Tap Buggies Walkthrough

Tap Buggies developed by Pocket Gem games for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is an adorable game that lets you build a delightful home for all kinds of cute bugs. Set up all kinds of special rooms in the tree trunk, meadow, leaves, and even in the ground. Hire workers to build all kinds of fun rooms, chefs to cook food, and nannies to take care of the young. You will be able to expand from the tree trunks to the meadow and even house the bugs underground! Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

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Game Introduction – Tap Buggies

Tap Buggies developed by Pocket Gem games for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is an adorable game that lets you build a delightful home for all kinds of cute bugs. Set up all kinds of special rooms in the tree trunk, meadow, leaves, and even in the ground. Hire workers to build all kinds of fun rooms, chefs to cook food, and nannies to take care of the young. You will be able to expand from the tree trunks to the meadow and even house the bugs underground! Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Tap Buggies
  • Tap Buggies is a free application and can be found by clicking on the “Play Now” button at the top of this page or by searching for it in the iTunes store.
  • There is a brief tutorial to show you how to place your first bug room and complete quests. This guide will go into much more detail.

Game Currency

  • There are two types of currency used in the game.
  • Coins – These are the basic game currency used to purchase most items and what is rewarded to you when you collect rent from a bug’s home, shop, or party room.
  • Flowers – This is the secondary high end currency in the game. Flowers can purchase not only premium rooms that have much higher payouts, it can also purchase time saving advantages such as eliminating construction wait times, food preparations times and more.
Tap Buggies
  • How to purchase additional currency – If you need additional coins or flowers you can purchase them by tapping on the currency indicator at the top left of the game screen. This will take you to the screen shown above and allows you to choose from several different bundles of each starting at .99 cents. When you purchase currency it is charged to your iTunes account as an in app purchase.
  • You also have the ability to earn free coins and flowers by tapping on the button at the bottom of the purchase screen. This will take you to an area where you can earn currency for purchasing goods or taking surveys.

Game Elements

  • Experience Points (XP) – You need XP in order to level up in the game. Your XP meter and level indicator is shown at the top right of the game screen. As the meter fills up you are closer to the next level. Every task you complete awards you with a certain number of XP. The more expensive the room the more XP you will earn when you collect from it.
  • Quests – Quest icons are listed along the left side of the screen and will help you complete your village in an organized manner and allow you to win coins and large amounts of XP to level up faster.
Tap Buggies
  • Game setting controls – Tap on the gear icon at the bottom left of the game screen. Here you can move items, delete items, purchase currency, and visit your neighbors for extra coins. You can also toggle the audio settings and learn more about the developer.
  • Push notifications – When you start the game you will be asked if you want push notifications sent to your device. You will be notified when rooms are ready for collection or if construction is complete. If you want to change this setting you will need to go into the apps section of your device and change it there.

Falling Leaves

Tap Buggies
  • Each time you log into the game and visit a neighbor’s village you will see several leaves gently falling to the ground.
  • Whenever you see these leaves tap on them. They are each worth 1 to 3 coins.
  • This is basically free money and you should always try to collect it because there are also quests involving the number of leaves you can tap on which will earn you large cash and XP bonuses when you complete them.

Treasure Chests

Tap Buggies
  • Once you hit level 7 you will randomly see treasure chests appearing over rooms. These treasure chests will be flashing and you will need to tap on them to collect the rewards inside.
  • Be sure to watch for these as they usually have XP or several thousand coins in them.
  • Note – Sometimes you will see treasure chests you can’t get to unless you expand over them. Once you have expanded and unlocked the area of the chest you can tap on it and collect it.

Trunk, Meadow, Leaf, and Ground (Building environments)

Tap Buggies
  • Tap Buggies is set up with four different environments for your bugs to live and work in and this could increase with future game updates.
  • At first you will have access to a tree and can only build within the tree. After you level up to level three you will be able to purchase the unlock of the meadow to the right of the tree. You will also be able to unlock the leaves area to the left of the tree once you reach level six and underground once you reach level nine.
  • Note that each area costs to unlock and you will have to wait a few seconds up to several hours before you have access to it.
  • Each area has special rooms and items in the store you can place in it.
  • Each room or shop you build brings a new bug into your village.

