Sprill and Ritchie: Adventures in Time Walkthrough

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Welcome to Gamezebo’s walkthrough for Sprill and Ritchie: Adventures in Time.

In his previous adventure, Sprill – The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, Sprill helped saved the Earth by helping Aliens find the magic pearl. It turns out that something has gone amiss in the space time continuum and it is up to Sprill and Ritchie to go back in time and find all the misplaced items that have landed in their wrong time and again help the Aliens locate the magic pearl.


  • The game consists of 133 levels and 55 mini-games and follows an entertaining storyline in between levels. The hidden object screens do not have the traditional list of single items along the bottom or side of the screen. Instead you will be asked to look for items in a more general way in which you must figure out which items are to be found. For example, one level may ask you to find "all the items from the 20th Century" in a scene, while another may ask you to "find the Antiques" based on the time you are in.  It also will list how many of each item you need to find.
  • In addition to these items you will have several hotspots or scenes that you can either click on to reveal hidden items or that you can drag from your inventory to a spot on the screen that you can find by looking for the sparkly effect and by running your mouse over that area.  The cursor will turn into a moving gear with a green glow to it when you have found a hot spot. Dragging items to the correct hotspot triggers further actions in the game.
  • You may only have to find one item per screen or several items.
  • Some items in the screens trigger mini-games that vary from finding the difference between two scenes to plugging up holes in the temporal time line. Some levels will have you re-assemble torn up machines, and others will have you solving traditional slide puzzles or shooting at an evil Octopus (Craken) in the Sea. Each mini-game offers you the ability to skip it if you find it too difficult and you can proceed with your game as if you had actually completed the puzzle.
  • There are no timed modes offered in the game.
  • There is a trophy area in the game and this is where you will see your score. There are multiple trophies awarded for various things in the game such as clicking on 5 items within 5 seconds, assembling all the mechanisms in the game, or completing all the mini-games in the game.
  • Each time you complete a mini-game or accomplish the feats set up (Which you can look at by clicking on the "Trophy" link on the main page) and a numerical score is awarded to you based on you progress.
  • At the top you will see a cumulative total of all the points you have earned.
  • There is a hint button located at the bottom right and can be used as many times as you wish (Although not using it will earn you a trophy) and you will have to wait for it to recharge between uses but it is a very short wait.


  • Many of the items are very small and well hidden. Do not click around the screen quickly in a random matter as the screen will move in a wavelike manner and keep you locked out for several seconds.
  • There are items in almost every upper and lower right and left corners so be sure to check these corners first when in a new scene.
  • Any mini-game that you are struggling with can be skipped after the skip button fills up with green coloring. Doing this will keep you from winning trophies for that mini-game.
  • The storyline runs from beginning to end. If you do not wish to read it, simply click through the dialogue or click on the "Skip" button located at the top or bottom of screen.
  • You must find every item required in a search screen before you can activate certain hot spots. If in doubt or stuck, use the walkthrough below for answers.


In this walkthrough you will find the answers to all of the hidden object screens and mini-games.  Some mini-games can have a different answer each time and where that is the case a detailed explanation as to how to play and any tips for that mini-game will be listed. 
Level Map

Green areas are completed areas and Red are areas that still need to be played. 
Level 1

  • Collect all of the food. (Circled in Blue)
  • Hotspots – (Circled in Red) Apple on piggy bank triggers bank to fall on the floor and you will have to find all of the broken bank pieces.
  • Once you have all 13 food items you must drag it to the hotspot near clock. (Sparkling area) This will trigger the minigame.
  • Click on tube of glue in windowsill and it will go into your inventory for later use.
  • Click on food items and drag them to hotspot on table this will trigger the sandwich making mini-game. (Seen below)

  • Collect all of the pieces of broken bank. (Circled in Blue)
  • Collect all coins. (Circled in Yellow)
  • Drag piggy bank pieces to table.
  • Drag glue to broken piggy bank pieces which triggers mini-game.


  • Assemble the pieces of the piggy bank. (Solution shown above.)


  • Prepare sandwiches by clicking on and sliding the rows and columns.
  • Place the ingredients in the order shown at the top.
  • You must do this for 4 sandwiches to complete the game.

