Star Trek Fleet Command – How to Get Khan, How to Build the Botany Bay and What are Augments?

By Sam Simmons |

With a new character blasting their way into our galaxy, it only makes sense for us to do a guide on how to get him. Although it’s not as simple as recruit Khan using your premium tokens, instead we have a new faction to contend with.

Augments – The New Faction

If you look at the Galaxy, you’ll see space divided into five segments. The blue area is under Federation control, the green is Romulan, the red is Klingon, the yellow is Augment and the rest is free rain – sort of.

If you zoom into this galaxy, you’ll see a red dotted line lining the neutral space into Augments zone, this is your way in – sort of. To gain access to this locked mission path, you will need to build the Botany Bay.

How to build the Botany Bay

If you go to the factions tab and click onto the faction store, you will see the Augment exclusive items available to purchase. Here you may buy six Botany Bay blueprints every 24 hours.

After getting your first six blueprints, you will want to get more. Therefore, you should jump to Lycia, you’ll know you’re in the right place because you will see a lot of player ships. Hanging around here is the start of the many missions you will need to undergo.

Once you’ve done the missions in Lycia, you will need to go to the Amador system and head to Xezuk. There are three missions to complete in this particular system.

The most Blueprints you can get in one day are 36 for this 60 piece ship. Therefore, don’t expect to get this ship in one day and keep grinding for these blueprints.

How to Get Khan

It is still early days, so we still aren’t 100% sure how to get Khan. What we can say is you need to build the Botany Bay to get access to the locked storyline. Once we have access to the storyline, there will be loads of missions, some of which may give Khan Shards or tokens towards his chest.

No one is sure yet exactly how to get Khan. We can say this update is a good one with a lot of content included and playtime on the horizon.

If you are going for Khan, then unlock some of his crew members. If you want him to be at his best there are several crew members you can recruit. Try going for the loyalty chest by completing all your daily goals and eventually you should get your hands on Carol and Keesner.

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