Spooky Pop Tips, Cheats and Strategies

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Spooky Pop is a match-three / battling game from Supercell. In this game, make matches of three or more to power-up a passel of ghost-busting pals working to clear away a ghostly threat. Gamezebo’s Spooky Pop Tips, Cheats and Strategies will keep you laughing in the face of death.


Spooky Pop Tips Cheats Strategies

  • You can move a game piece during your turn even if it isn’t part of a match – You can move any of Spooky Pop’s game pieces one space over, even if it’s not part of a match. This is a great way to set up a big match for your next turn. Be warned, though: If you make a move that doesn’t result in a match, your turn ends right away and the bad guys attack. Make sure you’ve made all your necessary moves before shifting a lone game piece.
  • Know thine enemy – Spooky Pop’s enemies all have varying attack patterns. Some move with very turn, some fire very powerful shots after charging for a couple of turns, and so on. Learn how each enemy moves so you can attack and defend accordingly.
  • Bombs don’t have to be right next to you to cause serious damage when they explode – There’s another reason to get rid of bombs. They can explode and cause damage at a distance – regardless of whether you trigger the explosion or it happens automatically.

Spooky Pop Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Aim for bombs and barrels – Bomb enemies (shaped like skulls) and barrels explode when they’re zapped by the good guys. This is an excellent way to take out groups of enemies and their defenses, so if you see these volatile items, make destroying them a priority.
  • You have a couple of seconds to make another move after making a successful match – and the timer resets with every successful match – Mastering Spooky Pop’s timer is the key to your continued survival. Every time you make a match, you get a couple of extra seconds to make another match. The timer resets with every match, so move quickly and efficiently.
  • Save super moves for when they’re needed – By making matches of five or more pieces, you can upgrade a tile so that it adds a special effect to the next match it’s used in. These effects vary, and can get you out of tight squeezes. Therefore you should save these special tiles for tough spots whenever possible.
  • Got a match of three? Add additional pieces for more power – So you made a three-block match and you have a couple of seconds to make another match. You can make a completely separate three-block match elsewhere on the board – or you can keep adding blocks to your current match to make it stronger. You can even turn your three-block match into a T-shape or an L-shape.

Spooky Pop Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Sometimes brute force won’t get you anywhere – Not every level of Spooky Pop can be bested by throwing all your power into it. Strategy counts too. You can get a clue about whether brains or brawn will triumph simply by looking at the level layout. If there are a lot of roadblocks and hardy enemies in your path, muscle alone isn’t going to get the job done.
  • Power-up your fighters according to which enemies are in the lanes, and how many – Characters fire in the “lanes” directly ahead of them, thus damaging incoming enemies. However, not every lane has an enemy in it for every turn. Powering-up fighters with enemies in front of them should be your first priority.
  • But don’t be afraid to power-up your fighters even if there aren’t enemies in front of them – Prioritizing fighters with immediate threats in front of them doesn’t mean you should ignore everyone else on your team. Make as many matches as possible to bolster your fighters’ powers and to clear the board for the next turn.

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