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Game Introduction – Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP is an adventure game for the iPad from developer Capybara Games. Set off on a mystical quest through two worlds, one of dream and one of reality, as you attempt to assemble three pieces of a mystical trigon. Gamezebo’s Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP walkthrough will provide you with step-by-step instructions, as well as all the tips, tricks, and strategies you’ll need to complete the game.

Session 1

When the game starts you’ll be transported onto a platform with a dog standing next to it. Follow him to the right. You’ll walk past a field of grazing sheep and a huge metal door. Continue following the dog down the path.

 Sword & Sworcery EP

You’ll encounter a man chopping wood, double tap him to talk to him. He’s Logfella, and he agrees to take you through the dangerous part of the woods as your guide. You’ll follow him for a few screens worth of travel.

Once over a bridge, you’ll run into your first fight in the form of a mean looking wolf. Turn your iPad vertical to pull out your sword and fight!

The fight is a simple call and response battle. The wolf will signal it’s upcoming attack by crouching down, growling and flashing color. As it charges you’ll have time to swing your sword to hit it. Two hits and it goes down. iPad back to horizontal, continue up the path.

 Sword & Sworcery EP

You’ll get to a screen where there is a huge chasm with a rock shaped like an enormous head on the other side. Logfella sits down under a stone and offers no help. Pfft, Logfella. Stand underneath the rainbow at the edge, rotate your iPad and press and hold the sword button to hold it aloft. The bridge will appear and you can cross the span.

 Sword & Sworcery EP

You can now safely cross over the bridge and through the mouth-cave to the other side where you’ll see an entrance to what looks like a temple.

You’ll pass by a weird looking statue that can be looked at. Continue right following the light. You’ll come to a clearing, with three doors at the top of the screen. You’ll want to enter the center (tallest) one.

 Sword & Sworcery EP

Inside it’s super dark, with only a trio of triangles and a creepy antler mask lighting your way. The mask wearing statue is holding a book. Walk up to it, rotate the iPad, and hit it with your sword so he drops it and you can pick it up. When you do pick it up, the statue comes to life and starts coming after you! It’ll kill you if it touches you so run run run the way you came!

When you pass by that weird looking statue the guardian catches up to you and you’ll enter a battle with a shadow soldier. Rotate the iPad, get ready for battle. This one is pretty easy since he tells you how many times he’ll swing at you by how many times he’ll hit his shield. 1,2, or 3 times. Use your shield to defend the blows and hit him back when he’s dizzy. Three times the charm.

Get back to Logfella and talk to him. After the quick talk follow him back to his hut by the lake and enter the door to finish the first Session.

Session 2

 Sword & Sworcery EP

You’ll start session 2 on the screen to the right of the Logeflla’s hut. Walk left and go inside.

Talk to Girl. She’ll explain about the sylvanian sprites that are spread throughout the area. You’ll spend a good chunk of the game from here finding and coaxing them out of hiding. The first one is actually tight outside.

When you leave the hut you’ll see a man who looks like he’s wearing a suit. He’s the Archetype (whom you’ve seen in the menus). He’ll explain how to use Sworcery, which you initiate by tapping and holding your finger on your character. You’ll get down on one knee and go into a trance where you can interact with the screen around you. Now we can coax out the spirits.

 Sword & Sworcery EP

There’s always a hint of a spirit when you can see the little pool of light with bubbles coming out of it. The first one is in the lake. Enter sworcery mode and tap the fish in the water, dragging them toward the bubbly light. When you’ve got them all the spirit will appear, tap it a few times to capture it.

 Sword & Sworcery EP

Head left to the meadow with the sheep, and get down into sworcery mode again. Tap the sheep until they all light up (there are a few orders that work but we used 2,1,7,8,4,3,5,6). Once again this free a spirit for you to catch. Head back right 2 screens.

 Sword & Sworcery EP

You’ll see a small pagoda looking hut with that tell tale bubbly light on top of it. Sworcery mode engage, this time tapping the birds you see onscreen (red, yellow, blue), then tap the spirit a few times to capture it. Head left and go back into Logfella’s hut.

