Stranger Things: The Game – Where to Find all 40 Heart Pieces

Stranger Things: The Game is a retro-inspired adventure in the style of The Legend of Zelda. Will and his friends have gone missing since the end of season one of the television show and it’s up to Police Chief Hopper …

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Stranger Things: The Game is a retro-inspired adventure in the style of The Legend of Zelda. Will and his friends have gone missing since the end of season one of the television show and it’s up to Police Chief Hopper to track them down. You’ll travel the town of Hawkins, explore a variety of dungeons set up in buildings like the Hawkins Laboratory and the Public Library, and find the boys and add them to your team of diversely skilled adventurers.

There are tons of collectibles scattered throughout Hawkins, including Heart Pieces, Eggos, Lawn Gnomes, and VHS Tapes – and we have a guide for finding those too. This guide will list the locations of all 40 Heart Pieces in the game as well as how to find any items needed to collect them.

Heart Pieces

The Heart Pieces in Stranger Things: The Game are numbered. If you go into your inventory and view the Heart Pieces tab, you can see which numbers you have yet to discover. We’ve listed these in order below by their in-game numbers.


Heart Piece #1: Once you have Nancy, go back to Hawkins National Laboratory (the very first dungeon). From the entry room, head up twice, then left once to a room with a crack in the southern wall. Use Nancy to break open the wall, then follow the path until you reach a room with lasers and a treasure chest. Use Lucas to shoot all but the bottom right laser controls to open a path to the chest.


Heart Piece #2: Break all five red laser eyes found on the walls in Hawkins National Laboratory. You’ll need Lucas to break some of them that are too far away for Hopper to reach.


Heart Piece #3: Head into the forest just west of Hopper’s house. There’s a chest here with Heart Piece #3.


Heart Piece #4: Once you have Dustin, return to the northern woods (the entrance is just west of the Sewers). Follow the path west, just past the entrance to Hopper’s Eggo lockbox. Use Dustin to throw a pudding into the opening just below the bear so he runs to it, then head up where he was just standing to a green chest with Heart Piece #4.


Heart Piece #5: Once you have Nancy, head to the Mirkwood Forest. Just west of Castle Byers is a log Nancy can break. In the clearing here, head north. There is a green chest with Heart Piece #5. (You can also enter the forest from the west via another log.)


Heart Piece #6: Give the Handcuffs to Powell, who is waiting outside the Hawkins National Laboratory (the first dungeon). The Handcuffs are located in the northern woods west of the Sewers, just west of Heart Piece #4.


Heart Piece #7: Once you have Will, head to the corn maze on the west side of town. You can get there via a pipe just south of Hopper’s house. Head east from the pipe exit and south from the pumpkin patch to reach the corn maze. Break the bush at the north entrance and follow the path to a green chest with Heart Piece #7.


Heart Piece #8: Give the Teacher’s Edition book to Mr. Clarke who is waiting outside the Middle School. The book is inside the Middle School: from the entrance, head up into the second room with a hallway stretching left and right. Go left into a large room with lockers lining the top edge. Open the second locker from the right to get the book. (The location may change: open all the lockers in this room if it’s not in that specific one.)


Heart Piece #9: Just northeast of the Librarian’s house is a ramp. Use Mike to jump over the river and land next to a green chest with Heart Piece #9. To reach the Librarian’s house: once you have Will, head to downtown Hawkins and find the Florist Shop on the northeast side of town. Enter the pipe north of the Florist’s to emerge in the northernmost section of town. The Librarian’s house is just west of the exit pipe.


Heart Piece #10: In the underground Laboratory Bunker (final dungeon), level four: when you reach the room with the pipe maze, go in the first room to the north and take the second pipe. From here, take the third pipe. Enter the room to the left. Take the first pipe (the one on the left). You’ll emerge in a sewer area. Progress through this area, timing your movements when the rats are standing on the laser buttons. Turn off the water valve once you get past the lasers—this gets you a keycard for use in the dungeon. Keep heading east from here, then north to a room with a hazmat enemy. Cross to the pipe in the north of the room and enter it: you’ll emerge in the room on the first level of the Bunker that you couldn’t reach previously. The green chest here contains Heart Piece #10.


