
  • The tab of the tank you are currently in will show in the panel as a rust color and will show how many fish are in the tank.
  • The cost of the next available tank for purchase is always shown at the bottom of this area.
  • The inventory tab allows you to store fish and decorative items so that you can transfer them to different tanks.

Fish Statistics

Tap Fish

  • Tap on any fish swimming in your tank and you will see a menu that has all the statistics on that particular fish.
  • You can also give your fish a name by tapping on “Rename”
  • You will not be able to get the full purchase price for a fish until it has reached adulthood.
  • Note that from the point the fish hatches it starts to mature and can be sold at any time but if sold before it reaches adulthood (current age)you will lose a large amount of profit. You can see in the statistics the age of your fish and how much you can earn for it if sold at its current age. It is best to wait for a fish to reach adulthood before selling it whenever possible.
  • You will also be able to tell how hungry a fish is as well as its age and how happy it is. If a fish reaches maximum happiness you will be able to sell it for its maximum selling price and you will earn a bonus.

Selling Fish: Individual vs. Bulk Selling

Tap Fish

Tap Fish

  • You have the option to sell your fish individually or you can sell all of one type of fish in bulk.
  • To sell an individual fish tap on it and you will be able to see the statistics for that fish. (Check to see if it has reached adulthood before you sell)
  • Tap on sell and confirm when prompted and you will be instantly credited with coins.
  • To sell all of one species go to the game menu by tapping on the lower right corner arrow button then tap on “Sell” which will prompt a message notifying you of how many adult fish you have in that tank available to sell.
  • If you choose to sell them you will be given a 15% commission and the amount you can sell for will be listed.
  • Tap on “OK” or “Cancel” to complete the transaction.
  • Selling fish is how you will build up your funds so start out with the “Starter fish” and keep selling until you can begin to invest in more exotic fish.
  • Be sure to breed fish as they sell for much higher amounts.
  • Note – You can only sell bulk for the items in the tank you are in not all of your tanks so be sure to go to each tank and sell from it.
  • Selling Decorative Items – Tap on an item and a menu will appear with a sell option. tap on it to sell an item. Note that you will not receive the exact amount you paid for the item. Most likely it will be significantly less than the purchase price. It may be better to store in inventory or keep it to increase the overall happiness of your fish which will earn you a bonus when you sell them if it reaches the maximum amount of happiness.

Reviving or Flushing Dead Fish

  • If you do not tend to your fish for 48 consecutive hours they will die.
  • If any of your fish die they will float at the top of the tank.
  • Tap on a dead fish and you will be given an option to revive all of your dead fish at once by paying with Fish Bucks or you can flush them away.
  • You will be required to pay one Fish Buck per dead fish to revive them.

Breeding Fish

Tap Fish

Tap Fish

? Tap Fish has a great feature that allows you to breed different species of fish which will combine to make a new species for your tanks. These will earn you trophies and unlock additional fish to purchase.

? There are 25 Breeding labs available in the game. The first one is free and the second one will cost 1,000 coins to unlock. Breeding labs three through twenty-five will each cost 40 Fish Bucks to unlock.

? Note that some fish are not breed-able so when you are purchasing eggs be sure to look in the description for the word “Breed-able” listed in parenthesis.

? Purchase any two fish that are breed-able from the store and hatch and feed them.

? You do not have to wait until the fish are fully mature to breed them.

? Tap on the green button at the bottom right corner of your tank and when the menu appears tap on “Breed”

? A panel will appear on the left side of the screen which is your breeding lab. This shows all of the breed-able fish you have in your current opened tank.

? Note – Each tank does not have its own breeding lab. Breeding labs are used for all of your purchased tanks. They are very expensive and breeding takes 3 days per fish so owning more than one lab would help you speed through the game much faster.

? Tap on the two fish you wish to breed and note they do not have to be the same species to breed. It is best if they are not the same species otherwise you should just purchase eggs instead.

? Once you choose your two fish tap on “Breed” and a huge heart will appear for a few moments.

