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Game Introduction – Tap Fish 2

Tap Fish 2 is an aquarium simulation game from Gameview Studios for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Using decorations and fish eggs, it’s up to you to build the aquarium of your dreams. However, without knowing where to start, you may run into a few snags getting things going. Luckily, Gamezebo’s quick start guide for Tap Fish 2 has all the tips and tricks to get your aquarium going in no time.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Tap Fish 2

  • To get started in playing Tap Fish 2, you’ll first need to download the game on your device by clicking on the “Play Now” button at the top of this screen.
  • Once the game has finished downloaded, you can launch it by finding the icon labeled “Tap Fish 2” on the home screen of your device and tapping on it.
  • Now that you’ve launched the game, the text shown in the bottom left corner of the screen will give you a small tutorial showing you the ropes for getting started with your aquarium.
  • Note: You will need a constant internet connection to play Tap Fish 2. If you do not have a connection, you will receive unexpected errors and will be unable to play the game.
  • Unlike other social games of this type, you will not have to create a social account to get started.

Starting your Aquarium

  • Now you will need to start adding Fish to your aquarium to get going.

Tap Fish 2

  • Tap the green arrow to bring up the menu showing an array of options. Tap the fish eggs button to bring up a menu with the different categories of fish available. The different categories are Endangered Species, Holiday Fish, Tropical Fish, Starter Fish, Marine Life, Exotic Fish, Limited Time Collectors Fish, Lovely Fish, High Level Fish, Super Exotic Fish, Algae Eaters, Shark Attack, and Deep Sea Fish.

Tap Fish 2

  • Being that you have just started your aquarium, you likely don’t have much money to spend on fish. In this case, you’ll probably only be able to afford a Starter Fish.
  • Each fish has many different attributes. Fish will grow after a certain amount of hours, and sell for a certain amount of coins once grown. Growing your fish is essential for making the most money out of your fish.

Tap Fish 2

  • At this point, purchase a few starter fish to just keep going. Tap the screen once you’ve selected the fish to see the eggs drop to the bottom of the screen. They will hatch instantly and you’ll see your fish swim around the screen.

Tap Fish 2

  • Now that you have a few fish swimming around, they will likely be a little bit hungry. Go into the arrow menu, and tap the Food icon. You will be taken back to your aquarium. Tap anywhere on the screen to drop food for your fish. The fish will swim to the food and eat it automatically if they are hungry.

Tap Fish 2

  • Decorations can add a bit of flavor to your aquarium, so you should buy a few at this point. You can access the decorations menu, and then the Store menu to access decorations, plants and backgrounds.
  • Limited edition decorations can sometimes become available if you pay enough attention. Beware though, these items may disappear after a while.
  • These décor items vary in cost greatly, and are mostly for show, so do not prioritize them over fish eggs.

Maintaining your Aquarium

  • Without some care, your aquarium can quickly become a mess. You can, however, help maintain your aquarium using a few tools.

Tap Fish 2

  • In the green arrow menu, you will find the clean option, which is indicated by a sponge. Tapping on it will take you back to your aquarium where you can then swipe your finger back and forth on the screen to clean any algae.
  • Keeping the aquarium clean is key to keeping your fish happy and safe in the near future.

Breeding Fish

Tap Fish 2

  • In Tap Fish 2, you can also breed some of your fish to create new types of species.
  • To start, tap the Breed icon in the green arrow menu. You’ll be shown a menu that has the different types of species in your park. Tap on one of them then, tap the other species (or one of the same kind) to bring them down into the breeding room.
  • From here, you can tap the Breed button, which will then start the breeding process. Breeding does take quite a bit of time to complete, so this is likely a situation where you’ll need to come back to the game after a while.

Social Features

  • You can also visit your friends’ aquariums if you wish.
  • Accessing these social features is easy, and only has you tap on the social button on the main green arrow menu. Now you can either connect with other players via your in-game username or by connecting through Facebook first.

Tap Fish 2

  • Once you’re connected, you can tap on the friend you want to visit and see how their aquarium is setup and earn a quick coin and XP bonus for doing so.
  • You can receive this bonus once daily and for each friend. Keep checking back to see if you have more friends playing, because you never know.
  • The scenery in your friends’ aquarium is selectable, and is a convenient way to purchase something you saw in a friends’ aquarium that you want in your own. Simply tap on the piece you’d like to buy, push the buy button and it will now be in your inventory back in your own aquarium.


Tap Fish 2

  • You have completed the quick start guide for Tap Fish 2 on iPhone and iPod Touch. Now that you know how to build and maintain an aquarium, you’re ready to get started with your own. Remember, these fish can’t take care of themselves! Be sure to keep checking back with Gamezebo for more guides plus reviews, previews and more!

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