Stranger Things: The Game Walkthrough – Forest Maze

Stranger Things: The Game is a 16-bit-styled adventure in the vein of The Legend of Zelda. Players will take on the role of a number of the show’s main characters as they explore the town of Hawkins and attempt to …

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Stranger Things: The Game is a 16-bit-styled adventure in the vein of The Legend of Zelda. Players will take on the role of a number of the show’s main characters as they explore the town of Hawkins and attempt to find their missing friends as well as the truth about the newly appearing entrances to the Upside Down.

We’ve already detailed how to find all 40 Heart Pieces throughout Hawkins as well as all the other collectible items like Lawn Gnomes and VHS Tapes. This walkthrough series will cover how to beat each of the six main dungeons that, unlike the extra collectibles mentioned above, are required to actually complete the game.

Suiting Up


The Forest Maze is the second dungeon in the game, and it becomes available after you complete Hawkins National Laboratory. To access the Maze, you’ll first need to get the Hazmat Suit from the Morgue in Downtown Hawkins.

  • From the road leaving the Lab, head north into the Mirkwood Forest. Go east past the Byers’ house, following the dirt path north to another road that exits at Steve’s house.
  • From Steve’s house, head due west along the road. You’ll pass a couple of houses and eventually end up in downtown Hawkins, just in front of the Morgue.
  • Inside the Morgue, use Lucas to shoot the control panel behind the desk in the reception area.
  • Head into the room to the north and defeat the three rats. The Hazmat Suit is in the northeast corner of this room.

The Upside Down

  • Once you have the Hazmat Suit, you can head to the Forest Maze. Return to Steve’s house east of the Morgue.
  • From Steve’s house, take the dirt path to the southeast.
  • There’s a fallen log blocking the northern path that leads to the Forest Maze. You need to enter the spooky tree on the eastern part of this area.
  • This will take you into the Upside Down. While in this dimension, you’ll only have access to Hopper.
  • In the first room of the Upside Down, there are three tentacles blocking the northern path. You need to punch the yellow egg-like object so that it destroys all three tentacles when it explodes.
  • Stand right of the egg and punch it left. Move next to it and punch it left again.
  • Then stand below it and punch it up towards the tentacles. On the third punch, it will explode, destroying all three.
  • If you punch the egg bomb the wrong way, just hit it a total of three times to make it explode. After this, a new egg will spawn in the original location.
  • Head north through the path you just opened up. There are three more tentacles on this screen and two eggs.
  • Punch the egg on the right up two times so it’s sitting next to the large tree trunk.
  • Move back down to the other egg and punch it left and then up so it’s sitting next to two of the tentacles.
  • Return to the upper egg and punch it left towards the tentacles. This is the third punch, so the egg will detonate.
  • This destroys the two tentacles closest to it and sets off the other egg bomb, which will destroy the remaining tentacle. Exit through the tree trunk doorway you just cleared.
  • You’ll emerge back in the normal world, just left of a large doorway in a tree.
  • This is the entrance to the Forest Maze. Head inside.