Level 2 

  • Collect the parts of the diagram. (Circled in Yellow.)
  • Click on scotch tape near globe. (Into Inventory)
  • Click and drag the tape to the diagram pieces once all found. (This triggers mini-game seen below.)


  • Click and drag pieces of scotch tape to appropriate places.
  • If it is correctly placed it will turn muted and fade into picture and if incorrect it will be shiny on paper.
  • HINT – Watch the length of tape pieces before you place them.
  • Once diagram is complete, drag repaired diagram to hotspot on far right side of room. This triggers the next screen.

  • Collect parts of Inductor. (Circled in blue.)
  • Drag pieces to hotspot on door. (Circled in red.)


  • Click on a piece to the left and assemble it on the right using the diagram as a guide.
  • Some of the pieces change position once you click on them.
  • Some of them have to be placed exactly in the right spot before they grab on and move into place.
  • You can not put something in an incorrect area.
  • Once its locked in you can not take it off.
  • Completed inductor in image above.


  • Enter the code that will start the time machine.
  • The images will scroll across the machine from left to right very quickly.
  • As the scroll by click on a pattern that matches the pattern that shows in the opening in the center at the precise moment it is in the center cut out area.
  • Every time you are correct a bar will appear on the screen along with a percentage of completion.
  • Once you reach 100% the game will end.

Level 3 

  • Buttons are scattered Everywhere!
  • Find all of the buttons in the scene. (Circled in Blue)
  • Collect all of the travel accessories in the scene. (Circled in Yellow.)
  • Once you have all buttons they will be in your inventory.
  • Drag buttons to open box hotspot.
  • Drag box of buttons to bag on sofa hotspot.


  • In this game you must help Sprill make the temporal jump through time.
  • Use the mouse to keep him centered.
  • If he is correctly placed you will see a green glow around the capsule as shown in image above.
  • If you are in the wrong area it will glow red.
  • The capsule will quickly go through the maze and if you keep him centered without hitting edges he will move faster and faster.
  • Once you make it to the end you will be in the next level of the game.

Level 4 

  • Collect everything Modern (17 items circled in yellow.)
  • Red areas are hotspots.
  • Clicking on thermometer in center of image triggers mini-game. (Shoot the Craken)
  • Once you click on the thermometer you will be instructed to beat the Craken.
  • Click on the Ocean toward your left to start the game.
  • Click on bucket (Red) and place into water and use this on coals.
  • Click on Pincers and use them on hole in back left wall.
  • Ball will appear behind wall. Click on it as this is your final modern item.
  • Click on the bag of nuts and bolts front center. (marked with red arrow and circled.)


  • In this arcade type shooting game you will use the mouse to point and shoot the arms that raise out of the water.
  • You MUST shoot the arms in the order they appear.
  • At first it is easy but as the game progresses, more arms appear up to a maximum of five arms.
  • Every time you are correct you gain a red check mark at top of screen.
  • You must correctly shoot the arms 8 times to win the game.
  • If you are INCORRECT, it deducts the red X you previously earned and you lose progress.
  • NOTE – As long as you are fairly close to the arm it seems to work fine, so you do not need perfect aim.
  • There is no timer so don’t let the game’s sound effects rush you.
  • Once you win you will be taken back to the previous search screen to finish the level.

  • Collect the nuts and bolts scattered all over scene. (12 Circled in Blue)
  • These are very tiny and hard to see.
  • NOTE – Hole in the wall in this picture is where the basketball was hidden.

  • Collect all of the Baked Goods. (18,Circled in red.)
  • Once you click on the bagels on far left wall (Circled in red) it triggers another group of items to search for. (see next screen.)
  • Hotspots for this screen are circled in red and you will need to drag items to them in order to find all the items. (See image)

  • Collect all the bagels. (12, Circled in Green.)
  • Once you find all of the bagels pick up the following items
  • Shovel (lower right corner)
  • Awl – (Lower right on drum)
  • Watering Can (lower left corner floor.)
  • The watering can has water in it. Drag this to the dried up plant hotspot on right. (Circled in red)
  • The plant will grow and you will be able to click on another hidden bagel.
  • Drag shovel to dried ground on left side hot spot. (Circled in red.)
  • Click on loaf of bread that appears after you dig.
  • Drag the awl to the bag on left side. The water will drain out of the bag and last baked item will be behind it on wall. Click on it.

