Super Cat Tales 2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Super Cat Tales 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to a Mario-like platformer that oozes charm. When I say Mario-like I don’t just mean visually, there are many aspects of Super Cat Tales that will hit all the right points of nostalgia. As well as bringing some fresh ideas to the table as well. The aim of the game is simple, in each level, there are three bells to collect, collect as many bells as you can to progress through the story.

  • Try to be prrrrfect. In every level you play, there is a possibility to complete the level without taking any damage. If you manage to do so, you will ear a perfect bonus for this level. This means the level you just perfected will have a crown to let you know that there isn’t much point replaying this level unless you have missed some bells.

Super Cat Tales 2

  • Don’t worry about every bell. Anyone who is new to this game will not know about the backtracking included in the first game. This means, certain levels have bells in hidden places that can only be acquired later in the game. This could be a cat that can jump further, or purchasing an item from the shop that will allow you to dig or glide. So don’t get caught up looking for bells, odds are it’s in a secret place you can’t get to anyway.
  • Know your kittens. What I mean by this is rather simple, each cat you stumble across on your adventure will be good at something. The first cat you find is good at climbing, the second is big and used to fight unspiked enemies. So it’s important to take note of your cat, as they are all suited to certain environments.

Super Cat Tales 2

  • Swap your cats regularly. In every level, there will be parts that are full of enemies and parts that are full of platforming. Although your big strong cat can take on most enemies, he is not as nimble as your first cat. So in order to complete levels quicker, you should alternate between the first cat for platforming and the second cat for when there are many enemies on screen.
  • Try and grab every coin. Although it can be time-consuming to try and grab every single coin, it might save you time in the long run. The reason why you are collecting coins isn’t explained until you make it to the city. When you go to the city you’ll meet the shopkeeper who will now let you buy items wherever you are in the game. This means you won’t need to return to the city to buy items, you can buy them on the go.

Super Cat Tales 2

  • What items should I buy? Each item has a unique effect, some are used to make you stronger or improve gameplay. Others are used for finding secret areas, so you can dig or glide to places you couldn’t before. You will need the cape and shovel in order to collect every bell that is in every level, but stuff like the band-aid or scuba gear will make it easier to play each level. So it’s really up to you which items you save up for, I recommend saving up for the items that help you uncover secrets.

Super Cat Tales 2

  • Don’t worry if you’re finding it difficult. Gameplay is supposed to challenge even experienced mobile gamers, so it’s not surprising that you are dying a lot. In order to succeed, you should be taking your time on each level. I know there is a timer for each level, but this doesn’t really mean anything. You can still get a perfect level with a silly amount of time spent, so don’t worry, take your time and enjoy.

Just remember, this game is not meant to be frustrating. It’s an adorable platformer with a long story and a lot to offer, plus the original is free too. So if you’ve run out of things to do here you can always backtrack to the original game.

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