Talk to him, and he’ll tell you all about the door key he lost in his dreamscape. Sit down in the chair next to him to follow him into his dreams. Tap the glowing Trigon EP to flip it over to Side B, the dream side.

You “wake up” in the dream world on the top of a mountain. You need to move south for a few screens, disregarding the dancing (maybe naked) monster thing for now. Head right.

 Sword & Sworcery EP

At the water’s edge you’ll see the key on the ground. Tap to pick it up. A large throne will appear, tap it to sit down and fall asleep. You’ll wake up in the real world inside the hut.

Leave the hut and go right. You’ve got the key to unlock the door to the mountains, so you may as well use it! You’ll battle another wolf on the way and you can dispatch this one the same way you did the first time. Head right.

 Sword & Sworcery EP

You’ll see the tell-tale bubbly light on the ground and that means it’s sworcery time. Initiate it on the bridge. Zoom out so you can see the trees (you may have to pan the screen to see them all). Tap them from left to right, first the large ones then go back for the small ones. If you do it in the wrong order you’ll have to start over. Capture the released spirit and then head up the mountain and right.

 Sword & Sworcery EP

The cliff with the head rock is the location of another spirit. So get down in sworcery and this time you’ll need to rub the rainbows with your fingers until they fill in with color. Double Rainbow… all the way. Tap the spirit, then head back to Logfella’s hut and talk to Girl.

She’ll direct you back to the sheep grove, which is a screen or two left. Once there Sworcery it up and tap the moon in the sky after the 5 spirits fly into the air. Then tap the two glowing eyes in the rocks and pull the two cliffs together. Out of that a triangle appears. Approach it and turn the iPad, you’re going to have to fight it.

This fight is comprised of 3 phases, and while the hardest fight you’ve seen thus far isn’t that difficult. Phase one has you volleying a slow moving bolt of energy , followed by a faster one, back and forth with the Trigon. Just swing the sword when the bolt gets to you to send it flying back. Rinse and repeat.

Phase 2 is a series of blasts that you must dodge. The Trigon will sparkle and your shield icon will light up, accompanied by a sound, letting you know when to tap the shield to dodge.

Phase 3 sees the Trigon float up into the air, and turn into many triangles. This combines the first two phases, sometimes you’ll swing the sword to cut incoming triangles and sometimes you’ll tap the shield to dodge bolts.

As a final act, the Trigon charges up and lets loose with one final shot. Tap the shield icon to dodge it and the Trigon is yours! You are so awesome.

Session 3

This Session starts with Logfella finding your broken body in the field where you fought the Trigon. When you move away from the door the game will stop you when the Golden Trigon above the door begins to glow. Sworcery mode will enable you to tap on the door and open it.

 Sword & Sworcery EP

You’ll enter an era that is called Trigon Grove. Go over to the triangle that has little triangles coming out of it and hit it with your sword. 1 down, 2 to go.

The grave in the grove can be interacted with and the ghost that appears tells you that the other two Trigons live in the world of dreams (hint, hint).

The two Trigons can only be gotten during certain times, one during the bright moon and one in the dark moon. If you open the megatome is will tell you when the next dark moon is (in days). So you’ll need to come back and play the game in a few days when the moon is dark to get that one.

You can cheat it and adjust the days in your iPad’s time setup, but the developers will be onto you and you’ll only get a 99% completion when you finish the game. Up to you!

Either way enter the dream world by going to sleep in Logfella’s hut. If the dream world is dark you’ll know you’re on track to get the Dark Moon Trigon.

 Sword & Sworcery EP

There’s a spirit right here so go into sworcery mode and tap the bushes left to right (3 total) onscreen to release and capture the spirit. Then head downward. On the next screen go into sworcery again and swipe over the waterfalls from left to right to play them like guitar strings to release another spirit. Head down and to the left.

 Sword & Sworcery EP

Sworcery again, this time tapping the 4 trees with bushy tops, once again left to right. Release and capture the spirit. Noticing a pattern? Head right for a few screens and cross the river where the word “Believe” appears.