Level 5 

  • Collect everything Modern (19 items, Circled in Blue)
  • Hotspots circled in red.
  • Grab the following items, Brick upper right, Hammer, upper left hanging.
  • Use the hammer to smash vase (lower right circled in red.)
  • Click on tennis ball that appears.
  • Place brick on scale and click on the football helmet that appears.
  • Click on key in trunk
  • Suitcase drops and now you will be asked to find more items.
  • Click on suitcase for the last modern item.

  • Collect all clothing and shoes. (12 items, circled in yellow.)
  • Once completed mini-game triggered.


  • Take 5 pictures of all 3 priests where all 3 are looking straight ahead at the same time.
  • If you see red in the upper left corner the picture was not successful.
  • See above sample for correct image.
  • After completed it is announced that time travel has ripped the picture to pieces and you must reassemble it in mini-game.


  • Completed image above.
  • Pieces lock into the correct location and become lighter.
  • Once completed you will be asked to click on the false priest.
  • Click on the priest on far right. (This is the answer that was correct for me. It may differ.)

Level 6 

  • Collect the Antiques (18, Circled in Blue.)
  • **First thing you must do is click on the bicycle pump that is front and center.
  • You must pump it several times until the balloon inflates and it floats away.
  • Click on the pitcher left behind.
  • There is a shield toward the back door which is a hotspot (Circled in red) that triggers a mini-game.


Puzzle 1 Solution. 

Puzzle 2 Solution. 

Puzzle 3 Solution. 

  • Collect parts of the robot. (15 items circled in blue.)
  • *The magnifying glass opens a picture of the robot for future use.


  • Click on the robot pieces and assemble the robot. (Completed robot shown above.)
  • Some of the pieces change position once you click on them.
  • Once you place an item correctly it locks in.
  • Some of the pieces are hard to lock on. Be sure you have it lined up correctly before you click into place.

Level 7 

  • Collect all the food. (18 items, Circled in blue.)

  • Flashlight Level!
  • Find the light switch (Shown in image above)
  • Triggers mini-game.


  • Connect the blue pieces of wire by rotating the red ones.
  • Solution seen above. (May be more than one solution.)
  • You do not have to use every piece of wire to solve puzzle.

  • Collect the glass pieces. (11 items, Circled in dark blue.)
  • Hotspots circled in red.
  • Hotspots – Click on sheet glass cutter bottom center of screen.
  • Drag glass cutter to sheet of glass on back left wall. (This will trigger mini-game)


  • Place the frames on the glass without covering any cracks.
  • Solution in image above.
  • Glass panels lock in place.
  • Click on display case and place it over green car.
  • Click on picture top left hotspot.

Level 8 

  • Collect everything from the 20th Century. ( 18 items, Circled in Yellow.)
  • Hotspots Click on yellow machine to trigger mini-game.


  • Create fuel by adding liquids to flask in correct order.
  • Click on a container of liquid to add it to the mixture.
  • SOLUTION – Click on – Purple, yellow, red, green and then blue solutions. (See image above)
  • Back to scene – Now you have fuel in your inventory.
  • Drag fuel to tank on upper left side and click on it.
  • It will explode.

  • Collect the parts of the generator. (14 items, Circled in Blue and hotspots in red.)
  • Grab magnet and screwdriver.
  • Use magnet on blue bubble
  • Use screw driver on right panel.
  • Drag to machine to assemble generator.

  • Assemble to generator using the diagram at top right.
  • Pieces lock into place when correct.
  • Some pieces turn once you click on them.
  • Once you complete generator go back to scene click on completed generator.

Level 9 

  • Find all Alien Symbols. (15 items, Circled in Yellow.)

  • Collect all the tools. (18 items, Circled in yellow.)
  • Once completed click on images above fireplace to trigger mini-game.


  • Find 10 items that each image has in common with the other.
  • SOLUTION – Medal, Goblets, Birds, Red Butterfly, Sword, Horseshoe, Snake, Bow, Star, and Tree.

  • Collect fragments of the painting. (16 items, Circled in blue)
  • Place pieces in hotspot at center of room.
  • Triggers mini-game.


  • Click on squares to assemble picture.
  • Solution above winged Unicorn.

