Steep Steps Apprentice Blacksmith Guide


Struggling to hit all the achievements on the merciless slopes of Steep Steps? Well this guide is for you, as we’re going to be tackling the infamous, cryptic, and hard-to-find Steep Steps Apprentice Blacksmith badge.

Steep Steps is a Roblox game where you climb a mountain to end all mountains with nothing but a ladder and a steady hand. One wrong move and you’ll drop right back down again, or even worse, your ladder will.

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Steep Steps Apprentice Blacksmith Badge Guide

We’ll try and cover all the steps you’ll need to follow to get the badge here.

Where Do I Get The Steep Steps Apprentice Blacksmith Quest?

The Apprentice Blacksmith quest can be found in the Molten Castle area of Steep Steps. You can find this at 700m, so you’ll need to have progressed that far in order to unlock it.

From the entrance of Molten Castle, you need to step into the main courtyard and turn right into a building. Make your way up the ledges at the back of the room until it takes you up to the next floor.

In this area, you’ll find a blacksmith, who will give you the quest, and a ring. He’ll ask you to throw it into a volcano. Sounds familiar.

Where Do I Take The Ring?

Once you have the ring, you will need to take the main exit from the castle and continue along the main route across the lava area. Navigate over the lava along the main route until you reach 753m.

Once you get there you will be able to see a tree ahead of you, and a large rocky outcrop on your right, this is the volcano.

How Do I Complete The Quest?

Once you’ve reached the volcano, you will need to leave the main path a take a narrow ledge around the back of it. There you will see some very narrow steps sticking out of the rock. Make your way up them very carefully, as it’s easy to fall.

Climb to the top using your ladder, and when you get to the peak of the rock, interact with the lava there to throw the ring inside.

How Do I Collect My Rewards?

When you’ve thrown the ring into the fires, return to the blacksmith in the Molten Castle. If that was the last fire you sat at, then you can safely die to return there.

Climb back up to the blacksmith and interact with him to get your badge, and unlock the obsidian ladder!

Steep Steps Apprentice Blacksmith Badge FAQ

Now, we’ll answer a bunch of questions you might have about Steep Steps or its achievements.

What Are Badges?

Badges are a way of showing off your achievements in Roblox games. They are normally won through completing a particular task inside an experience. Sometimes, developers will make it clear what you need to do to get a badge, sometimes they’ll be secretive about it and the community will have to figure it out.

What Is Steep Steps?

Steep Steps is an experience on the popular Roblox platform. It drops you at the bottom of a huge mountain, with only a trusty ladder and other players to try and get to the top with. You’ll need to be careful how you place your ladder because one wrong move and it could drop right out of your hands and fall down to the bottom. Watch some of the obstacles, it gets harder the higher you climb.

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