How to add buildings

Tap Buggies
  • To build you will need to either tap a button that is included in a quest that will take you directly to the menu or tap on the hammer button at the bottom right corner of the screen. This will bring up the buildings menu.
  • Here you have the option of choosing from;
  • Bug Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Kids
  • Staff
  • Party Rooms
  • Fun Stuff
  • For building you will mainly use “Bug Rooms”, “Kitchens” and “Party Rooms”
  • Tap on the category you wish to build from.
Tap Buggies
  • Scroll down the menu to the section you wish to build in. Use your fingertip to move up and down the menu.
  • Many of these will be locked at first but will unlock as you level up and complete quests.
  • Each building you add will bring a different bug into the village.
  • Check to see if a building is bought with flowers or coins. You will also see how many XP you will earn as well as coins and at what interval listed in small print along the bottom. If a new resident is added that will be listed along the top near the butterfly icon.
Tap Buggies
  • Once you tap on your choice it will take you back to the main screen. You will see the outline of your room in shadow form. Use your fingertip to drag it to the location you wish to place it.
  • Once you have it where you want it double tap quickly to lock in the changes and it is at this point you are charged for it.
Tap Buggies
  • Now you will see a construction icon over the room. Tap once to bring up a menu and you will not only pay for the building in the menu you will have to pay three more times for three levels or stages of construction.
Tap Buggies
  • Tap on “Start building” and more money will be deducted.
  • You will now see a worker ant building the room.
  • Tap again right away to pay for stage 3 construction. At this point you may see a timer appear. It can take a few seconds to several hours for rooms to complete.
Tap Buggies
  • Instant Completion – If you do not want to wait for the 3rd stage of construction you can pay with flowers for instant completion. This is only advisable in really long wait times.

Collecting from Rooms

Tap Buggies
  • Each room you place will earn you coins and XP at various intervals that you can use to reinvest into the building of the village.
  • When it is time to collect you will see a gold or silver coin icon over the room. Simply tap on it to collect the coins and XP. You will see the amount flash by briefly.
  • Try to collect frequently to earn the most money per day. As soon as you collect the clock begins again until the next payout.
  • If you are curious how much time it will be until the next payout simply tap on the room and it will be shown to you across the top of the game screen.
  • To increase the payout of a room add kids to it or upgrade it.


Tap Buggies
  • Quests are an important part of the game and will guide your spending and building.
  • You can access the quest list at any time by tapping on the icons at the far left of the screen.
  • Quests are listed usually three or more at a time and have one to three steps to completion. You can see the percentage of completion near the title on the main menu page.
  • Most quests if they require you to purchase something will provide a link directly to it for you.
  • Completion of a quest will result in a reward of coins and or XP which is shown listed at the bottom of the quest list.

Kitchens – Preparing Food for your Bugs

Tap Buggies
  • Early in the game a quest will prompt you to build a kitchen. There is a kitchen available for the trunk and for the meadow which is available for 99 flowers.
  • Once the construction is completed a new bug will move into the village and you will see a chef hat’s icon on the room when it is available to cook food.
  • Tap on the room to bring up the cooking menu.
Tap Buggies
  • You have the option of several food choices. Each one has a different cost and takes a different amount of time to prepare. You can see all the options in the menu.
  • Simply tap to start the process.
  • While in process you can tap on the kitchen at any time to see how much time is left.
  • There is also a small clock next to the kitchen you can see that keeps real time.
  • Immediate Preparation – If you don’t want to wait for your food to prepare you have the option of instant preparation by spending flowers.
Tap Buggies
  • Once the food is complete you will see a berry icon over the kitchen. When you tap on it all the food goes into a storage bank that shows quantity at the bottom right of the screen for a few moments.
Tap Buggies
  • How to feed the bugs – When a bug is hungry you will see a berry icon appear over their head. To feed them simply tap on the bug and one food item will be fed to them.
  • Bugs get hungry at different rates. The more bugs you have the more food you will need for them so build slowly until you have enough money to feed your bugs.
  • If you do not have enough food a message will appear at the top of the screen to remind you to start cooking.
  • It is best to have food cooking at all times.
Tap Buggies
  • Expired Food – If you do not collect the food in time it will spoil. This is usually twice the preparation time.
  • If food spoils you are given the option to pay flower to renew it or to throw it away. If you throw it away you will lose all the time and money you invested in it.
  • NOTE – There is a kitchen available for the meadow location but it costs 99 flowers to purchase it. It works the same way as the trunk kitchen that can make food for all locations.


Tap Buggies
  • Each bug in a room can have up to two kids.
  • In order to have kids you will have to purchase a nanny.
  • Nannies are found under the “Kids” button in the build menu.
  • Once you purchase a Nanny she is available for all bugs you have in the game in houses that qualify.
  • Your nanny can only work with one room at a time and some of the wait times are very long. Be sure you have all the kids you can get in short periods of time first before you tie up your nanny.
Tap Buggies
  • To have a kid tap on build menu, then on “Kids”, then on the type of bug you want. There is a cost and a wait time associated with each kid. Each time you add a new bug they add to this menu so you can purchase a kid for them. Some require flowers and other coins for purchase.
  • You do not get to choose who the kid goes to just what species of bug, so if you have several of one kind of bug it will be randomly chosen who the kid is put with within its species.
  • Increasing the family size increases the payout in coins and XP so it is definitely worth it to add kids to each room where you can but keep in mind more kids means you will need to have more food from the kitchen as well.
Tap Buggies
  • Kids arrival – When a new kid has arrived you will see a butterfly icon over the room. Tap on this to add the kid to it’s new home.

