Talking Tom Gold Run Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Talking Tom Gold Run is an endless runner based on the popular Talking Tom franchise. Poor Tom needs to leap his way around various obstacles, while collecting up as many coins as possible. Oh, and chasing down a robber. There’s a lot going on. Who’s at hand to help? You, of course.

Don’t worry, though. It’s not solely down to you. Gamezebo’s Talking Tom Gold Run Tips, Cheats and Strategies is here to provide you with some handy advice on how best to tackle the robber and save Tom’s gold.

The Basics

  • Talking Tom Gold Run uses some fairly easy-to-know controls. A swipe to the left or right moves Tom around, while tapping has him jump into the air. Bear in mind, Tom can’t double jump, but he can move in mid air. Swipe to the left or right while he’s in the air, for him to go in that direction.
  • Unlimited lives are at your disposal. If you’re hit by something, and it’s game over, you can always opt to spend dynamite on a restart. Resist, though. With unlimited lives, you’re better off having another go.
  • Gold is everything here. Aim for the gold at all costs! There are other things to collect though.
  • Namely, a football helmet which protects you from one knock from an obstacle, and a 2x multiplier which boosts your gold intake. You can also pick up a magnet so gold follows you, and you can take a ride in an airplane, which gives you a chance to collect extra gold.

What to Buy With Your Gold

Talking Tom Gold Run Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Gold is used for a few different purposes, but they all tie into roughly the same thing.
  • You use gold to unlock upgrades to your home. These upgrades boost your score multiplier, while also helping you get one step nearer to unlocking a new area.
  • You can also use gold to buy a vault. Vaults give you plenty of bonuses, such as extra gold, dynamite, and the various premium currencies used to upgrade Tom and his friends.
  • Don’t worry about purchasing vaults, though. A free one becomes available every 8 hours. Stick with that instead.

Upgrading Tom and Friends

Talking Tom Gold Run Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Tom and his friends can each be upgraded in many different ways. The currency used to do this is gained through vaults, watching adverts, and using the airplane boost.
  • Each character has a different speciality. For instance, Angela can upgrade her double bars duration much more than Tom, but Tom’s magnet duration can be upgraded much higher too.
  • As the upgrades take a while to gain, you’re best off picking out a favorite and sticking with them for a while. It’s going to be a slow and gradual process.

Other Advice

Talking Tom Gold Run Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • On the starting screen, you’ll often see a parcel drop out of the sky. Tap on it, and you can watch a video. Watching that video gives you bonuses that relate to upgrades.
  • You can watch quite a few videos in a row, if you want, and it’s worth it. At the end of each video, you’re given a choice of parcels to tap on. Whatever you tap on gives you some of the all important upgrade coins that can then be used to boost your character’s abilities. It’s tedious, but worth doing.

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