Level 10 

  • Collect all modern items. (18 items, Circled in Yellow and hotspots in red.)
  • Collect all Calculator Buttons (17 items, Circled in Blue.)
  • Click on lower left flask.
  • Click on upper right Bellows.
  • Throw flask on fire. It explodes. Hole in wall click on tennis shoe inside.
  • Use bellows on lower hole. Tennis ball appears out of top hole. Click on tennis ball.
  • Click on the sun at right side wall which triggers mini-game.


  • Line up planets in correct order.
  • When you move a planet all of the planets that are smaller than it is move too.
  • See image above.

Level 11 

  • Collect the toys. (18 items, Circled in Blue.)
  • Grab bird cage cover off of center floor.
  • Place over bird cage.
  • Grab Scissors
  • Use scissors on bed pillow.
  • Click on dinosaur inside pillow.
  • Click on jewelry box which triggers mini-game.


  • Line up all the symbols.
  • Click and drag the 2 outer rings to rotate them, click and drag individual symbols to the right or left of the mechanism.
  • To remove them from the outer rings; Click the unattached symbols to reattach them to the 2 outer rings.
  • The symbol in center is unmovable.
  • Solution in image above.
  • Back to previous search screen.
  • Collect the jewelry (10 items, circled in yellow see image above this image for solutions.)
  • Place jewels in jewelry box.

Level 12 

  • Collect pieces of Armor. (8 Items, circled in Yellow.)
  • Grab Mace
  • Use Mace on Shield. Click on armor pieces on wall.
  • Drag armor to feet hotspot to trigger mini-game.


  • Items lock into place when correct.
  • See completed suit of armor above.

  • Collect pieces of Mosaic. (12 items, Circled in Blue)
  • Drag pieces of Mosaic to upper left mosaic window hotspot to trigger mini-game.


  • Paint so that it looks exactly like mosaic on right.
  • Once all of one color is used up it will disappear from inventory.
  • If you make one mistake you must start over from step one.

Level 13 

  • Use the matches and look for torch to light the way into scene.
  • You must click on the matches to light them.
  • The matches do not stay lit very long so you must work fast.
  • The answer to the 2 torch sites are in image above.

  • Collect the fish (12 items- Circled in yellow.)
  • Collect parts of the barrel. (8 items, Circled in Blue)
  • Assemble the barrel
  • MINI-GAME (NO IMAGE AVAILABLE) Simply place the slats of the barrel together so they all fit at once.
  • Drag fish to barrel.
  • Click on mug to trigger mini-game.
  • CUPS MINI-GAME – (NO IMAGE SOLUTION VARIES) Place each mug under its corresponding picture. You can place mugs to the far left or right to save for a future move.

Level 14 

  • Collect everything from the 20th Century. (18 items, Circled in Green.)
  • Collect pages from book. (11 items, Circled in Blue.)
  • Take pages and place them on the stand hotspot.(Circled in red)
  • This will trigger a mini-game.


  • Put the pages back in the book in correct order.
  • Use the edges of each torn page as a guide.
  • Pages will lock in if placed correctly.
  • See image above for example.

***Back to previous scene 

  • Now you have a blank page in inventory.
  • Take blank paper and hold over candelabra on upper right side. (Circled in red)
  • This activates the invisible ink.
  • Now it is a page with code on it.
  • Now there is a new hotspot located on lower right shelf near books.
  • Now it will open up click on the keyboard inside this is your last modern item.

Level 15 

  • Collect all of the musical instruments. (18 items, Circled in Yellow.)
  • Collect all of the pipes. (11 items, Circled in blue)
  • Take the pipes place on the fountain hotspot that is circled in red.
  • This triggers mini-game.


  • Place all the pipes in the correct position to repair the fountain.
  • Pipes will lock into place if correct.
  • Solution at bottom of above image.
  • After finished click on top of fountain and it will fill up a flute will rise to the top click on it as this is your final musical instrument.
  • Mini-game triggered.

  • Place the correct hat on the correct mannequin.
  • You can set aside one hat to the right or left side for future use.
  • Click on center of fountain to reveal 5th mannequin before you can finish game.
  • Solution in image above.

Level 16 

  • Collect the parts of the plate. (13 items, Circled in yellow and hotspot in red.)
  • Once collected take to hotspot which triggers mini-game.