Heart Balloons

Tap Buggies
  • At varying times you will see a heart icon appear over a bug. This happens each time another bug comes to visit them.
  • Tap on the heart two or three times and it will continue to get larger until it bursts.
  • You will earn a heart point and a coin reward each time you tap on a heart balloon.
  • Each type of bug needs a certain number of heart points to complete its requirement for the guest book challenge that will earn a very large reward of coins and XP when completed.
  • You cannot tap on the heart balloons of the neighbors you visit even though you can see them.
  • Party rooms are also required for the completion of the guest book challenges for each type of bug.

Party Rooms

  • Once you reach level 7 you will be able to purchase party rooms. There is one party room available for each location at this time.
Tap Buggies
  • In the trunk you have a Cafe.
  • In the meadow you have a Playground.
  • In the leaves you have a Spa.
  • These are fun rooms where you see your bugs hanging out and playing together but it can also win you big rewards. (Read “Guest book Challenge” below)
Tap Buggies
  • Just as you earn credit for feeding and popping heart balloons for the bugs you also earn credit for putting them in a party room with another bug.
  • When you see a music note icon over a party room it is empty and you can tap on it to play a type of mini game for a great prize.
Tap Buggies
  • At the top of the screen you will see a scroll menu for the type of bugs you want to place in it. These bugs will play together for a period of time which is several hours. You can pay flowers to finish this instantly if you want.
  • At the end of this time your bugs may or may not win the prize listed below. Each combination has odds of winning the prize. You will see this at the bottom of the screen and will have to take chances based on the combinations. Sometimes the odds are low but you need the bug to play in the room to complete the guestbook challenge which also can win them big rewards of coins and XP in large amounts. The higher the odds of winning the lower the reward and the lower the odds of winning the higher reward.
  • The guest book challenge and party rooms work together so be sure to read up. You will have to wait until you are at level 7 to start purchasing party rooms and you will likely have to expand first to fit them in your building areas. This will take a lot of money and time.
  • Look for party rooms from the main build menu. Each room can only be built in one location.
  • NOTE – When a bug is placed in a party room it is taken out of its regular room and will still eat and have heart bubbles while in the party room.

Expanding your Build areas

Tap Buggies
  • You have the ability to expand once you unlock a building location.
  • Tap at the top of the trunk and a screen will appear telling you how much it costs to expand it as well as how long it will take for construction to complete.
  • You always have the option to purchase instant completion with flowers if you don’t want to wait.
  • Each expansion is much more expensive than the last and each one takes longer to complete.
  • You can expand the trunk, meadow, leaves, and underground areas once unlocked.
  • Everything but the trunk can be expanded either up or to the side. Tap on the direction you wish to expand when you purchase the expansions.

Guest Book Challenge

Tap Buggies
  • Tap on the book icon at the upper right hand corner to see your guest book.
  • Each time you add a new bug to your village it will add to this book.
Tap Buggies
  • Tap on an individual bug to see it’s requirements for a reward.
  • Once you give a bug food the required number of times, pop the required number of happiness hearts, add the required number of kids, and build a party room for it in which you place it with another bug to play and they win a prize you will earn a very large cash and XP bonus shown at the bottom of the requirement screen.
  • This is a great way to earn extra money and you can only earn this reward once.
  • It takes a lot of time and money to complete this challenge. You will not be able to do this until you reach at least level 7 and purchase a party room. There is one party room for each location. (See “Party Room” above)


Tap Buggies
  • There is a decorations area that allows you to purchase them for your village. You do not earn coins from decorations. You only earn XP at the time of purchase once and you also have to consider that the decorations take up a lot of space which may force you to expand faster.
  • Decorations can be used in any of the locations and can be purchased with coins or flowers.

My Collection

Tap Buggies
  • Each quest you complete earns you a trophy that is seen in the “My collections” area.
  • Tap on a trophy to see the quest related to it that you have completed as well as the reward earned.
  • There are many trophies available in the game and usually three available at any time to work toward.


Tap Buggies
  • To reach the upgrades screen tap on the build menu icon then on “Fun Stuff” and tap on the “Upgrades” button.
  • Here you will see three upgrade collections. Collect and upgrade set to unlock and upgraded version of a room you already own in your village! You will also earn anywhere from 100 to 500 treats to feed to your bugs as well.
  • Collect these items as gifts from your neighbors when they visit you. Once you have one of each item in the set you win the reward.
  • If you prefer you can spend 100 to 500 flowers to unlock the room instantly.

Visiting Neighbors

Tap Buggies
  • To visit neighbors tap on the gear icon at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Tap on the visit neighbor button shown.
  • You will now be connected via the server to various neighbors. These are not people you know but other players in the game.
  • When you are in another players village you may tap on any falling leaves and collect coins from them. You can sometimes earn up to ten coins a visit.
  • You may also tap on any heart balloons that appear and earn coins for those as well.
  • Tap on “Next” to visit another neighbor from a neighbor or tap on the return arrow to go back to your town.


  • You have completed the basic game play guide for Tap Buggies for iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch. Be sure to check back often for game updates, Staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo!