State Connect Strategy Guide – Build Your Network With These Hints, Tips and Cheats

By Harry Slater |

State Connect is a simple, idle-ish game about building a network of roads to connect the different states in the US. You’re going to be unlocking new territory, upgrading cities and trying to ensure that your freight network is making as much money as possible. 

It’s not the trickiest game to play, but there are certain things you’re going to have to understand if you want to get the most out of the experience. Things like the ones we’ve included in this strategy guide, for example. Use these suggestions and you’ll be building the best transport empire the world has ever seen. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re just building your first road or you’ve already connected several states, there’s going to be something here that will help you out. So here are the best hints, tips and cheats for State Connect. You’re welcome. 

What is speed 

The speed upgrade lets you increase how quickly your cars move between the cities. The quicker the cars are moving, the more often they’re going to stop at different cities and the more cash you’re going to be raking in. 

What is income 

Income is how much cash you earn each time a car stops at one of your cities. The higher your income upgrade, the more cash you’re going to make. Combined with speed, this decides how your bank balance is going to increase. 

What is experience

As you level up you’ll unlock new territories that you can build roads into. The experience upgrade increases the speed that you can level up, letting you unlock new territories that much quicker. It might not seem as vital as the other skills, but it’s every bit as useful in the long run. 

Keep upgrading your cities

When you’ve connected all the cities in new territory, take the time to fully upgrade them all before you move on to the next parcel of land. Once they’re fully upgraded you can leave the state alone safe in the knowledge it’s making you as much money as possible. 

Should you watch the videos?

The game often offers you the chance to watch videos to get a quick upgrade. Depending on the situation you’re in, they can be worth it. Look at how much cash you’re bringing in and where the various upgrades are in relation to the others. 

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