Heart Piece #11: This Heart Piece is just past the VHS Tape in the Sewer. Once you have Will, return to the center room in the Sewer with the three counterclockwise currents. Enter the room to the northeast (with the sidewalk to land on). Use Nancy to break the wall on the right, then head through the next room and into a room with a pipe. Use Will to go through the pipe, then into the room below. The VHS Tape is in this room along with a ladder. Take the ladder up to a small gated area on the north side of town with a green chest containing Heart Piece #11.


Heart Piece #12: Break all five pairs of balloons in the Sewer. The balloons in the southeast room with the entrance to the Upside Down can be reached by shooting with Lucas from the correct angle before you ride the currents down, or you can hit them when you head back this way after turning off the current.


Heart Piece #13: Once you have Will, return to the Forest Maze dungeon. In the westernmost room is a pipe; enter it for a chest with Heart Piece #13. (From the center of the maze where the boss is, just head west and follow the paths as far west as possible.)


Heart Piece #14: Break all five red bells on the walls in the Middle School dungeon. If you’re missing one, check the northwestern side of the school: two rooms up from the entrance you can choose to go left or right. On the left is only a Lawn Gnome and Heart Piece #14, so you can easily pass by this area and still complete the dungeon.


Heart Piece #15: Destroy all five bird houses in the Forest Maze dungeon.


Heart Piece #16: Find all five overdue books in the Public Library dungeon and then return to the Library entrance and open the green chest for Heart Piece #16. Unlike the items you have to bash in the other dungeons, the books are just lying on the ground and must be picked up.


Heart Piece #17: Destroy all five specimen jars in the underground Laboratory Bunker dungeon. They are spread out across the floors.


Heart Piece #18: Give the Robot Toy to the clerk at Bradley’s Big Buy store (this store is just northeast of the Middle School). To find the Robot Toy, head to the house with a brown roof just southeast of the Middle School. (You need Nancy to reach this area via a broken log.) Inside the house, go to the northwest corner and break open the wall to find the Robot Toy just beyond.


Heart Piece #19: Once you have Mike, head to the Sattler Quarry in the southeast part of town. Take the northern path in the Quarry and use Mike’s bike to ramp over the water. Head into the cave on the other side and follow it through. When you emerge from this series of caves, there will be three cave entrances – the one on the far right is blocked by rocks. Use Nancy to break open the entrance and then follow these caves to a ledge with a green chest and Heart Piece #19.


Heart Piece #20: Give the Pocket Knife to Tommy. Tommy is hanging out in front of the High School just west of the Middle School. The Knife can be found behind Steve’s house; you need Nancy to break a log leading to the backyard to reach it.


Heart Piece #21: Give the Bottle of Pop from the Dump to Tommy, who’s hanging out at the High School just west of the Middle School. To find the Bottle of Pop: once you have Mike, head to the Dump on the northeast side of town. You can ramp inside via the dirt path just west of the gated entrance. Just north of where you ramped in is the Bottle of Pop.


Heart Piece #22: Give Hair Spray to Carol, who’s hanging out at the High School. You can buy Hair Spray for 100 coins from Bradley’s Big Buy store.


Heart Piece #23: Give Lipstick to Carol at the High School. The Lipstick is found in the Sewer: once you save Will, make your way to the room in the southwest corner (it’s where you turn off one of the central room’s water valves). There’s a pipe on the right side of the room; crawl through as Will and you’ll find the Lipstick on the other side.


Heart Piece #24: Give the Keychain to Joyce at the Byers’ house. The Keychain is in Castle Byers in Mirkwood Forest.


Heart Piece #25: Give the Phone to Joyce at the Byers’ house. The Phone can be purchased from Melvald’s General Store in downtown Hawkins (just east of the Police Station) for 50 coins.