? Next you will be shown a countdown timer in this area. It takes three days before you will see your new baby fish of a new species. If you do not want to wait the full three days you have the option to tap on “speed up” and you will be shown how many Fish Bucks are needed to hatch your new fish.

? As more time goes by the amount of Fish Bucks needed to speed up the process decreases.

? Once the fish is ready you will be notified and can click on “Move” to place the fish in your current tank or place it in your inventory to move it to the tank of your choice.

? Fish that have been bred have much higher selling rates than those purchased in the store.

? Note – You can not purchase bred fish from your neighbors to sell for profit. If you tap on a bred fish in your neighbor’s tank a message will appear telling you which two fish you need to breed in order to obtain that particular fish.

? Tip – If you see a particular fish you really want in your neighbor’s tank simply tap on it to see which two fish you need to breed to get it.

Visiting Neighbors/Social Menu

Tap Fish

Tap Fish

? Once in the menu tap on “Social” and you will be able to visit neighbors also playing Tap Fish.

? Visiting neighbors is a great way to earn income. Once you are in their tank you can clean it and feed their fish for large coin and XP bonuses once every 24 hours using the same methods you use to clean and feed your fish.

? If you know of Facebook friends playing Tap Fish you can enter the neighbor’s name and search for them by tapping on “Add Neighbor” or you can tap on “Get Random Neighbor” which will generate a neighbor for you which you can name whatever you want in order to remember it and it will be saved for you. You will be able to visit this neighbor again in the future if you choose by tapping on the name in the social menu area.

Tap Fish

Tap Fish

? These “Random Neighbors” are top ranking players of Tap Fish that have more than five tanks and have amazing aquariums full of high end decor and fish. Tap on anything in any of their tanks to either purchase it or see which fish you need to breed to get it.

? If you meet a random neighbor that you really like tap on the gold star at the bottom left of the screen and give this neighbor a name to help you remember it. This neighbor will be saved on your friend list so you can continue to visit them. If you do this be sure to leave a message so they will return the visit.

? When you are in a neighbor’s tank you can visit all of their tanks the same way you access yours which is to tap on the “i” button at the upper left corner. The panel will extend from the left side showing the tank number and the number of fish in the tank.

? While in a neighbor’s tank you can tap on any item and if you are at the correct level (meaning you have unlocked the item in your menu) you can purchase it from your neighbor. The cost and sell price is listed. Tap on “Buy” and the item will go into the last tank you had open. This includes fish, decor, and plants.

? Note – Fish that are bred can not be sold only those that you can purchase eggs for in the store can be purchased from neighbors and an egg will drop in your last open tank so you still have to wait for them to grow to full maturity before you can sell for maximum profit.

Tap Fish

? Social Menu – Here you can access known or random neighbors and you can read messages sent to you or send gifts to neighbors.

? There does not appear to be a free gift but you can use Fish Bucks to purchase items to send to other players. These items are very expensive so be sure to send to someone who will reciprocate.

? Once you are in their tank clean and feed the fish and if you wish to leave a gift tap on the gift box icon in the upper right hand corner then choose a gift from the menu to send to them.

? Once you are finished tap on the home button to go back to your tank.


Tap Fish

? Trophies can only be earned by breeding fish in the game.

? Each time you breed two different species and come up with a new species you will earn a trophy.

? You can tap on the “Trophy” button in the game menu to see what trophies can be earned.

? There are two categories of Trophies which are “Special Trophies” which have to do with special occasions, or holidays and “Breeding Trophies” which are earned for breeding specific fish successfully.

? When you unlock a trophy you will be able to play a mini game to unlock even more breeds of fish.

? You can share announcements of earning trophies via Facebook if you choose and it will post to your profile page and live feed.

? Trophies are always updating so be sure to check this area frequently if you are trying to earn all of them.


Tap Fish

? You have completed the basic game play guide for Tap Fish for iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch by BayViewLabs games. Be sure to check back often for game updates, Staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo!

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