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Game Introduction – Summoner Wars

Developed by Playdek, Summoner Wars is an adaptation of the card game of the same name. Players will take on the role of Summoners, granting them the ability to do things like summon monsters and perform magical feats. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Summoner Wars

  • Summoner Wars is free to play, and can be downloaded by clicking the “Play Now” option at the top of this page.

Summoner Wars

  • When you fire the game up, you’ll be taken to the main menu.
  • Offline – To play a local match, choose the “Offline” mode. You’ll be allotted six slots for games. When you choose one, you’ll be able to select or build a deck, as well as change your name. The opposing player can do this as well.

Summoner Wars

  • In-App Store – Before playing online, you’ll need to purchase a Faction Pack. Each faction is a different class, and they all have a unique card deck to call their own. You can learn more about them by choosing the “Details” option located next to each one in the shop.
  • Reinforcements – You can flesh out your deck by going to the “Reinforcements” area of the shop. These packs provide additional cards for your deck.
  • Bundles – If you find yourself addicted to the game, purchasing the “Everything Bundle” wouldn’t be the worst idea. I mean, so long as you have $7.99 to spare. If not, that’s cool too.
  • Online – Now that you’ve purchased a Faction Pack, you’re ready to get an online multiplayer match going. Choose the “Online” option from the main menu.

Summoner Wars

  • Menu – To view more options, tap on the “Menu” button located on the game’s main menu. Yes, there’s more than one menu – but I trust you can handle it. Anyways, on this supplementary menu, you can do things like build your deck, view your cards, peruse the game’s rulebook, scope a tutorial, tinker with in-game options, and visit the store.

Starting a Game

Summoner Wars

  • When playing online, there are a few different ways to get a game started.
  • Friends List – Summoner Wars allows you to add friends, and they’ll populate your Friends List when added. Just keep in mind that you may end up with less friends when you inevitably smoke them in battle. You’ll probably want to attribute your success to this guide, but I’d rather you leave me out of your quarrels. Thanks.

Summoner Wars

  • Create Game – If you want to be in charge of how long each player has to take their turn (you automatically forfeit if you take too long), you can go ahead and create a game. You’ll be paired with a random player, or you can invite a friend.
  • Find Game – Under the Find Game section, you’ll be able to view a list of other players currently looking to start a match, as well as the settings they’ve built around them.
  • Game List – You’ll be able to view the current games you have going under the Game List section.

Card Types

  • Great! You have a game going. Now let’s discuss the core mechanics of the game. Ultimately, your goal is to destroy your opponent’s Summoner card. Here are some of the tools you’ll have in your arsenal.
  • Unit Cards – Unit cards will be your right-hand men in this endeavor, and their attack power and skills vary.
  • Event Cards – During certain points in the game, you’ll be prompted to play an Event Card. Events can change the games in various ways, and potentially get you out of a tough spot.
  • Wall Cards – Wall cards are a type of event card. They can be placed anywhere on your side of the playing field, and they have nine HP.
  • Build a Deck – Once you become more accustomed to how the game plays, I suggest building a deck for yourself. You’ll start by choosing a Summoner, which will allot you all Event Cards associated with it. Next, you can choose the “Champions” and “Commons” you want in your deck. It’s easy! Just keep in mind that – sans Mercenaries – unit cards must all belong to the same faction.

Breaking Down the Cards

Summoner Wars

  • The cards in the game contain a lot of info.
  • Dice – The large number at the top left of the card is how many dice you’ll roll when attempting an attack. More on the importance of this soon.
  • Summon – Directly below that number is the amount of Magic Points required to summon this particular card.
  • Attack Type – To the direct right of the summon cost is your character’s attack type. In the example shown here, it’s a sword. This means he’s a melee unit. Bows and arrors denote ranged units.
  • Capabilities – Directly below that is a tiny blurb which details the special ability of that unit.
  • Vitality – See the nine dots on the card? Each one colored in equals one Life Point. The more the unit has, the longer it will be able to withstand damage. 

How to Play

Summoner Wars

  • You’ll draw a set of five cards at the start of each game. This will repeat until you run out of cards in your Draw Pile
  • Next, you’ll begin placing your units on the battlefield. They must be placed adjacent to walls. There’s a cost associated with summoning new cards, which is something you should pay close attention to.
  • Event Time – Next up is the Event portion of the match. You’re allowed to play any Event Cards you have – walls included.
  • Moving Around – Now that you’ve played an Event Card, you’re free to move three of your characters around on the playing field. They can be moved two spaces each, and are unable to go through other units.

Summoner Wars

  • Attack – It’s time to show your enemy what you’re made of! Like movement, you’ll be able to use three units here. With each attack you attempt, dice will be rolled. If the roll lands above 3, you’ll have made a successful attack. Any cards you kill here will end up in your “Magic Pile”.
  • Magic Pile – With attacking over, you can move cards in your hand over to the Magic Pile. The more you move, the more room you’ll have to draw additional cards. You’ll also be provided more points to summon units.
  • Now that you understand the game’s basic structure, get to work on killing that enemy Summoner!


  • Once you get the hang of the game, it would serve you well to try your hand at building custom decks.
  • You’ll save money buying everything up front via the Bundle purchase, but I’d suggest waiting until you’re sure you like the game before doing so.
  • Playing the game offline with friends is a great way to pick up on its many nuances. I’d recommend starting there before going online.

Summoner Wars

  • You can view all the cards in the game by visiting the Card Gallery in the menu. This will help you decide which class you’d like to play as, and also give you a chance to stare at some gorgeously rendered cards.
  • To get a closer look at a card on the playing field, double tap on it.


You have completed Gamezebo’s quick start guide for Summoner Wars. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forums comments and much more here at Gamezebo!”

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