Sweetopia Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

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Sweetopia is not only the sweetest 3-in-a-hole ball shooting puzzle to come out in a while — it’s also one of the deepest. Check out our Tips & Tricks (provided by PlayFirst) on how to save the factory:

General Tips & Tricks

  • When you see a powerup on a sweet – grab it quick! Otherwise it might disappear on you…
  • Line up your Extra Hot shots carefully; sometimes you can take out an entire chain!
  • Try to clear chains before they pass through Sweet Swappers so your pairs don’t get changed on you
  • Clear Lime Tangs, Giant Gums and Berry Jellies first- they take up a lot of room and put you in danger quick!
  • Try and land your Any Sweet powerups between two different sweets to take out both types instead of just one.
  • If you keep chains behind the Sweet Adders, they won’t get a chance to launch extra sweets at you
  • Careful with the Orange Whirls, sometimes the Sharp Shot can’t even predict where they’ll go.
  • Don’t try to ricochet Banana Bangs, the extras will just clog up your chains.
  • Use the keyboard shortcuts to save time. “A” and “S” will move the launcher position for you so all you have to do is aim and shoot.
  • Ways to maximize your score

    • Make pairs of all the sweets in both chains before you start popping, your combo score will skyrocket
  • Save up multiple pusher bonuses to chain your score, how many pushers can you get on screen at once?
  • The more space between the Sherbet Sizzlers at the end of the level, the more bonus points you’ll get.
  • There is no limit to your ricochet bonus, as long as the shot pops a group when it lands (try to bounce it 5 times for a crazy bonus!).
  • Set up chains so that they cascade completely with one shot, it takes a little time to master but the payoff is worth it.
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