  • Assemble the parts of the projector plate.
  • Pieces with red lines go to the top
  • Pieces with blue lines go to the bottom.
  • See solution above in image.
  • Back to scene – Hang plate which causes chain links to break. Now you will need to find chain links in scene.

  • Collect the Chain link pieces. (14 items, Circled in Blue.)
  • Hang the plate.
  • Hang the Chain.
  • Drag Chain to top hotspot then drag to new hotspot.
  • Click on trunk which triggers mini-game.


  • Roll the silver ball to the exit by turning the game board.
  • SOLUTION – (R-Right, L-Left) Turn game board this way. R,L,R,L,L,R,R,R,R,L,R,L.
  • Click on metal ball in hotspot area near gauge.
  • Click on switch then click on button that appears.

Level 17 

  • Collect all the 20th Century Items. (18 Items, Circled in Blue)
  • Click on grouchy dog. You will need to fix barrel organ to lull dog asleep so you can grab an item.
  • Collect parts of barrel Organ. (13 items, Circled in Yellow)
  • *Magnifying glass near ceiling opens a picture of all barrel organ parts. Study this for upcoming mini-game.)
  • Take parts of barrel organ and place on hot spot circled in red. This will trigger mini-game.


  • Assemble the barrel organ.
  • See image above for completed organ.

**Back to scene. 

  • Click on handle of barrel organ to start it playing.
  • Dog falls asleep click on water bottle behind dog.


  • An "Anachronism is – "An error in Chronology" (Things that do not belong in a current period of time.) (Source- Wikipedia)
  • Find the anachronisms in image above.
  • SOLUTION – Airplane, Stop Sign, Olympic Sign, Scooter, Art Palette, Phone Booth, Antennae/Radio Tower, Traffic Light, Skateboard, Traffic Cone, Police officer and Lounge Chair.
  • Click on Beer barrel which triggers second mini-game.


  • Fill mugs with beer by clicking on keg.
  • Only fill the wooden mugs.
  • You must hurry and do them in succession.
  • If you miss one it erases some of your progress.
  • Once you have 6 wooden mugs filled you win the game.
  • You may skip this game if you wish once button is active.

Level 18 

  • Collect the Antiques (18 items. Circled in Yellow)
  • Hotspots circled in Red.
  • Once you click on trash can handle it enters your inventory.
  • Place handle on green cabinet hot spot and click on it.
  • Then click on telephone on desk which triggers mini-game.


  • Each screen that appears there will be three items.
  • Click on the items that belong to the current day Sheriff.
  • See example above.
  • SOLUTIONS – Hat, Center boots with spur, silver handcuffs, silver gun, and silver night stick.

**Back to hidden object scene. 

  • Find all of the donuts. (13 items, Circled in Blue.)
  • Hotspots circled in red.
  • Click on Donuts and drag to bag which triggers mini-game.


  • Place the correct donuts in the correct bag.
  • There are 3 different types of donuts that will fly over left to right.
  • Click on donut so it will drop into the correct bag.
  • When 5 of each kind are in the bag you win the game.
  • HINT – Click a little before the bag so it will drop inside.

Level 19 

  • Assemble the locator according to the diagram on the wall.
  • Take the items on the left and assemble them on the right.
  • See image for completed locator.
  • Some pieces change position when you click on them.
  • Some items hard to place make sure you place carefully.
  • When complete it will turn on.

Level 20 

  • Clean up items from party. (18 items, Circled in Blue)
  • If you click on can in left case you will receive a slight shock.
  • You must use lever in inventory
  • Drag it to hotspot on left and click it on. Now you can remove the last party item safely.
  • Collect weights for fuel. (5 items – Circled in Yellow)
  • Drag weights to hotspot on upper right which triggers mini-game.


  • Balance the scales using the weights.
  • See image above for solution.
  • SOLUTION – 3,1,1,3,2 from left to right on scales.

**Back to scene 

  • Fuel is now in inventory
  • Drag to hotspot at left monitor which triggers mini-game.


  • Fill the flask with round molecules only.
  • As the molecules trickle down the flask so do other items.
  • Every time you click a line of electricity zaps across the neck of flask.
  • Let the molecules pass by and zap all unwanted items.
  • If unwanted items make it in the flask it reverses your progress.
  • Once filled you will win the game.
  • See image above for example.
  • Molecule circled in image (let these pass down into flask) The other items you should zap away.

