Super Granny 3: Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

Check out our Tips & Tricks for Super Granny 3:Basic StrategiesGranny can handle anything that Mr. Fang throws at her! Here are some basics to get her going.When Going for a Maximum Score, there are a few tricks to getting there. Collecting all the flowers in a level is a must, but first focus on cat rescue before finding all the flowers. Rescuing as many cats at once is critical to getting a High Score. On some levels, every cat can be rescued at once, on others, this is impossible. Grann…

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Check out our Tips & Tricks for Super Granny 3:

Basic Strategies

Granny can handle anything that Mr. Fang throws at her! Here are some basics to get her going.

  • When Going for a Maximum Score, there are a few tricks to getting there. Collecting all the flowers in a level is a must, but first focus on cat rescue before finding all the flowers. Rescuing as many cats at once is critical to getting a High Score. On some levels, every cat can be rescued at once, on others, this is impossible. Granny’s score will stack up with each subsequent cat rescued rewarding her more than the last. If Granny only rescues one at a time, this will result in the lowest score -but won’t otherwise effect her progress.
  • Beating a Tough Level with enemies. These levels will challenge Granny’s reflexes and skills at using weapons & items properly. Keep in mind that a rescued cat will stay rescued, even if Granny needs to start over. Moving quickly to rescue cats and water Vines and Killer Tomatoes will make the level a bit easier if Granny dies and has to start again. Leaving a level and returning, or if Granny has to Continue after “Game Over” will reset the level, however. Use Dog Bones sparingly and only on the toughest levels. Granny can take her time when a Dog Bone has been used. Pausing the game will also allow for some time to look at a level and plan a strategy. Hit “Esc” or click “Menu” to pause.
  • Beating a Tough Level without enemies. Levels without enemies are generally of the “puzzle” variety. This doesn’t mean Granny can’t die though! Falling into a Bog, getting stuck, or falling off the level are all possibilities. Take time to study the level. Try to work backwards from the goal if the solution isn’t straightforward.
  • Working with Crates. Granny can build bridges, span gaps, open new paths, and walk safely over bogs by pushing Crates into the right spot. Be careful where she pushes them, however. A crate in the wrong spot may mean that Granny has to restart the level! Try different ways of getting a back into the right spot. Sometimes Granny can find a way around a Crate and push from the other side. Digging under a Crate will destroy it when the ground fills in again. If a Crate falls of a level, it will reappear right back where it started!
  • Doors, Switches, and Gates. Cat Doors can serve as a handy place to put cats while Granny is busy fending off enemies. Be sure not to rescue cats until all the cat doors have been opened! If Granny hits a Conveyor Belt Switch or a Light Switch, remember that she can run past them again to reverse their effect. Gate Switches can be held down one of two ways: with a Crate on top, or when Granny stands on one.
  • Weapons & Tools

    Granny has a bigger arsenal than ever. But not all pots and pans are equal. Know how and when to use each item. If Granny is carrying a Tool or using a Weapon, picking up another will cause her to drop the one she was carrying.

    • Umbrella. Picking up an Umbrella can allow Granny to float down slowly and get to hard to reach places. Walking over an Air Jet will cause Granny to lift into the air. Umbrellas do have their downside: they’ll slow Granny down when she’s trying to outrun enemies.
  • Bomb. When a Bomb blows, it won’t hurt Granny. It will destroy enemies, Dirt and Rock. Digging holes is generally a more effective defense against enemies. Dirt will come back after some time, but Rock will not. Super Rock is indestructible.
  • Frying Pan. Keep Granny swinging by holding down “Spacebar” rather than tapping it quickly. The bad guys won’t be able to touch her! Granny’s backswing is just as good as her forward swing, so enemies will get it good from either direction! Granny can’t swing the Frying Pan while climbing ladders, so get her on solid ground.
  • Shopping Bag. An effective weapon from a distance, the Shopping Bag has so much stuff in it, that it takes a while for Granny to find something and throw it.
  • Jackhammer. Use Jackhammers wisely! Holding down “Spacebar” may make Granny dig quickly, but she can also dig her way off the bottom of the level, costing one life! Think before you dig. Some Rock needs to be right where it is to complete some levels.
  • Super Sneakers. Granny can outrun anything with her Super Sneakers. Try to remember where it first appeared and time it so that when her pair wears out, she can pick up another right away!
  • Super Granny. The most powerful of all Granny’s weapons, she’s invulnerable for a short amount of time. Use that time to knock all the enemies out! Be warned: Granny can still fall off levels, get stuck, or fall into Bogs!
  • Kitty Whistle. This is a one-time use item that will call in Granny’s kitty reinforcements to handle all the bad guys for her. It won’t reappear after it’s used, so it’s wise to wait until it’s really needed.
  • Water Can, Vines, Killer Tomatoes. Using Water Cans should be Granny’s first priority. Vines will allow access to more of a level, and Killer Tomatoes eat dogs and robots for lunch -very slowly! Enemies will not come back after a Killer Tomato has gotten hold.
  • Beating enemies