Heart Piece #26: Give Jonathan the blank Cassette Tape. Jonathan is in the woods just south of the Forest Maze / east of the Byers’ house. The Cassette Tape is found in the Middle School: in the northeastern room with the ham radio (just north of room with the Bag of Salt). There’s one locker near the radio; open it to find the Cassette Tape.


Heart Piece #27: Give the Game Cartridge to the Clerk at Bradley’s Big Buy Store. The Game Cartridge is found in the northeast corner of the Dump (accessible once you have Mike). There’s a pile of dirt underneath an orange covering in the fence. Hit this dirt to get the Game Cartridge.


Heart Piece #28: Give Milk to Mrs. Wheeler at her house in the southwest area of town. You can buy Milk for 100 coins at Bradley’s Big Buy store.


Heart Piece #29: Give the Pumpkin to Mrs. Wheeler at her house. To get the Pumpkin: once you have Will, head to Hopper’s house and use the pipe just to the south. Head east after you exit and you’ll be at the pumpkin patch. There is one good Pumpkin you can pick up on the northeast side of the patch.


Heart Piece #30: Give the Romance Novel to Flo at the Police Station in downtown. The Romance Novel is in the last bedroom in the Byers’ house in Mirkwood Forest.


Heart Piece #31: Give the Rubber Skeleton to Flo at the Police Station in downtown Hawkins. To find the Rubber Skeleton: go to the cemetery on the far west side of town. To get there, head through the pipe south of Hopper’s house that takes you to the pumpkin patch and corn maze. Head south, then west, then north to reach the cemetery. Hit the grave with the skeleton on the tombstone to get the Rubber Skeleton.


Heart Piece #32: Give the Police Badge to Callahan at the Police Station in downtown Hawkins. To find the Police Badge: head to the Quarry. Take the southern path and enter the cave. Follow the caves until you emerge outside, then follow the path up and past the bear. Head left to a log Nancy needs to break. Keep heading left until you reach the Badge.


Heart Piece #33: Give the Shop Ledger to Melvald at his store just west of the Library in downtown. The Shop Ledger is available in Mirkwood Forest, just west of Castle Byers. Use Nancy to break the log here and then head south along the dirt path until you reach the Ledger. (This is the same area that has Heart Piece #5.)


Heart Piece #34: Go see Jennifer on the west side of town as Will. Head to the pipe just south of Hopper’s house that exits near the pumpkin patch. Head south until you reach Jennifer’s house near the cemetery; she’s standing outside crying. Make Will the active character and speak to her to receive Heart Piece #34.


Heart Piece #35: Once you have Mike, head to the northern woods near the Sewer entrance. There’s an entrance to the woods slightly farther south than the one near the Sewer: enter here and follow the path west. Keep going northwest until you reach a ramp. Use Mike to ramp over the river; there’s a green chest on the other side with Heart Piece #35.


Heart Piece #36: Give the Bag of Salt to the Clerk at the Hunting & Camping store on the northeast side of downtown. The Bag of Salt is located in the Middle School in the northeast corner. You need Nancy to open the cracked wall. The Salt is in the small room just beyond.


Heart Piece #37: Just south of Jennifer’s house on the west side of town (see Heart Piece #34) is a sewer entrance. There’s a mini dungeon here with about six rooms. Work your way through this dungeon to access the green chest in the second room which contains Heart Piece #37.


Heart Piece #38: Head into the Dump, then go to the southeast corner. There’s a dirt path leading south with a ramp at the end: use this ramp as Mike to land on a small island with a green chest containing Heart Piece #38.


Heart Piece #39: Once you have Will, head to downtown Hawkins and the Florist’s shop (on the northeast side of town). Enter the pipe just north of the Florist’s shop to emerge in the northernmost section of town, where the Librarian lives. Enter the first house you see when you exit this pipe (brick front and blue roof). There’s a green chest with Heart Piece #39 inside.


Heart Piece #40: Give the Movie Tickets to Steve at his house. To get the Movie Tickets, head to the Hawk Theater in downtown Hawkins (just north of the Library). Enter the northern room with the screening rooms and head all the way north. The Tickets are in front of theater 6.

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