Level 21 

  • Collect all the stamps. (15 items, Circled in Blue)
  • Drag stamps to hotspot which triggers mini-game.


  • Arrange stamps in book so they do not overlap or hide other pictures.
  • See solution above.

**Back to hidden object scene. 

  • Collect animal images in room. (14 items, Circled in Yellow)
  • Drag animals to picture hotspot.
  • Mini-game triggered.


  • Place animals in the image where they belong.
  • See solution above.

Level 22 

  • Collect sticky notes. (10 items – Circled in yellow.)
  • Collect tea leaves. (12 items. – Circled in Blue)
  • Click on teapot on counter hotspot.
  • Teapot now in inventory.
  • Click on cup hotspot.
  • Cup now in inventory.
  • Drag teapot to cup now there is water in cup.
  • Drag leaves to cup of water.
  • Drag cup of tea to hotspot on table.
  • Click on dirty aquarium which triggers mini-game.


  • Direct water and air through all of the filters.
  • See image above for example and solution to puzzle 1.
  • There are 3 puzzles to complete which vary.
  • Turn nozzle so that you may direct the water.
  • You must use every nozzle to complete the puzzle.

*Back to scene 

  • Click on aquarium again
  • Click on items that floats out of aquarium. (Helmet)

Level 23 

  • Locate all of Ritchie’s foot prints. (20 items Circled in yellow and hotspots in red.)
  • These are very hard to find use image above if needed.
  • Click on tank which triggers mini-game.


  • Click on machine to make molecules to feed monster.
  • Create the molecule shown in the picture.
  • You can click on the picture to toggle it in and out of view.
  • Use control panel to move cursor.
  • Click green button to drop atom.
  • Click on red to undo last move.

  • Click on monster to feed it molecule.
  • Monster gives up statue click on it.
  • Collect all tiles (19 items Circled in Yellow)
  • Drag tiles to hotspot in ceiling once you have them all in inventory which activates mini-game.


  • Rotate tiles to restore picture on ceiling.
  • TIP – Don’t forget to rotate the center stone.

Level 24 

  • Find all of the Candy in room. (16 items – Circled in Blue and hotspots in red)
  • Place candies in dish hotspot.
  • Drag and feed to purple monster on chair.
  • After it eats it will spit out tennis shoe. Click on this shoe.
  • Click on safe which triggers mini-game.


  • Arrange the bulbs so all of the solar batteries work.
  • See image above for solution bulbs are circled in red where they need to be placed.

**Back to scene 

  • Click on Token now sitting in open safe.
  • Drag token from inventory to soda machine.
  • Click on machine as soda comes out bottom. Click into inventory.
  • Drag soda to purple monster.
  • He drinks soda and the other tennis shoe is spit out.
  • Click on tennis shoe.
  • Collect all of the soda cans in scene. (14 items, Circled in yellow)
  • Once all cans collected throw into purple trash bin.

Level 25 

  • Find all pills in scene. (20 items circled in yellow and hotspots in red.)
  • Put pills inside bottle hotspot.
  • Click on batteries upper right shelf.
  • Find scale.
  • Use batteries in fan.
  • Accidentally knock over capsules.

  • Find all capsules in the scene. (19 Items – Circled in Blue)
  • Click on scale inside window
  • Use the scale
  • Put capsules back where they belong.
  • Place on table near window hotspot
  • Now click on the safe at lower right which triggers mini-game.


  • The picture contains a password. Decode it and enter it on keypad.
  • Solution in image above.
  • How to solve – The pictures are divided into segments. The head counts as a segment, the ball, and any items that are completely connected are a segment. The number next to each picture corresponds to the number of segments which gives us the solution – "47547"
  • Click on bottle of syrup in the safe.

Level 26 

  • Collect all of the packets. (Items 12 – Circled in Blue and hotspots in red)
  • *The packet next to the rat triggers a hotspot. You must give it a treat to make it happy so you can get the packet next to it.
  • Inside the windshield of the car is cheese click on it and it will go into inventory.
  • Drag to rat and click on packet.
  • Grab hammer under bust near rat and it goes into inventory.
  • Use hammer on broken glass panel upper left corner.
  • Glass shard enters in inventory
  • Drag glass shard to hot spot of ropes holding up crate far right.
  • Ropes are cut and crate drops.
  • Collect last packet on floor.

