Star Wars: Commander – Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Nadia Oxford |

Star Wars: Commander is a combat strategy game from LucasArts. In this game, you play as a mercenary warrior who teams up with either the Rebellion or the Empire, then engages in story-based missions as well as PvP. Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you get through the war regardless of which side of the Force you ally with. starwarscommanderguide_01

  • You have immunity against other player attacks for a few days, so use the time wisely – Like many combat strategy games, Star Wars: Commander features a robust PvP option. You can attack other players’ bases, and they can attack yours. However, when you first start the game, you’re given a few days of immunity. Use them wisely by engaging with the solo story mode, where you’ll learn how to build up an effective offense and defense. Be warned that attacking other players will remove your immunity.
  • Collect your resources often – Resources stop accumulating once your alloy refineries and credit markets fill up. Collect from them often to keep them producing constantly.
  • Upgrading your alloy depot and credit vault is important – Then again, it doesn’t do much good to generate wealth if you have no place to keep it. Upgrading your depot and vault is also vital for developing and upgrading higher-level buildings and troops, since the amount necessary to do so often bypasses your early limits.
  • Air strikes cause splash damage, so use them strategically – Airstrikes are major damage-inducers. Think about how you’re going to use them before starting a mission. For instance, if a base has a lot of turrets that are relatively close together, an early airstrike can cause major damage. If a deluge of enemy soldiers is in the cards, hold off until an airstrike can pick off a marauding cluster.


  • Clean up junk and rocks for crystals – Your base is littered with rock piles and junk. Nobody likes an untidy hideout. Get your droids to clean up the piles and earn crystals in the process.
  • Getting three stars in story chapters also earns crystals – Completing a story chapter with three stars for every mission will earn you crystals, too. If you don’t three-star a mission, go back and do it again later. You don’t want to pass up free crystals.
  • Pay attention to each unit’s specialty – When training troops, tap the “i” icon in the right-hand corner of each portrait to see what that particular soldier is good at. Wookies, for instance, excel at targeting turrets, so don’t just unleash them in the middle of an enemy cloud with the rest of the rabble.
  • Don’t throw all your warriors down at once – Like most combat strategy games, once you use a unit, you lose it when the battle is done. Test the waters with a handful of soldiers before unleashing them all. If you overtake an enemy base with all your fighters but only lose one or two in the process, you waste a lot of money and training time.


  • Fortify your base and resources with walls – Walls are a cheap and effective means of defense, but you’re limited in how many you can have. Prioritize protecting your headquarters as well as your resource generators and depots / vaults.
  • Built a research lab to produce stronger troops – Don’t forget to build and use a research lab. Research labs will grant you stronger, better troops.
  • Don’t forget: You can often have more than one of each resource generator – You can upgrade your resource generators to produce more alloy and credits, but you can also build more than one depending on the level of your headquarters. Building more than one troop transport is particularly important when later missions begin pitting you against large numbers of enemy soldiers.

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