The Forest Maze

  • There is one guard in the entrance; defeat him to get a keycard. Walk to the northern part of this screen.
  • There is a locked gate with a bear just inside. Open the gate with the keycard you just picked up.
  • Switch to Lucas. Stand next to the gate but away from the entrance (stand in front of the orange sign on the gate). Shoot the beehive immediately to Lucas’s left.
  • The hive will fall and the bear will run out to eat the honey. While he’s eating, quickly shoot the beehive to Lucas’s right (on the other side of the trees).
  • The bear will run to the second beehive, breaking through the log on his way and opening up the path.
  • Head east through the now-broken tree trunk and go through the southeast exit.
  • Stand next to the birdhouse (#1) and attack it to break it. Head back out the western doorway.
  • Take the northern path to the northeast exit. Head through the open gate and attack the bear trap to temporarily close it.
  • Walk over the closed bear trap and take the southern exit.
  • There’s a green chest in this room; open it to get a keycard.
  • Head back north to the bear trap room. Keep going north through the other doorway.
  • There are two guards and an owl in this room; defeat these enemies.
  • Head west through the keycard door.
  • You’ll be in an area with two locked gates visible (there are a total of four).
  • The main goal of this dungeon is to find the control panels that will open these four gates, allowing you access to the boss beyond them.
  • Continue heading west.
  • This is a long room with two guards, a bear, a trap, and a fallen log.
  • Head to the northeast side of the room and defeat the guard with the gun.
  • While you’re up there, attack the birdhouse (#2) to break it.
  • Walk back down and head west; hit the bear trap and walk over it.
  • Defeat the guard past the bear trap.
  • While you’re down here, head through the southwest exit.
  • You’ll emerge in a room where the doors automatically lock. Defeat the two enemies to open the doors, then keep heading west.
  • In the next room, there are two owls and a green chest. Defeat the owls, then open the chest to get a keycard.
  • Head back east and east again to the room with the bear trap.
  • Head back up, shooting the bear trap to walk past it. Switch to Lucas and wait for the trap to reset.
  • When the trap opens again, shoot it to close it. Then shoot the beehive just west of the bear trap.
  • The bear should run up and start eating the first beehive.
  • Head back up the northeast path to where the birdhouse was.
  • Shoot the beehive just east of the bear trap. The bear should run over to it.
  • Shoot the final beehive that is north of the fallen log.
  • The bear will run to the beehive through the log, breaking it.
  • You can now walk past where the log was. Head north and hit the control panel just in front of the doorway.
  • This opens the first gate in front of the boss’s room.
  • Exit through the northern doorway.
  • There are three owls in this room and two bear traps. The doors close behind you when you enter.
  • You need to defeat the three owls to open the doors. Lucas can shoot them when they’re perched in the trees, or you can wait for them to dive at you and hit them with Hopper.
  • Once the owls are defeated, head through the northern exit.
  • Defeat the guard near the entrance to this room then head up through the northern exit.
  • You’ll emerge in a room with a gate, two guards, and an owl. Defeat all the enemies.
  • Attack the birdhouse (#3) in the northeast corner to break it.
  • Open the gate with the keycard you collected a few rooms back and head through the western exit.
  • This room contains VHS Tape #2. Pick it up, then head back through the eastern exit.
  • Go through the southeastern exit to return to the room with the bear.
  • Break the bush just northeast of the bear and stand in the small gap here. Switch to Lucas.
  • Shoot the beehive just left of where you’re standing. The bear will run up to it.
  • Shoot the other beehive just right of where you’re standing (past the small fallen log).
  • The bear will run to the second beehive, breaking the small log on the upper path.
  • After the bear breaks the small log, he resets to his original position.
  • Move past where the log just was. Break the bush in the corner and stand there as Lucas.
  • Shoot the bear trap in the southwest corner.
  • Quickly shoot the beehive just southeast of Lucas (Lucas can shoot over the rock walls).
  • The bear will run over the trap and to the fallen beehive, breaking the log on the lower path.
  • As the bear is running, shoot the final beehive in this area, just northeast of where Lucas is standing.
  • The bear will run up, breaking the final log in this room.
  • Walk past the two logs the bear just broke and hit the control panel in the northeast corner of the room. This opens the second boss gate.
  • Head through the northern exit.
  • This room has a large log to the right and two exits near the northwest.
  • Take the western exit.
  • You’ll be in a long room with two distinct sides separated by a gate. There is an immune guard blocking access to a green chest near the center of the room.
  • Head north past the immune guard to where a bear is standing. There are two owls up here; defeat them.
  • Stand in the corner just southeast of the bear, right above a beehive.
  • Switch to Lucas and shoot the beehive directly below you.
  • As the bear runs to the first beehive, shoot the hive just northwest of the immune guard and green chest. It will fall behind the guard.
  • The bear will run to the second beehive and kill the immune guard in the process.
  • You can now reach the green chest. Open it for a keycard.
  • Head south and hit the bear trap; keep going south and open the keycard gate.
