Tales of Link Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Tales of Link is a freemium Match-3/RPG mashup from Bandai Namco, giving you a chance to recruit many of your favorite characters from other Tales games.

Gamezebo’s Tales of Link tips, cheats and strategies is here to guide you through the paces, and help you become the strongest warrior out there.

Battle Tips

Tales of Link Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • You’re going to spend a ton of time fighting enemies, so you want to get this right. Know your elements. While you can always inflict some kind of damage, the best damage comes from using opposing elements. That means water beats fire, fire beats wind, wind beats earth, and earth beats water.
  • Always go for the weaker enemies first, but keep an eye on their health bar. There’s no point combining five of your guys to inflict a ton of damage on an enemy who’s fairly weak to begin with. That’s just a waste of good potential!
  • See those blue markers under the enemy’s health bar? That means they’ve got a shield up. Leave them till last and focus on some weaker foes.
  • Don’t forget to use your special moves. It’s easy to get wrapped up in combining plenty of one color, but those special moves can make a difference. They can boost your health, your attacking, as well as defensive powers.

Keeping Maintained

Tales of Link Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Log in every day. Tales of Link is one of the more generous games out there, meaning you’re going to gain a lot, simply by checking in each day. Don’t forget to go ‘redeem’ these gifts though. Hit the present button on the main screen, and watch as a ludicrous number of free gifts come your way.
  • For even more, go to Beginner Trials, where you can gain various other bits and pieces through simply playing the game. You might be tempted by an in-app purchase eventually, but it won’t be any time too soon.
  • Don’t forget to set up your Guardians. These offer a support role in battle. Bonuses consist of things like an extra chance to dodge being poisoned, or a boost to your defenses. Tales of Link isn’t very good at explaining the system, so it’s easy to overlook that screen.
  • Level up frequently, too. It’s not automatic, requiring you to dip into another screen to manually assign experience to your characters. Stick to levelling up a few favorite folks at first, before expanding your horizons.
  • Gear works in a similar manner, with you able to fuse together pieces that you don’t need. Do that, and the piece of equipment soon ends up all the better for it. There’s no point having stuff just for the sake of it, so take advantage of the simple system.
  • Short on time? Just as you’re about to go into battle, hit the ‘Gear-up’ button and you’re presented with a series of options. Each of these will automatically adjust your equipment to your benefit. Want to focus on hp giving gear, or defense heavy stuff? You can do that at a touch of a button.

Knowing the Premium Currencies

Tales of Link Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Tales of Link throws a lot of different kinds of currency at you. Here’s the basics on what they all do.
  • The blue orbs are experience. Go into your party and go to ‘level up’ to use them. Obviously, you want to focus on your favorite characters, but it’s a pretty generous game with experience. Hit the level cap? Go to Limit Break and you can combine matching characters to boost that cap up a bit.
  • Fusing gear uses up coins. Again, you’ll have plenty of coins, but you want to keep an eye on this. Boosting the gear is a matter of selecting what spare items you want to dispense with. It takes seconds and makes a huge difference.
  • Multicolored orbs are used for summoning new characters. They’re not as easy to come by as everything else, so you want to use these wisely. The game does a decent job of advising what goes where here – the more stars, the better the character. Simple, right?

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