    Granny should approach each enemy differently. Some are fast, but not too bright. Others are very smart, but can’t keep up with Granny’s quick shuffle. Think ahead and anticipate an enemy’s approach. If 2 or more are headed Granny’s way, dig a few holes in front of her and lure the enemies into the holes by standing on the edge. Bats & Weiner dogs aren’t affected by holes, and they’re the only bad guys that move faster than Granny! Here’s a summary of the enemies Granny will face.

    • Weiner Dogs move quickly once they get going. Get their attention from a distance and move out of the way. If there’s a wall between Granny and a Weiner Dog, she can use the wall to dispose of these naughty dogs. Once they launch, Weiner Dogs won’t come back again!
  • Bats won’t hurt Granny, but if they hit her, she’ll get stunned for a moment. That would be a bad time to have other enemies around! Make sure Granny isn’t above a deadly drop when she encounters a bat. Bat’s won’t come back after they fly away.
  • Robots may be Granny’s toughest enemy. They move fast, can climb ladders, and they’re programmed to chase down cat-loving Grannies! They have a weakness though: Robots can’t use Monkey Bars, but they will come back after they die!
  • Hound Dogs can’t climb ladders to follow Granny, but they can be pests because they’ll guard one small area and can’t be lured to different parts of a level. Wait until they’re as far away from Granny as possible, then dig a hole to trap them! Hound Dogs will come back after they die.
  • Pink Poodles can follow Granny up and down ladders, and they’re pretty smart. They can’t follow her across Monkey Bars, however, so take advantage of them if you see them. Poodles will come back after they die.
  • Monkeys don’t hurt Granny, but they’ll take her kitties away! Granny can take care of these pests the same way she does other enemies. Try luring them into a bunch so they won’t keep coming at Granny from all sides. Monkey’s will come back after they die.
  • Bulldogs are the smartest deadly opponents Granny will face. They can climb ladders and use Monkey Bars just like Granny does! Granny’s wits -and her Olympic-class speed walking will keep her a step ahead. Bulldogs will come back after they die.
  • Shops & Items

    Granny picks up coins wherever she finds them. If she collects enough, she can buy very useful items at the Shops. But she can be very frugal. By spending her money wisely, she can save a bunch! It’s also wise to save up items for later levels if possible. They’ll get pretty tough!

    • Gate Keys will give Granny access to new paths in the game. Every shop has one Gate Key for sale -and there are enough keys for every gate in the game.
  • Park Pass. Buy early and buy often to achieve the best score! This is the only way for Granny to get extra lives in the game. If getting a high score isn’t a concern, spend the money on items that will help Granny finish her adventure.
  • Dog Bone. Save this for a really tough level Granny just can’t finish. Dog Bones will keep enemies busy until Granny has gathered all her kitties and finished a level. Beware though: if Granny dies or can’t finish the level, all the enemies will be back on the hunt!
  • Shields will let Granny take a hit and keep on truckin’! Be careful though, when Granny is done flashing, she’ll be vulnerable again. If she gets hit again, she won’t be truckin’ any more! A Shield won’t protect Granny from deadly Bogs or from falling off a level.
  • Monkey Off. Granny can usually avoid Monkeys or get them to follow her without too much trouble. In those tough situations where they’re just too much to handle, use Monkey Off to keep them at bay. If Granny dies or has to restart, the effects of Monkey Off will wear off!
  • Walking Stick & Jetpack. The Walking Stick will give Granny access to paths she can’t climb. These are marked with a Walking Stick icon. But Granny can save her money and just buy a Jetpack instead. The Jetpack will give Granny access to all paths, including some secret ones!
  • Ride Tickets & VIP Pass. Granny needs to purchase Ride Tickets to advance to the next Theme after she’s beaten one. Mr. Fang’s castle, Transylfangia, requires a more expensive VIP Pass for access. If Granny has used her money wisely, she should be able to afford all of them.
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