Sword Chronicles: Awaken Tier List – All Characters Ranked

This guide contains our Sword Chronicles: Awaken tier list, where we’ve ranked each character from best to worst!

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Looking for a Sword Chronicles: Awaken tier list? Well, you’ve found one! This handy tier list ranks all characters in the game from S-tier to D-tier to help you decide who to obtain and place in your team.

Sword Chronicles: Awaken is a fantasty gacha RPG that features a ton of characters from 4 different factions. Assemble a powerful team and collect a variety of adorable pets that can join you on the battlefield. Join a guild, reap the rewards, and participate in the exciting Dragonboat racing events and Guild auctions!

For more information about Sword Chronicles: Awaken, check out the game’s official Google Play and App Store pages.

Sword Chronicles: Awaken Tier List

Now, let’s crack on with the tier list shall we?

What Each Tier Means

Let’s give a little more context behind each tier and how the characters are ranked.

  • S Tier: The best characters in the game to obtain and place in your party
  • A Tier: Great replacements if you don’t have any S tier characters at the moment – they can still clear content efficiently
  • B Tier: Not the best, but they can still be used in certain circumstances
  • C Tier: These characters should be replaced as soon as you get a character in B tier and above
  • D Tier: You should avoid these characters!

S Tier

  • There are no characters in S-tier at the moment!

A Tier

  • There are no characters in S-tier at the moment!

B Tier

  • There are no characters in B-tier at the moment!

C Tier

  • There are no characters in C-tier at the moment!

D Tier

  • There are no characters in D-tier at the moment!

When Will This Tier List Be Updated?

You can expect to see updates to this tier list when a new character is released! While a lot of tier lists may stay the same for a while, it’s not uncommon for some characters to move up or down a tier if they have received a nerf or buff in a patch update.

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