Survival Challenge 3D Strategy Guide – Get Squids In With These Hints, Tips and Cheats

By Harry Slater |

Survival Challenge 3D is another casual game that’s “riffing” on the success of Netflix’s Squid Game. It’s made up of a series of challenges from the smash hit show, and failing them means you have to go back to the beginning. Capitalism really is mad, isn’t it?

While the challenges are going to be familiar to anyone who’s watched the show, you’re going to need some help to get through them. That’s where this strategy guide comes in. We’ve broken down the challenges and explained how to finish each and every one of them. 

Whether this is your first time putting your life on the line for stacks of cash or you’re an old hand, you’re going to find something here to help you out. Here are the best hints, tips and cheats for Survival Challenge 3D.

Red Light, Green Light

You should stop moving when the time bar drops into the bulbous part at the bottom. Then, wait until the bar turns green again before you start moving. Don’t push your luck, even if you’re close to the finish line. Wait for the right time to move, otherwise you’re definitely going to get shot. 

Candy Challenge

You need to press to start carving, then tap to keep the bar in the green. If you don’t keep it in the green, you’re going to crack the candy and fail the level. Get the timing right and it’s pretty easy to make sure the bar is always in the green, letting you pass this challenge without too many problems.

Tug of War

Instead of tapping to fill up the bar, you need to keep it in-between the two orange arrows. That means sometimes tapping more and sometimes tapping less. The arrows move at random, so you’ll need to be on your toes, but once you understand the concept you’ll be able to finish this one pretty easily.


The key here is to try a few shots to figure out the weight you need to get to the hole. You’ve got enough marbles that you can miss a couple of times before you’re actually in any trouble. Watch out for marbles near the edge of the hole and try and clear them away to give yourself an easier shot. 

The Bridge

The game shows you the pattern you need to follow to get across the bridge, so make sure you’re paying attention at the start of the level, otherwise you’re going to find yourself in all kinds of trouble. Remember the pattern, then tap it out to get to the other side of the chasm. 

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