 Sword & Sworcery EP

On the other side of the shore it’s spirit catching time. Sworcery and tap the bushes from left to right, capturing the spirit. Move right to the next screen with more waterfalls. Another spirit, another round of playing the waterfalls like a guitar string. Start at the top waterfall and move east to west drawing a circle across each stream of water in the corner, then finish with the one in the middle. Good news, that’s the last spirit!

 Sword & Sworcery EP

Head north to find the giant tree. Stand in front of it and enter sworcery mode. Shake your iPad (this takes some work) and a bolt of lightning will strike the tree, splitting it in two. Grab the two glowing squares and slowly pull them apart to separate the tree. It’s Trigon fighting time!

This fight goes pretty much like the first one did. You’ll bat the energy bolt back and forth tennis style. Then you’ll use your shield to dodge incoming shots, Rinse and repeat, just like before. Win and the second trigon will be yours. Your awesomeness knows no bounds!

2 Trigons down, 1 to go. Head back to Trigon grove to drop off the Dark Moon one (the iron gate behind the sheep). Now you can either wait a few days or muck with the time settings again to get yourself into the Bright Moon time (We’ll wait).

Head back to Logfella’s hut and enter the dream world. You’ll know it’s the right time if the dream is nice and bright with a full moon in the sky.

 Sword & Sworcery EP

Head south down the mountain and then left when you reach the bottom. Continue heading west till you can’t go any further. You’ll see Sword and Sworcery composer Jim Guthrie just chilling out near a spirit bubble circle. Go go gadget sworcery mode, and tap the bight dots in the order that they appear.

Go back to the right to the duck pond. On this screen you need to tap the ducks and guide them back into the spirit circle (similar to the fish when you captured the first spirit). Continue right.

The next spirit is captured by playing a game of spot the changes. Compare the top of the screen to the reflection in the water and tap the objects that are different. Then continue east.

The next spirit has you tapping the owls in the trees and is on the screen with the shoreline and the word believe. There are 3 all together. Continue to the right and navigate up to the screen where the huge tree you split apart the last time.

Enter sworcery mode once again and this time you’ll be tapping the trees in a particular order. There are 6 medium sized trees and if they’re numbered from left to right as 1-6 you’ll want to hit them in this order. 3,4,2,6,5,1. That’s it, last spirit!

 Sword & Sworcery EP

Head back down and left and cross the water. You’ll see a new island has appeared. Enter sworcery, and tap the moon, then it’s reflection in the water. They’ll switch places. Now tap both at the same time and slowly drag them apart to reveal a cave. Head in!

Ready to fight the final Trigon piece? I certainly hope so, cause it’s happening. This is a variation on the fight you’ve been through twice before. Use your sword like a tennis racquet and your shield to dodge. A little luck and skill and the Trigon will be yours. You are indeed awesome.

 Sword & Sworcery EP

After the battle you’ll wake up next to the lake. Walk up and right and follow the boar who’ll open a previously locked do for you. Inside you’ll find composer Jim Guthrie performing a rock show! (yea, it’s weird). You can talk and mingle with people and when you’re done walk to the middle of the glowing circle. Session 3 is complete!

Session 4

 Sword & Sworcery EP

Head on back to Trigon Grove with your trophy and go over to the Bright Moon statue on the left. Hit it with your sword. You’ll see a rainbow appear. Go over to it, rotate the iPad and hold your sword aloft. You’ll be teleported to Mingi Taw where the ghost guardian is going to appear and come after you. You can enter sworcery mode and tap the guardians head to slow him down but keep moving.

Follow Girl down and right to the locked gate. Sworcery mode it up and tap/hold the trigon symbol to open the door.

Now comes the chase, keep moving along the cliff, If you keep running you shouldnt need to stop and slow him down, but sworcery and tap his head if you need it. Just keep moving.

You’ll fight the wolf one last time and he’s as easy as ever. keep moving to reach the final area of the game.

 Sword & Sworcery EP

You’ll see 3 stone pedestals all with Trigon symbols on them. Hit them all with your sword while stopping or avoiding the guardian. The platform at the top of the screen will start glowing. Head up there, rotate the iPad and hold the sword above your head, finishing off the guardian.

Congratulations! You’ve just beat Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP!

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