Stranger Things: The Game Walkthrough – Hawkins National Laboratory

Stranger Things: The Game is a 16-bit-styled adventure in the vein of The Legend of Zelda. Players will take on the role of a number of the show’s main characters as they explore the town of Hawkins and attempt to …

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Stranger Things: The Game is a 16-bit-styled adventure in the vein of The Legend of Zelda. Players will take on the role of a number of the show’s main characters as they explore the town of Hawkins and attempt to find their missing friends as well as the truth about the newly appearing entrances to the Upside Down.

We’ve already detailed how to find all 40 Heart Pieces throughout Hawkins as well as all the other collectible items like Lawn Gnomes and VHS Tapes. This walkthrough series will cover how to beat each of the six main dungeons that, unlike the extra collectibles mentioned above, are required to actually complete the game.


Hawkins National Laboratory is the very first dungeon you’ll be required to complete. To reach the Lab, simply enter the squad car outside Hopper’s house after the first scene of the game. You’ll be taken to the entrance of the Lab. Speak to Powell to receive a keycard that will grant you access to the front door.

Inside the Lab

  • In the entrance, open the green chest in the northeast corner to receive a keycard.
  • Enter the door in the northwest corner (you’ll automatically unlock it with the keycard you just picked up).
  • Defeat the two guards in the next room.
  • The first of the dungeon’s five red laser eyes is on the wall in the northwest corner of this room. Tap it to have Hopper punch and break it.
  • Hit the control panel near the door to open it, then enter it to head north.
  • You’ll emerge in a room with four colored lasers blocking a large gated doorway. The main goal of this dungeon is to turn off these four lasers to gain access to the gated door.
  • Head through the eastern exit in the laser room.
  • Hit the purple button on the south wall. You’ll see the purple laser in the main room shut off.
  • Note the laser eye on the northern wall in this room, although you can’t reach it right now.
  • Keep heading east. Hit the control panel just southeast of the doorway to turn off a laser to the south.
  • Head south through the now-off laser and defeat the guard near the doorway. Hit the control panel west of the door to open it and then head south.
  • This room is full of barrels; tap the two near the center of the room to break them and make a path to the green chest. Open it to receive a keycard.
  • Note the red laser eye in this room; you can’t reach it yet. After you get the keycard, head back through the northern doorway.
  • We need to go back to the main laser room; head north, then west, then west again to get back there.
  • In the main laser room (which now only has three lasers remaining), head west through the keycard door.
  • You’ll emerge in a room with two guards; defeat them (prioritize the one without a hat carrying a gun), then head through the northern exit.
  • Defeat the guard in the next room. Keep heading north.
  • You’ll emerge in a fairly large room with three guards and two lasers. Take out the three guards, being careful not to run into the lasers yourself (you can knock the guards into the beams to hurt them).
  • After the guards are dispatched, hit the control panel in the northwest corner of the room to turn off the laser on the eastern side.
  • Walk over to this side of the room past where the laser was and hit the control panel there. This turns off the remaining laser.
  • Head to the center of the room where the laser was just shut off and open the green chest to receive a keycard.
  • Exit this room through the southern door you entered from and then head south again.
  • You’re back in the room just west of the main laser room. Head through the keycard door in the southwest corner of this room.
  • Hit the control panel near the door to move the laser beam to the left.
  • Walk to the second control panel and hit it to move the laser beam back to the right, behind you. Head through the northwest door.
  • When you enter the next room, both doors will automatically shut. You have to defeat the enemy here to open them, but he is immune to Hopper’s attack.
  • Punch the enemy once to get his attention, then walk back to the doorway you just came from. Hit the control panel near the doorway to turn on three lasers. (Note: you can see where the lasers will come from by the gray tubes on the southern wall. Be sure you aren’t standing in front of these.)
  • A couple of seconds after being punched, the enemy should walk towards you and into the lasers, which will defeat him in two hits.
  • Once he’s gone, the doors open. Exit through the northern doorway.
  • You’ll enter a small room where Lucas is waiting. Tap him to enter a dialogue; after you finish speaking he will join your party.
  • You can switch to Lucas by tapping on Hopper’s face icon on the right side of the screen. This first time will take you to the character select screen, but after that you’ll have two characters “on deck” on the main menu area that you can swap between simply by tapping their icon.
  • Lucas has a ranged attack that uses rocks as ammo. He can reach distant objects Hopper might not be able to with his melee punch.
  • After you rescue Lucas, head south out of the room and south again to the single laser room.
  • Hit the control panel nearest you to move the laser to the left. Exit through the eastern door.
  • In the next room, head north then north again so you’re back in the room that originally had three guards and two lasers.
  • Use Lucas to shoot the control panel on the eastern side of the room, which opens the door right above it. Head through this door.
  • You’ll enter a room with three guards that must be defeated to open the doors. We recommend switching back to Hopper to quickly dispatch these enemies.
  • After they’re defeated, the doors will open. Head east.
  • You’ll be in a room with an immune beefcake. Stand just left of the control panel in the southwest corner of the room.
  • Switch to Lucas and shoot the immune enemy to get his attention. Then shoot the control panel to your left to turn on three lasers.
  • The enemy will walk into the lasers as he tries to get to Lucas. After he’s defeated, shoot the same control panel to turn the lasers off.
  • Walk to the eastern side of the room and shoot the control panel in the northeast corner to open the door on this side; head through it.
  • There’s a single gunman in here; defeat him and head south.
  • This room has two lasers, two control panels, and a door requiring a keycard.