  • Defeat the owl and guard on the other side of the gate.
  • Return to the east side of the room, going through the open gate. Hit the bear trap and walk up over it.
  • Stand next to the green chest as Lucas. Shoot the beehive right next to the bear trap.
  • The bear will run down to the honey. While he’s running shoot the beehive west of the gate.
  • As soon as you shoot this beehive, head northeast from the green chest, up to where the bear was originally standing.
  • Shoot the beehive on the northwest side of the room, immediately north of the fallen log.
  • The bear will run up to the beehive, breaking the log in the process.
  • You can now head back down, through the gate, and north to the northwest exit.
  • Nancy is waiting in this room along with a single guard with a gun. Take out the guard and then talk to Nancy.
  • She’ll join your party; Nancy’s bat allows her to break cracked logs and walls.
  • Use Nancy to break the log on the east side of this room. Hit the control panel beyond it to open the third boss gate. Head back out the eastern exit.
  • Go back south, through the gate, and out the eastern exit of this room. You’ll be back in the room with the large log.
  • Take the northern exit.
  • When you enter the next room, the doors automatically shut. Defeat the gunman and two owls to open the doors again.
  • Before you leave, break the birdhouse (#4) on the northeast side of the room.
  • Take the northwest exit.
  • Be careful in the next room; the gunman can shoot you through the rock wall and it’s tough to dodge the owls’ dives on the narrow pathways. Break open bushes for hearts if you’re running low.
  • Head to the northern exit just above where you entered.
  • There are two owls and a gunman in this room, along with a green chest. Take out the enemies, then open the chest to get a keycard.
  • Go back out the southern exit, and south again. Go south through the room with the large log and southeast past the control panel we already hit.
  • You’ll enter a room with a locked gate; open it with the keycard you just collected.
  • Head through the gate and out the southern exit.
  • In the next room, the doors automatically close behind you. Defeat the two owls and two guards to open them again.
  • Head out the southeastern exit.
  • This next room has three owls and two southern exits. Defeat the owls, then take the southeastern exit.
  • You’ll be in a small pen with a bear. Hit the control panel to open the gate behind the bear.
  • Exit through the door you just came from to the north. Take the southwestern exit out of this room.
  • In the next room, head southeast to return to the room with the bear, but you’ll be outside his pen.
  • Break the bush on your side of the room that’s blocking the path to the bear trap and kill the owl hanging out on the other side of the trap.
  • Switch to Lucas. Stand underneath the first bear trap (under the gray rock) and shoot it closed.
  • Quickly move south of the tree trunk below the second bear trap and shoot that trap.
  • Shoot the trap on your side of the room and move past it to stand under the second tree trunk.
  • Shoot the beehive just northeast of this tree trunk (just right of the birdhouse).
  • The bear will run past the two traps you just closed and through the small trunk to reach the hive.
  • While you’re here, shoot the birdhouse (#5) (you’ll have to destroy the bush in front of it) to break it. You’ll receive Heart Piece #15 for breaking all five birdhouses.
  • Head back out the western exit, then north, and through the southeast exit in the next room.
  • You’ll be back in the bear pen. Hit the two traps and walk past them to the east.
  • Hit the control panel at the end of this path to open the final gate to the boss.
  • In the room just east of this control panel is a Lens Filter you can collect and later give to Jonathan when you leave the Forest Maze.
  • Head west and out the northern exit from the bear pen. Take the southwestern exit to the room with a large fallen log.
  • Use Nancy to break the log, then head west past it and through the western exit.
  • You’ll be back in the main room with the four gates. Now that we’ve opened the four gates, head north to the boss door.
  • The boss battle for the Forest Maze is against six Forest Ambushers. Each is a guard with a nightstick and a large shield protecting him.
  • Nancy needs to knock the shield off each guard in order to make him vulnerable to attacks. You can either focus on the guards one at a time or use Nancy to bash a bunch of shields off, then retreat to a corner and let Lucas shoot them from a safe distance.
  • When the guards line up on one side of the room, this is an ideal time to shoot any guards without shields with Lucas or to use Nancy to bash the guard closest to you as he runs past.
  • When there are only two Ambushers remaining, they will split apart to different sides of the map. Use Nancy to quickly bash each one individually until he falls.
  • After the two last Ambushers are defeated, they will drop Eggo #2. Pick it up to complete the Forest Maze dungeon. You learn that your next destination is the Middle School.


There are two areas you can’t access during your first trip through the Forest Maze. Both require Will to be in your party.

  • Secret #1 – With Will, return to the entrance of the Forest Maze. Go northeast and then southeast to find a room with a pipe. Enter the pipe to emerge in a small clearing with Lawn Gnome #2, Bumble.
  • Secret #2 – With Will, go back to the westernmost room that had a green chest with a keycard (that we used to get to the VHS Tape). From the entrance, go northeast, northeast, west, west, southwest, and west. There is a pipe in this room; enter it to find a chest with Heart Piece #13.
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