Star Wars: Uprising Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Star Wars: Uprising is an online RPG from Kabam. In this game, you take on the role of a smuggler who’s trying to earn a profit and work off his debt even as the Empire strengthens its hold on the galaxy via an “iron blockade.” Gamezebo’s Star Wars: Uprising tips, cheats and strategies will help you choose the path of righteousness and justice (if that’s what you really want) in a galaxy far, far away.

Use your roll to get away when you’re in the enemy’s cross-hairs

Star Wars: Uprising Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Star Wars: Uprising gives you access to a pretty handy roll move that can send you tumbling away from danger when the going gets rough. Simply double-tap on a map area to go sailing away from your troubles — at least temporarily.

One downside to the roll move is that it takes time to recharge. In other words, you should use it carefully. A good time to use the roll move is when there’s a group of enemies with their weapons trained on you. Lower-level fire inflicts small amounts of damage, but charged attacks can be a real bear. Thankfully, you should receive visual indication that your enemy is drawing a bead on you. That’s your cue to roll away from the action and retaliate with your own fire.

Remember to learn new skills, and experiment with them

Star Wars: Uprising Tips, Cheats and Strategies

There are myriad skills in Star Wars: Uprising, most of which need to be purchased via characters’ bodyguards and other tough guys (and girls). Don’t forget to shop around and see what’s available to you. More options open up as you gain levels.

Another important thing to remember about skills in Star Wars: Uprising is that they’re activated by certain gestures. Most defensive (and some offensive) skills are switched on by tapping your character. Most pistol-based skills are activated by making a “pull back” motion above your character. Mess around and see what suits you best.

Hold out blaster is a great skill to hang onto

Star Wars: Uprising Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Before you drop a ton of money on new pistol-based skills, here’s something to keep in mind. The hold out blaster, which is a skill you begin the game with, is very effective. When you use it, you spray pistol fire over advancing enemies for as long as your energy holds out.

Hold out blaster inflicts a lot of damage per second, and its energy usage is comparatively minimal. It should serve you well until you reach level 15 or so.

Level up your gear — but draw for new stuff first

Star Wars: Uprising Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Surviving in Star Wars: Uprising means upgrading your equipment as often as possible, especially since new stuff can be pretty hard to come by unless you’re willing to spend money on Chromium (the game’s hard currency). But before you pour tons of money into upgrading the clothes on your back, spend any supply depot vouchers you’ve accumulated. Who knows, you may net something valuable — and you may actually score some additional scrap material to help bolster your arsenal.

Story missions disappear once they’re done, so try the higher reward tier

Star Wars: Uprising Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Though there are plenty of supplementary missions to take on as many times as you like, story-based missions are one-and-done deals. When completing a story-based mission, try completing it on a higher difficulty in order to secure better rewards. It may be your only chance to nab certain weapons and items.

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