  • Walk next to the keycard door and hit the control panel just south of it (with Hopper or Lucas) to move the laser across the south side of the room to just west of the door.
  • Use Lucas to shoot the control panel on the west side of the room. This shuts off both lasers.
  • Head south past the first control panel you turned off. The room scrolls down; head to the control panel near the southwest corner and hit it. This moves the small laser from the west so it’s above you.
  • Head northeast toward the laser. Stop just below it and use Lucas to shoot the control panel just below the keycard door.
  • The large laser turns off and you can exit through the doorway to the southwest.
  • You’ll emerge in a room with two immune enemies, two lasers, and two control panels.
  • Use Lucas to shoot the control panel in the southwest corner of the room. This traps the immune guard on the right between two lasers.
  • Use Lucas to shoot the guard on the right to draw his attention. He’ll try to reach you and run into the laser until defeated.
  • Shoot the control panel on the northeast side of the room, then shoot the control panel on the southwest side again.
  • The lasers will now be surrounding the other guard. Shoot him as Lucas to draw his attention and let him run into the lasers.
  • While you’re waiting for him to laser himself, break the red laser eye (#2) on the wall just right of the doorway you came from.
  • Once both guards are defeated, the doors will open. Head south.
  • There are three guards in this room. Defeat all three; one will drop a green keycard, so be sure to walk over and pick this up.
  • After they’re defeated and you have the keycard, use Lucas to shoot the blue button on the western side of the room. This turns off the blue laser in the main room.
  • Before you leave, break the red laser eye on the northern wall (#3), then head out the door to the north.
  • Go northwest to return to the scrolling room with laser beams. After the room scrolls, head northeast to the keycard door.
  • Go north through this small living area. You’ll emerge in a kitchen-type room with two guards.
  • Defeat the normal guard with the gun. The other enemy is another immune muscleman.
  • Assuming the immune enemy is still on the south side of the room, stand on the northern side and hit the control panel to turn on the lasers. If he’s not standing where the lasers hit, use Lucas to shoot him and draw him towards you and into the lasers. (Basically just stand on the opposite side of the lasers from the enemy and then shoot him / the control panel.)
  • Hit the yellow button on the west side of the room to turn off the yellow laser in the main hall.
  • Hit the control panel to turn the lasers off and then exit through the southern doorway. Head south again, then go back through the northwestern door in the scrolling room.
  • Head west, west, and west one more time so you’re back in the three-compartment room with the opened chest in the center. From this room, head west.
  • Use Lucas to shoot the control panel against the northern wall to open the door to the west.
  • Head through this door into a small room filled with computers. Hit the red button on the floor to turn off the final laser in the main hall.
  • Return to the main hall (from the red button room go east, east, south, south, east).
  • With all four lasers turned off, when you enter the hall the main door will open.
  • Before we head through this door, continue going east.
  • In this room (where the purple button was), there’s a red laser eye you couldn’t reach before. Use Lucas to shoot the laser eye (#4) on the wall in the northeast corner of the room.
  • Head east and then south to the room with all the barrels. The final red laser eye (#5) is on the wall just left of the doorway in this room; use Lucas to shoot it. When all five laser eyes are broken, you’ll receive a Heart Piece (#2).
  • Return to the main hall (go back north, northwest, west) and through the large, now-open doors to the north.
  • This is the boss battle for the dungeon. An Evil Scientist will drop down, chug a mystery potion, and turn on a laser beam just in front of himself.
  • At first, you can just shoot the Evil Scientist with Lucas’s projectiles. Hit him three times and he’ll enter his next phase.
  • Now he has a shield up that deflects Lucas’s rocks. You’ll need to shoot one of the control panels next to him to open one of the doors (left panel opens left, right panel opens right) next to you.
  • Go through either door and hit the control panel inside to turn off the laser in front of the Scientist. Switch to Hopper and hit the Scientist four times. He’ll knock you back and turn his laser back on.
  • Do the exact same thing one more time—shoot a panel next to him with Lucas to open a door, then hit the control panel in the room to shut off the laser and attack the Scientist with Hopper. Be careful of the poisonous bottles the Scientist will occasionally throw at you. The barrels in the side rooms have heart refills if you need them.
  • After you hit him five more times with Hopper, the Evil Scientist will be defeated. He drops Eggo #1 as he flees.
  • Pick up the Eggo to complete the dungeon and learn of your next destination: Steve’s house
  • Before you leave, head into the room on the right one more time, then head right again. This doorway was closed during the boss fight, but there’s a small room here that contains VHS Tape #1.
  • After you pick up the VHS Tape, you’ve done everything that can be done in Hawkins Lab at this point. If you open the map, you can choose “Exit Dungeon” to warp outside.


  • There are three areas you cannot access in Hawkins Lab on your first trip through. Two require Nancy and one requires Will.
  • Secret #1 – Nancy: From the entrance, go north, north, and then west. There’s a crack in the southern wall; use Nancy’s bat to break it open and reveal a hidden path. Follow this path until you reach a room with four control panels and a treasure chest. Turn off all the control panels (with Lucas’s projectiles) except the one in the southeast corner, then open the chest to get Heart Piece #1.
  • Secret #2 – Nancy: Head back to the kitchen in the northeast corner of the Lab (from the entrance, go north, north, west, north, north, east, east, east, south, northeast, north). This is the room with the yellow button; there’s a crack in the northwest wall. Use Nancy to break through to a small room that contains the Blue Print.
  • Secret #3 – Will: From the entrance, go north and then east. Use the control panel to turn off the laser and then use Will to enter the pipe in the northeast corner. You’ll emerge in a small room with Lawn Gnome #8.
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