Steppy Pants Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Rob Rich |

Steppy Pants is a goofy “walking simulator” from Super Entertainment. It’s been referred to as a hybrid of Crossy Road and QWOP, which actually isn’t very far off. It can also be just as tricky. Gamezebo’s Steppy Pants tips, cheats and strategies will help you go the distance without necessarily going for speed – but we won’t leave you all alone (all alone) in your time of need. That’s right, we’ve got 90’s music references up in here today.

Walkin’ On The Sun


  • Get your timing down. Tapping and holding will start to move a foot, while letting go will bring it down. Get used to the rhythm, find your good vibrations, and keep pushing forward.
  • Take time to get used to how your character moves. You’ll never reach the end of the road, so keep practicing and think of every attempt as a learning exercise.
  • Progress is constant. Every so often you’ll hit a checkpoint, which will be your new permanent starting point until you reach the next one. Since you won’t jump around, this will give you a chance to get used to an area that’s giving you trouble, no matter how tough it might be.


  • Try to be a Hotstepper. The more consecutive steps you land (i.e. without planting two feet in the same tile or stepping over a tile), the more of a combo you’ll build up. The more of a combo you build up, the faster you’ll have to move to keep it. It’s worth it though, because eventually you can start scoring 5 extra steps for every 3 steps and boost your high score.
  • You oughta know that bonuses like coins and drinks (root beer, I think?) are collected when you step on a tile with said bonus on it. You don’t have to step on or even otherwise touch a coin or a mug so long as you land a foot in its tile. However, this also means you can’t collect if if you step over the tile it’s sitting in.

One Week(ness)


  • Always avoid cracks and gaps in the sidewalk. Stepping on one of these things will kill you softly and end your walk immediately.
  • U Can’t Touch TNT, either. Stepping directly on or otherwise touching a TNT tile will send you flying – and also end your walk, of course.
  • Look out for cars as well. If you’re already in a crosswalk and they’re still off in the distance they’ll stop, but if you charge out in front of them they’ll MMMMBop you good. Ditto if you try to walk into them.
  • Think twice before rushing to pass another player you see standing off to the side. I know it’s tempting to beat someone else’s score, but if you aren’t focused on your walking there’s a good chance you’ll mess something up.



  • Whenever you’ve managed to save up 100 coins or more, you can spend them to spice up your life with character outfits. Heads, shirts, and pants all come in a variety of sets for some really bizarre combinations.
  • Coins can be earned by grabbing them during a walk, watching a video when prompted, or as a free gift every few hours. Yeah, it’s like that. If you make use of all three options, it shouldn’t take you very long to save up enough for another spin of the wheel.
  • You can be a Barbie Girl (or boy) anytime you want. The default is a guy, but by tapping the yellow gender icon at the bottom of the customization screen you can switch to a woman. Any unlocked outfit pieces automatically carry over to either option.
  • If you truly madly deeply want to get your hands on a specific outfit, you can buy it in the customization menu with real money. Just tap the large arrows on either side of the screen to cycle through complete sets, and the cost to unlock will be displayed at the bottom. Note that if you’ve already unlocked a piece or two from a set, the overall cost will be reduced.

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