Tales of the Rays Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Tales of the Rays might not be the fully fledged Tales game some of us were hoping for, but there’s still a lot going on here to enjoy. And also a lot of ideas to get your head round if you want to make sure you’re showing those bad guys what for.

That’s why we’ve gone and written this guide. It’s going to walk you through the basics of the game, as well as throwing you some more advanced tips and strategies for when you really get into the meat of the game.

And if that wasn’t enough we’ve dug up a few sneaky tricks that should ensure you’re always coming out on top in the battles that the game throws at you. Without further ado then, let’s get on with it.

Tales of the Rays Tips, Cheats and Strategies

The Basics

  • Know where your moves are – It’s important to remember where your moves are, and what direction you need to swipe to pull them off. You can check in your character screen, or when you’re fighting the UI will show which moves you can use.
  • Flick it up, flick it up – Don’t forget to use your super moves. You access these by flicking up on your character’s portraits at the bottom of the fight screen. A red arrow will show you when you can use them. The more often you use them, the more powerful they’re going to be.
  • Move and stand still – Moving and standing still are your two defensive tactics in the game. Stand still and you’ll take damage, but it’ll be reduced thanks to the guard mechanic. Move around and you’re less likely to get hit, but your CC won’t regenerate as quickly.

Tales of the Rays Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Advanced Strategies

  • Always have a look around – While the game always tells you which way to go when you’re in dungeons, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing else to see. Make sure you explore, because you’re sure to find chests and enemies that you’d have missed if you stayed on the game’s track.
  • Check out the quests – As well as finishing the levels, there are separate challenges to complete as well. Check these out when you’re on a mission, because they’re a great source of currency that’s otherwise difficult to get hold of.
  • Let the game choose – You can equip your team with the best gear with the click of a single button. Make sure you press this at the start of every mission. Sometimes you won’t notice when you’ve received something new. It’s a good way to make sure you’re as tough as you can be.

Tales of the Rays Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Hints and Tips

  • Scroll through the help that’s offered – You can take one extra character with you into battle, and use their special move. Scroll through the list of help on offer, and make sure you’re choosing the strongest character. This doesn’t always mean the one with the highest level, though. Check the borders around the characters – if they’re glowing green they’ll get a boost in this particular level.
  • Play as often as you can – Like most free to play games, there are rewards here for playing on a daily basis. So even if you’re just popping in for a look, it’s worth loading the game up so you can keep your reward streak going.
  • Don’t forget to check your missions – These are on the left of the screen when you’re on the bridge. You’ll complete them just by playing the game, and they’ll give you some pretty impressive rewards too.

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