Sun Haven Bridge Flower Location and Rewards!


Stuck looking for the Sun Haven bridge flower? It’s stumped quite a few players – even us! It’s situated in a tricky spot that’s easy to miss when exploring Sun Haven. Our guide contains the location and the rewards that you obtain when completing Jun’s flower quest!

Sun Haven is a stylishly charming farming RPG. If you’re a fan of Stardew Valley, one of the most iconic games of this generation, you’ll love this one! It blends elements of farming simulator games with brilliant RPG features such as engaging combat and skill trees. Interact with a variety of characters as you explore each gorgeous area throughout the game. Go fishing, cook delightful dishes, and own your own farm in this relaxing pixelated experience.

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Sun Haven Bridge Flower Location Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide!

Bridge Flower Location

While wandering through Sun Haven, you’ll spot the bridge that is situated to the left of the tavern. The exact spot to place Jun’s flower is next to Anne’s store and her pet. It can be hard to spot the flower’s outline in this area but this is the exact location!

Jun’s Flower Quest

This quest involves placing 4 flowers around the Sun Haven environment. The entire point of this quest is to “beautify” the local area for the residents. Luckily, the locations for the flowers are shown with faint outlines as you wander through the town.

Jun’s Flower Quest Rewards

Once you complete Jun’s quest, you can obtain a range of rewards!

  • 4 Earth Crystals
  • 5 Community Tokens
  • 15 Exploration EXP
  • Choice of: 30 Exploration EXP or 2 Water Crystals

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