  • Collect broken glass pieces. (16 items, Circled in yellow.)
  • Click on lighter to right of vehicle.
  • Drag it to sprinkler on ceiling which triggers mini-game.


  • Find where the temporal flow currents are crossed.
  • Move the cursor along the temporal flow to find holes in the current.
  • Click where the blinking is at its fastest.
  • Example image above.
  • You may skip this puzzle without penalty once skip button is filled.

Level 27 

  • Collect all of the coals. (12 items. Circled in blue and hotspots in red)
  • Use the coals on plate near window.
  • Click on chest which triggers mini-game.


  • Click on and drag parts of the lock to create a path that will allow you to connect the top and bottom mechanisms.
  • Standard slide puzzle.
  • Complete 3 puzzles.
  • Solution to puzzle 1 shown. (Solutions may vary)
  • You may skip this puzzle without penalty once skip button is filled.

  • Collect the butterflies from scene. (18 Items – Circled in yellow)
  • Place butterflies in jar sitting in chest along right side of thrown.
  • Click on rope.
  • Click on hat on floor.
  • Place hat on hot coals.
  • Click on rope.
  • Place on coals and hat until it secures.
  • Grab key
  • Drag key to door to open it and go outside.

Level 28 

  • Collect sporting goods (18 items circled in yellow and hotspots in red)
  • Woodpecker in tree blocking basketball net.
  • Click on bagel on bench and give it to woodpecker.
  • Collect fragments of statue (14 items Circled in Blue)
  • Take head to left statue hotspot which triggers mini-game.


  • Assemble all the pieces of statues.
  • See image above for completed statue.
  • Items lock in when placed correctly.

Level 29 

  • Click on sparkling envelope in center of room first.
  • Find all seashells (16 items circled in blue)
  • Place shells in box.
  • Click on picture on table.
  • Click on clock.
  • Grab crowbar place in inventory.
  • Use crowbar on clock.

  • Collect the roman numerals. (12 items Circled in yellow.)
  • Fix the clock
  • Letters to clock hotspot
  • Triggers mini-game


  • Move the runner along the lines and trace the image shown in picture.
  • See solution above for puzzle one.
  • There are 3 patterns to complete.
  • Click on other piece of picture next to repaired clock which triggers mini-game.


  • Find all of the differences between the two pictures.
  • See image above for solution.

Level 30 

  • Collect all Modern items. (18 items Circled with blue)

  • Erase the modern items from wall. (12 items Circled in yellow)
  • Collect the green crystals (16 items Circled in blue and hotspots in red)
  • Place crystals on fire.
  • Click on firewood
  • Drag firewood to fire.

Level 31 

  • Collect the bones (13 items Circled in purple)


  • Click on each segment of the 4 columns.
  • The segments will turn and lock in place once they form the correct image.

  • Collect the bracelets. (12 items Circled in blue and hotspot in red)
  • Drag bracelets along the arm of statue on right.

Level 32 

  • Click on scroll.
  • Collect all of the tiles. (10 items Circled in yellow.)
  • Click on chess set.

  • Collect Chess Pieces. (14 items Circled in blue and hotspots in red)
  • Click on chess board and add to inventory.
  • Place chess pieces in box
  • Place board on box which triggers mini-game.


  • Arrange Queens so none of them are on the same vertical, horizontal or diagonal line.
  • See image above for solution. (There may be more than one.)

Level 33 

  • Collect Planks (10 items circled in yellow)
  • Drag to columns which triggers mini-game.

  • Click on each column and find matching pairs. Once you find a matching pair the symbol stays open on the column.
  • See image above for solution. (Possible they may vary)

  • Collect the Runes (12 items circled in blue)
  • Drag runes to gong hotspot to trigger mini-game.


  • Place the runes where they belong on the gong to form an audio code.
  • See image above for solution.
  • TIP – Click on paper along right side it will open up and give you the answers and positions you will see a magnifying glass when you are in the correct location.
  • Click on drum stick in inventory.
  • Use drum stick on gong
  • Use it once more on gong and you have beat the game!

CONGRATULATIONS! You have beaten Sprill and Ritchie – Adventures in Time! 


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