Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes offers players an excellent turn-based Star Wars-themed RPG that features most of the stars of the Star Wars saga, as well as a handful of lesser-known heroes and villains as well.

Our Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes tips, cheats and strategies will quickly get newer players acclimated to some of the game’s strategic concepts, helping them blast their way through level after level.

Limit Your Experience

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes tips cheats strategies

Be careful with how you distribute your experience-boosting items among your characters. After an hour or two in the game, you’ll have a rag-tag team of characters for your Light and Dark Side teams to work with. Pick your favorites (if you can’t pick favorites, typically the ones with higher star ratings make for the best picks) and focus using your experience boosters on them. This will ensure that your chosen team is always up to par with the enemies in the level you’re about to take them into.

It’s okay if you never ever touch that one-star Ewok scout. He can stay level 1 forever. No one will blame you.

Get Your Cards

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes tips cheats strategies

In the earlier levels of the game, players are eligible for a lower-level data card every 20 minutes. These data cards can include anything from items and credits to character shards and even characters cards which can be used to unlock new characters or upgrade existing ones.

This stuff is free for the taking, you just have to remember to log in and pick it up, so don’t miss out on some free upgrades.

Fortify Your Tank

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes tips cheats strategies

Characters with taunt abilities, like Chewbacca, make natural tanks. They have special abilities that require the enemy to focus their attacks on them rather than any of your other characters. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to always make sure your tank characters are a little further ahead in character level than the enemies, as they will frequently be taking fire. Give your tanks priority when it comes to upgrades, and give prioritize them when it comes to experience boosters over the rest of your team. Your tank, and your team, will thank you.

Don’t Hold Back

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes tips cheats strategies

Every character has special abilities that they can use. After using an ability there is a brief period of time that must pass before the ability can be used again. For the sake of your team’s offense and defense, don’t be stingy with using special abilities. If you have a defensive ability and it’s not active, activate it. Don’t save it in case a better opportunity arrives. The cooldowns are short enough where practically each character can use their special abilities at least once in each stage of the level.

There are some exceptions to this, though. Some characters have specific abilities that warrant saving them for particular situations, like Mace Windu’s disabling ability, which is handy in removing taunts from enemies. But regarding the generic offensive/defensive abilities, use them or they’re being wasted.

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