Swing&Knock Guide: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Sam Simmons |

Swing&Knock is a baseball-themed puzzler, where the aim of the game is to knock out pitchers. You can knock out pitchers by either just returning the pitch, or get them out in one by launching a home run.

Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Go for home runs. If you time your swing perfectly, you will launch the ball out of the park. If you do so, then you will beat the pitcher, and you will move onto the next one. Some levels require you to beat multiple pitchers to progress.
  • Note the pitcher. There are two types of pitchers, normal and boss. We can knock the normal Pitcher out by hitting three balls. The boss pitcher is knocked out if you return five balls.
  • Home runs are worth three balls. Swing&Knock is a baseball-themed game, but some rules don’t apply. For example, you can miss over three balls and you will not be out. On top of this, getting a home run is worth three balls, which means you will only need to hit one home run to knock out a normal pitcher.
  • Don’t hit bombs. Every now and again, the pitcher will launch a bomb at your rather than a ball. Making contact with this bomb will cause you to explode and fail the level.
  • Hit multiple home runs. If you hit multiple home runs in a row without returning a normal strike, you will have a burning bat. Burning Bat causes a larger circle to appear, making it easier to get more home runs.
  • Unlock some stuff! There are three sections worth of items to unlock. The first section is the cheapest at 500 coins and here you unlock new items to replace the baseball. The second section costs 1000 coins and has skins for your character. The final section costs 1500 coins and has the most creative and entertaining skins.
  • Timing is everything. Like I said above, you can’t go out for missing the ball. The only way to lose is by returning the bomb when it is pitched at you. This means you should try to go for home runs all the time and don’t be afraid to miss.

If you are interested in Swing&Knock, then you can get a copy from the App Store.

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